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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 260 Part 1

Hey guys! I noticed the translation for "The Demon Prince Goes to Academy" was discontinued, so I decided to pick up the project. I know the current MTLs out there are pretty rough, so I'm using machine translation and AI aids like ChatGPT, then editing and proofreading to make the translations more readable. My versions won't be perfect, but I hope they're at least way better and less headache-inducing than the raw MTLs floating around! If you notice any mistakes, have feedback, or just want to say hi, drop me a comment. I'm aiming to release new chapters on a regular schedule. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!


I wonder if Eleris believes I can see the future.

But I had to reveal the most crucial secret because she had to do the most important thing from now on.

She would find out that my words were true as time passed.

She seemed to have somewhat understood my contact with the magic societies and that I had many strange parts.

So when discussing with Eleris about the details, I felt more comfortable.

We have to stop a huge crisis that will happen in the future.

Since such a big premise is established, there is nothing to say.

But there's a problem.

"... You don't know?"

“Well, yeah.”

"Didn't you say you can see the future?"

“I told you I don’t know everything, right? There are more things I don’t know.”

“No, but still, what are you going to do if you lure out the Black Order with a lie!”

Eleris shouted as if she couldn’t believe it.

Uh, why does it feel like I'm in trouble with my mother for causing an accident...

"What can I do? All I know is that Aaron Mede is a member of the Black Order, and I didn't know where to meet them. So I just threw it out as it was, thinking that if I missed that situation, there would be no chance of getting involved with them."

"Ha... what should I do... then you don't know much about Cantus Magna either?"

“Well, yeah.”


When writing a novel, especially in its early chapters and as it progresses into a long series, various problems may arise.

When it comes to long-term serialization, human memory has its limits and ability has its limits too, so inevitable things happen.

Forgetting the breadcrumbs you left or you can’t retrieve them because they are too hard to touch.

The magic societies are those 'unretrievable' breadcrumbs for me. I didn't forget, but I didn't know what to do because they seemed too big to deal with.

It's the product of my irresponsibility.

The Black Order appeared only once in Aaron Mede's case, and they were mentioned with taboo hunters, but that was the end of it.

I described them as if they were something great and had some settings in my head, but in the end, they never appeared again. The gate incident blew up all the small foreshadowings or made them forgotten.

I never talked about what they did during the Gate Incident.

The only things I thought of when setting up the magic societies remain in my head.

The magic societies act and move according to their own criteria, regardless of the morals of society. The same would be true for the Black Order, Taboo Hunters, and Cantus Magna.

The Black Order appeared only once.

Cantus Magna was only mentioned and did not appear.

In the end, I have to find out about them myself, even if it's a piece of shit that I made up.

If the Gate Incident was caused by the magic societies' side, I have to know about them clearly.

The problem now is that I pretended to have information that would interest Black Order but there’s nothing like that. So Eleris is looking at me pathetically for trying and failing.

"Um... I don't know much about Cantus Magna. But... I know how to meet them."

"There's a way?"


However, if I say this...

I feel like I'll get into big trouble...

But it's not that complicated. It's a really easy way.

There's nothing better than this.

"They're the Taboo Hunter, those guys."


“Then they’ll come if we use forbidden magic"

Eleris' expression turned cold. It felt like being stared at with a fierce expression from Ellen.

Still, Ellen was always expressionless, so it was okay, but Eleris, who always smiled, made that kind of expression.


I feel like I'm in danger.

You just have to use the forbidden door to call the Taboo Hunter.

The words themselves are correct!

"What should I do with this guy!"

Eleris finally yelled and grabbed my head.

- Ouch!


"What did I do...!"

And then she was surprised by her own actions and apologized, stroking my head.

My suggestion to use Taboo to summon Cantus Magna was naturally rejected.

"Eleris, think calmly. If Black Order finds out that I lied, we'll end up fighting them anyway. In any case, it means we'll have a conflict with one of them, right?"

"It's nonsense!"

Eleris sighed with a determined expression.

"If it's the Vampire Council, there may be people who know something. Let's try to find clues there for now. There are also families deeply involved in the magic world."


"Long-lived vampires inevitably become magicians. There's nothing like studying hard to soothe the flow of time."

Putting aside the very dangerous method, we decided to get clues from the Vampire Council.

For now, it will determine my future actions. Whether they can be put under my control or not will be very important.

As for the affairs outside, I gave instructions to Eleris. The clue to give to the Black Order has not yet been prepared, but the chances of fighting them are very low. If anything happens, I can also perform taboos to summon them. There must be a reason why the Black Order doesn't use that method.

Aaron Mede's case has also been closed, and Eleris is the only one sharing the secret with me.


"You know, you guys are pretty obvious?"


Liana was staring at Ellen and me alternately while chewing on the fork handle.

"Did you fight again?"

"No? And what's 'again'?"

"We didn't fight."

But everyone's expression says 'They fought.'

“Do they always fight like this, even though they hardly ever talk about it?”

Adelia giggled and scratched her head at Liana's words. It was probably because she thought I would start freaking out as soon as someone said something.

Since the incident, Ellen and I had become strangely quiet, not sure if we had fought or not.

Ellen was angry with me, and I was angry with her.

It was because we were worried about each other, but the result was just a bad influence on each other.

What should I say?

Outside temple and inside.

It was a mess.

Ellen was not the only problem. This time, Liana asked, looking at the seat next to her.

"And what's wrong with you lately?"

"...No, I'm fine."

Harriet, who was groaning in the morning, lowered her head with a depressed expression.

Harriet was experiencing something like PTSD because of the shocking sight she saw at Aaron Mede's mansion.

Harriet didn't fight directly. After spreading the anti-magic field, Ellen took care of it.

However, she saw humans being controlled by homunculi who were hit by her own anti-magic spell.

It wasn't murder, but it seemed like it to Harriet.

And the terrible chimeras she saw in the underground workshop.

That would be the direct cause of trauma. I didn't go in at all, so I couldn't see it, but Ellen seemed to think it was something she didn't want to think about again.

There was nothing I could do.

I also had nightmares for a while after seeing a horde of zombies.

It was fortunate in a way that Harriet, who had grown up beautifully, was suffering from only nightmares and trauma after seeing such things. No, it is fortunate that she could still live a normal life.

What happened there was a secret, so very few people knew about it.

So except for Bertus, nobody knew why we were in such a state.

"Shall we do something to change our mood?"

Liana, who couldn't just sit still in this situation, forced herself to raise her tension.

"There are a lot of autumn flowers blooming along the river Irene. Let's go see them after class."

It seemed that everyone didn't want to turn her down because she might smile and give them electric massages, but they didn't seem very enthusiastic either.


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