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RPOD - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death



Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena].

With the emotionless text, "[Starting Raise Lena]" he became Leo and was imprisoned in an unfamiliar world.

"Leo! Are you listening to me?"
"Leo? Why the long face? You! Are you messing with me again?"

There, he met his childhood friend, Lena, skillfully picking berries.
The lovely Lena. Leo marries her in a peaceful mountain village...

[Lena is married! Congratulations.]
[You have failed to clear Raise Lena.]

The happiest moment.
Lena disappeared.


"Leo! Are you listening to me?"
"Huh? Lena!"
"Why have you been spacing out? And why are you looking at me like that? You wanna get beat up?"

Lena, clad in thick leather armor and a sword on her shoulder, stared at him with unwavering eyes.

It was a different scenario.

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  1. Bro, isn't this a ntr genre novel?

    1. I skimmed through the first 3 chapters and found out that it isn't an NTR novel. The main objective of the portage is to make Lena the princess, is she doesn't become the princess, and marries her, he has to restart from the beginning.

  2. It's not a harem, right?!

    1. Be amazed if it was, with the speed everything turns to crap when he takes his eye off the goal I doubt he has time to find a harem.
      He's trapped in a game world where he rotates between 3 different scenarios whenever he fails the main objective (make Lena a princess).

      Spoiler ~

      If he ends up marrying and settling down with Lena he fails the game and has to start again at the beginning of the next scenario in the rotation.
      In 1 of the scenarios Lena is his sister (he seems to be holding a flame for someone from his previous life and the only reason he tried settling down was due to the feelings of the guy he's take over.)

  3. Such a promising novel. Thanks for the chapters.

  4. when is the new chapter?