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I am a student and also work part-time to earn a living. I am a huge fan of web novels and wish to share awesome novels with you. Now, I am translating in my free time, but sometimes it gets quite difficult. So, any amount of donation from you will help me a lot and keep me motivated. The more motivated I am the more I will be able to translate. So, please consider donating if you can!
Thank you!


  1. Hey would love to take the time to share a coffee (digital one) with u ! Your work inspire me.
    I am also starting a blog of translation and would love to share points with u. u can reach me up via email: maxime.debus@ieseg.fr
    best regards,

  2. hey bro i read some of your work and it really intrigued me. for this, i was thinking if you're looking for any proofreaders? my job is to make sure to check the flow of sentences, etymology, grammar etc is perfectly maintained. ill do paid work but we can negotiate on it. my discord is: amarok001 and insta is: amarok.st

    u can delete this comment if youre not looking to hire anyone.