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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 261 Part 1

It wasn't that Ellen and I had reconciled. We never fought in the first place.


We gave each other some unknown wounds, and we apologized to each other, putting an end to it.


There was also the issue with Harriet.


That night, I called Harriet to the Teatime Terrace, where Bertus and I often talked.


"It's okay. I'm getting better."


In response to my question, if she was okay, Harriet forced a smile and said that. Ultimately, she had no choice but to overcome it. It was a different kind of horror than seeing a corpse.


"I just don't understand. I don't know why they had to do such horrible things."


Magic makes the impossible possible. However, I don’t know why they had to do bizarre things like mixing races or creating life.


Harriet's complexion was still bad, but she was gradually getting better. She drank black tea as she found some stability.


"How about Ellen?"


"I just talked to her properly."


"I'm glad."


Harriet smiled sadly.


"…You said you fought a horde of zombies in Darkland."


"Yes, we did."


"I'm struggling just seeing something like that. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you and Ellen."


We fought directly against terrible things, and Ellen was the one who dealt with the chimaera.


Harriet was struggling just to see the aftermath of the fight.


I wanted to tell her that this and that were different, but Harriet seemed to be thinking about her weakness while struggling like this.


"If it weren't for you, Ellen would have died."


"…All I did was unfold a single scroll. That was all."


"Even so, what I said isn't wrong."


Harriet looked at me quietly.


If Harriet hadn't been there, Ellen might not have chosen to fight in the first place. But once she decided to fight, Harriet's role was crucial.


No matter how insignificant the action seemed to her, it was still a decisive help.


"I'll try harder."


Harriet said, looking at the dark autumn night.


"You're already working hard."


Harriet looked at me.


"Still, I can do better."


I'm not sure when it started.


A little sadness was mixed into all of Harriet's smiles.


"I want to stay here during the break."


Magic Research Club activities.


It seemed like Harriet was planning to devote herself to researching there instead of going home.


I could see a desire for strength in Harriet's expression. Did she feel something after seeing Ellen fight without hesitation this time?


It wasn't just me who thought there was no time.


Is it because of my influence?


Both Ellen and Harriet were restless.


I need to get information from the magic societies. Also, when the situation becomes inevitable, I must use my position as the last Demon King. I have to walk as a fake successor to the Demon King. An heir to the demon world with nothing would only be good prey, not a target to be wary of.


People must know that the next Demon King exists.


For that, I need at least a minimum of power.


The Vampire Council.


I plan to put them under me, regardless of their will and relationship.


But I don't know if the old vampires will be afraid of the Holy Sword or me.


The Lord Vampires seem to be mostly magicians, and there is a possibility of getting clues about the magic societies from them.


The Black Order decided to approach me, and I agreed to give them information about Cantus Magna, but I don't expect them to approach me anytime soon.


And even if they blew up Aaron Mede's head, they wouldn't kill me for giving false information.


They already know that I am a suspicious person who controls a Vampire Lord.


There is no chance that they will rat on me to the empire. After all, it's a form of a heinous criminal pushing another heinous criminal.




There is still time before the Vampire Council is convened.




Final exams are approaching.


After the final exams, there will be a festival, and after that festival, winter break will come.


The busier you are, the harder it is to feel the seasons, and that's exactly how I felt.


The short autumn was already fading away.


It's not because I'm busy, but because autumn and spring are like that.


As soon as it seems to arrive, the season is already drifting away.


-Rustle, rustle


The sound of stepping on fallen leaves could be heard all over the school grounds.


"What is this?" I removed a zelkova leaf that had fallen on Ellen's head. She was standing still, leaning against one of the trees at the entrance to the dormitory.


The large leaf was sitting like a hat, and she didn't seem to care. Ellen stared at me intently.


To be precise, it's not me but the person next to me.


"Why do you make that face when you see your senior?"




Olivia Lanche is being stared at.


"Do you have a problem with me?"




"Do you hate that I'm close with Reinhardt?"


"Ugh, seriously, what are you talking about? If you're going to talk nonsense, just go away!"


I ran into Ellen in front of the dormitory on my way back from seeing Olivia Lanche for some business. Olivia frowned at Ellen, who was giving her a somewhat hostile look with a sullen expression.


Lately, I've been running into Olivia a lot because I've had business with her.

Ellen and Olivia have a very bad relationship.


But here's the thing...

Having a bad relationship means there is a relationship.


Did the two of them ever have anything like that? I'm not sure.


"You wouldn't have been by Reinhardt's side even if I were five years younger, you know? I could teach you a lot too." At Olivia's words, Ellen's mouth twisted into a smirk.


What is this?


I've never seen her make this face before.


Ellen spits out an obvious sneer.


"You must be happy being older."


"Hey! I'm only twenty-two! I'm young too! I'm in my prime!"


"Anyway, you're older than me and Reinhardt. Five years older."


"Reinhardt! Can I hit her?"


Olivia finally looked at me, gritting her teeth.


"Why are you asking for my permission?"


"Go ahead and try."


Ellen tilted her head confidently.





Why are you doing this? You're not like this!


Olivia turned her head away, gritting her teeth.


"Hmph! I'm holding back because I don't like violence! Remember that!"


Olivia stuck out her tongue and went into the dormitory.


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