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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 261 Part 2

That girl.

She's great. Really great.

But sometimes, she only chooses to do things that make me want to hit her. Ellen watched Olivia leave and turned her gaze to me.

"Do you have to be friends with her?"

"Why are you acting like this?"

"I hate her."

Ellen was very angry.

"Why, what happened?"

"I don't know. I just hate her. She's annoying."

It was the first time Ellen had so openly expressed her emotions.

"Well... She's been helpful to me in many ways... And I still need her for something right now..."

"Is it important?"

"Yes, very."

I know people won't like seeing Olivia whispering to me, but I really need her for something this time, so I had no choice.

Ellen couldn't say anything to the fact that I had no choice, but she looked very uncomfortable.

"Make sure you do something about her."

"What... should I do..."

"You're not taking any action, so she keeps acting like that."

This time, Ellen's anger was directed at me. Her cold gaze made me feel like my body was freezing.

"Or, do you like it when she does that?"

"No, not at all. I don't like it."

"It seems like you are pretending to hate it."

"No! I hate it! I really do!"

What is this?

Why is she scolding me like a boyfriend who can't manage his female friends?

I couldn't say anything in this strange situation.

Who are you to say that?

I felt like if I said anything similar, either my tongue would be cut off or my throat slit.

She's really scary.

"Then stop her."

"Uh... Okay..." In the end, I replied like a boyfriend who couldn't manage his female friends.

There's so much to do.

There's too much work to do if you count everything related to the Gate as 'work.'

Dealing with various human relationship problems was also mind-boggling.

So, studying, the main duty of a student, was put on the back burner.

If I'm last again this time, it's dangerous. So I won't deliberately be last this time, but I'm definitely going to be in the lower ranks.

"So, please restrain yourself a bit."

"What's wrong with expressing my affection?"

When I told Olivia to stop being so clingy as Ellen told me to, Olivia pouted and made a fuss.

"Really, I feel like I made a promise with you! I have no intention of marrying you!"

At my serious face, Olivia's mouth dropped open, and her face turned pale.


"Why are you surprised!"

I've been constantly emphasizing that I'm not interested in her that way, even though she's a senior I genuinely like.

"I thought... you were just playing hard to get..."

"Ah. I feel dizzy..."

"Well, if not now, maybe you'll come to like me later?"

Looking at Olivia's dazzling smile, I felt like I was losing my mind.

She doesn't understand.

"Tsk, if you're going to take advantage of me as you please and won't even consider this, won't your senior really get upset? 

Olivia's words are correct.

There was nothing to say when I couldn't get over something like this while using her as I please when needed.

I’m still doing it right now.

"Do you like that kid that much? To the point where you get serious with your senior?"

"That's not the issue."

"Then what's the issue?"

Suddenly, Olivia's expression hardened, and she stopped speaking.

"I'll tell you one thing. Did the dog do anything wrong to me? There's nothing like that."

Olivia was serious now.

"But I hate dogs. I can't help it. Don't tell me not to hate dogs, not to bother them, not to pick fights. You know, right?"

Olivia bit her lip slightly and looked at me.

"The more you say that, the more I hate dogs without reason."


Olivia said that and slammed the door shut.


Do I have to go through this?

Even though it's cringeworthy, if you think about it, this is all about trying to save the world.

Why do I have to go through such things?


"I hate that person too."

Harriet nodded her head in agreement.

"But, before all this happened, they say she was a really nice person..." At Adelia's words, Liana shook her head.

"Well, she's a bit of a bitch, that senior."

"Bi... bitch?"

Adelia seemed taken aback by Liana's aggressive expression.

-Ohm nom nom

The instigator of this conversation and the one who suggested going out for dinner, Ellen, was in the middle of eating five different menu items she ordered.

It was a bit different than usual. Somehow, it felt like she was eating a lot to relieve stress from anger.

Her expression looked bad, so when Liana asked, she said she didn't like Olivia Lanche, who was hanging out with Reinhardt.

At this moment, Ellen gossiped for the first time in her life.

Harriet agreed Adelia didn't know, and Liana called her a bitch.

"But, Reinhardt is an asshole, so don't they go well together?"

At Liana's innocent words, Ellen and Harriet stared at Liana.

"Why? No?"

"Li, Liana..."


Liana de Grantz is clueless in strange areas.

Liana was nibbling on a cheese salad she had ordered, saying she wasn't very hungry.

"She does stick to him quite strangely. Reinhardt says he doesn't like it, but he can't get rid of her, so he might be interested... Ah. What is this? Why is it so cold? Has the weather gotten so cold?"

Liana continued speaking calmly, then shivered from the sudden chill. Of course, Liana didn't realize that it was because of Ellen's gaze.

"I don't know anything else, but she's kind of annoying. She knows she's pretty and keeps showing off."

None of the four present had anything to say about that.

Olivia Lanche.

The title of Eredian's saintess disappeared quite a while ago, but ultimately, her outstanding appearance doesn't change wherever she goes.

Hasn't Reinhardt been really flustered or blushing at times? It was annoying to see her sticking to Reinhardt excessively, even for someone who had no feelings for him.

She relies on her face and acts too much.

It's natural to think that way.

"So, what do you want to do about it?"

"...It's not that I want to do something. I just don't like it. She picks a fight with me for no reason."

Ellen focused on eating as she said that.

Ellen always overeats, but today's overeating seemed to be due to stress.

"She picks a fight? With you?"


If you stay still, you won't know, but when Olivia sees Ellen, she irritates her once for no reason.

It's not just recently, but the history goes back quite a bit.

Ever since the last sponsorship event, she has been irritating her every time they meet. They live in the same dormitory, so they can't help but run into each other occasionally.

"Ah, hello? Reinhardt's friend?"

"Please take good care of our Reinhardt!"

"Don't get too close to Reinhardt, okay? You know why, right?"

"Oh, you're quite pretty now that I see you. Not as much as me, though."

"You're good at mind games, huh? But don't bother our Reinhardt too much."

"Sorry, I'm your competitor. Too bad."

"Ah, are you angry? Are you angry? If you hit me, I'll tell Reinhardt. Is that okay?"

Ellen gripped the fork while eating.

The more she thought about it.

The angrier she got.

-Grrrr... Everyone was staring wide-eyed as the fork bent in Ellen's hand.

Is that even possible with human strength?

But in the end.

Ellen isn't the type to play pranks on someone she dislikes.

It was no different for Harriet, whom Olivia didn't like.

In Harriet's case, she used to be like that, but not anymore.

"Um... but that senior seems rather ambiguous"


At Adelia's question, Liana shrugged her shoulders.

"She must have entered as a major in divine power. But if she gave up her faith, what would she graduate with? It would be strange to graduate with a major in divine power, right?"

Everyone's expressions turned strange at that remark.

"That's true."

Although there's no reason to worry about the graduation of an unpleasant senior, everyone became curious.

How on earth is Olivia Lanche planning to graduate?

"I don't know."

After quickly finishing five dishes, Ellen took a sip of water and her eyes sparkled.

"If she keeps doing that, I won't hold back."

"Please, hold on, Ellen..."

Although Harriet secretly hoped Ellen would do something, she stopped her for now, fearing something terrible might happen.


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