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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 262 Part 1

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The bad relationship between Ellen and Olivia was a problem, but I couldn't afford to focus on that because I was dealing with more dangerous matters.

My head was about to burst just from the things I had started, but I also had to be aware of the issues that arose from them, even if I couldn't handle them all.

I had asked Sarkegar to investigate matters related to the Orbis Class, which had nothing to do with me directly.

The advice from the last crisis situation was not a trap.

Rather, it was a clue.

It informed me that my assassination was not committed by the suspect I had in mind and that there was another suspicious incident happening.

Late at night.

I was facing Sarkegar in my room, who had come to see me late at night.

After the Aaron Mede incident, Sarkegar showed no signs of disobeying orders or plotting anything else.

He just looked very sad when he looked at me.

There is a person I cherish to the point of sacrificing my life for, and the fact that this person is the younger sibling of the Hero made it even sadder.

He seemed tormented because he wanted to do something, but he couldn't do anything.

However, he didn't neglect his duties, nor did he mention anything about Ellen. He knew that doing so would only make me more irritable.


Sarkegar had been investigating the events that took place after the Orbis Class was closed.

More specifically, the events related to Oscar de Gradius.

"It's a revolution."

Upon hearing that simple piece of information, my head felt like it was freezing.

The Orbis Class, where everything is proven only by ability regardless of status.

A place that instils the idea that everything can be overcome through effort.

It would be strange if such people did not dream of revolution.

"So, the unexpected boycott that led to the closure of the class was a smokescreen to prevent any further investigation and reveal the wrong facts."

"It looks like it."

It wasn't that they foolishly offended the royal family, they deliberately did so.

To hide the truth that should not be revealed beneath the surface.

[Event Completed - Revolutionary Forces]

[You have acquired 300 achievement points.]

And the long-forgotten event was completed.

Charlotte thought it was strange that there were no revolutionary forces in the temple. Although we didn't investigate it properly, I accidentally discovered the true nature of the revolutionary forces.

The Orbis Class was the revolutionary force.

And it's not just a part of it, but most of it.

The reason they didn't assassinate or retaliate against me was that it was too dangerous to do so at a time when they had to be as discreet as possible.

"The Orbis Class seems to have been infiltrated by the revolutionary forces for a very long time."

It was the cradle of revolutionary forces.

They would have secretly recruited those who seemed to agree with their intentions.

What happens when they graduate?

Although the Orbis Class is not as important as the Royal Class, they are still important talents.

Whether it's an empire, a successor state, or an autonomous region, they will be in important organizations or positions that recognize their abilities.

"How big is it?"

"I can't tell. I haven't seen their meetings, but I inferred it from the conversations of those who are confirmed members."

Because the investigation time was short, it was inevitable that the details could not be figured out.

"However, since the Orbis Class, the core talent development institution of the Republican faction has disappeared, it is clear that their actions will be accelerated."

[T/N: Republican faction - those who support a republican system, here Revolutionaries against Imperial family] 

"Yeah, Oscar didn't like it for no reason..."

Oscar de Gradius was definitely a member of the revolutionary organization. He must have been continuously passing information about the royal family to the organization.

He knew what would happen if a thorough investigation into the Orbis Class took place.

In the original work, the revolutionary forces do not appear.

That means that they existed, but they were all caught up in the chaos when the Gate incident occurred.

After taking control of the Orbis Class, the revolutionary forces had been nurturing Republicans for a very long time.

There is a high possibility that many of those who supported the Orbis Class among the sponsors who came to the sponsorship meeting were Republicans.

Where is it spreading from and to? Sarkegar looked at me and said.

"Your Highness, use them."

Of course, I knew Sarkegar would say that.

"Create chaos in the empire by using them, and then annihilate both the revolutionary forces and the empire."

That's right.

There's no better opportunity than this if I'm going to become the Demon King.

But I'm not interested in that.

The struggle between the revolutionary forces and the empire causes great chaos in the empire.

And then the Gate explodes.

...A perfect situation for the world to be destroyed.

It was just a fleeting incident.

But it was no different from pressing the button for the end of the world.

How on earth did I cause this?

The butterfly effect.

It made me shudder.

There was only one thing I had to do.

I shouldn't think about the pros and cons of the revolution.

First, I had to stop the revolution.

Isn't that what I was supposed to do in the first place?

It was ridiculous.

Sarkagar thought this was a golden opportunity.

"Look into it more. Find out the exact size, location, and who's in charge of them. If necessary, you can join their forces."

"Yes, Your Highness."

I need to know their exact size to take action.

I'm sorry, but I can't do as Sarkegar intends.

Sarkegar smiled happily, not knowing my true intentions.

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