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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 262 Part 2

There was definitely a revolutionary force. And it was sure to be massive.

But I couldn't just touch it carelessly. If I started cutting branches recklessly, the cornered rats could start a rebellion.

Then, chaos would break out because I touched it prematurely.

I never thought a single fight would lead to this, but now any action I take will have enormous repercussions.

I must be extremely careful.

For now, I had no choice but to leave the gathering of information to Sarkagar.

It felt like I was dealing with a nuclear bomb that could explode if touched wrongly.

Killing them all would be a last resort, regardless of whether it was possible or not.

The best option is to delay their actions until at least two years from now. Then it will be after the Gate incident, whether it occurs or not.

So, if I manage to prevent the Gate incident, will I have to watch the rebellion of the revolutionary forces?

Even if I successfully prevent the Gate incident, is the empire's civil war inevitable? Where should I stand in that situation?

I felt like I was going crazy.

It's a world full of minefields everywhere. Sarkagar seemed happy to find a way to deal with it without touching it, but I was struggling with a headache in front of him.

This is exactly what they call a difference in perspective.

"Alright. Go ahead."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Sarkagar transformed into a sparrow again.

As I watched the sparrow trying to leave through the open window, a thought suddenly crossed my mind.

Sarkegar will only be used by me.

Lacking the will to rebuild the demon realm, in the end, I am destined to exploit his blind loyalty to the end. While wrong in many ways, my greatest mistake is undoubtedly taking advantage of  his faith in me.


- Chirp?

Sarkegar looked back at me, tilting his head.

"I'm sorry about last time."

I couldn't do anything, and I would eventually become a worse villain than Ragan Artorius.

At my selfish apology, Sarkagar stared at me in his sparrow form.

- Your Highness.

- I serve Your Highness, not the Archdemon.

You serve me because there is no other Archdemon besides me, right?

I said it like that.

Sarkagar said he serves me because I am worthy of it.

At that time, I wanted to bite my tongue for saying such a thing.

- Please remember that.

It's not about loyalty to the Archdemon.

Does that mean he would serve me even if I were not the Archdemon? Why? Do I have any value that deserves it?

- Since the moment Your Highness decided to rescue the demon prisoners detained by humans, my entire being, from the first strand of hair to the last piece of my soul, belonged to Your Highness.

It's not because I'm an Archdemon.

Sarkegar acknowledged me as his lord from that moment.

Seeing my guilt-ridden expression, Sarkagar tilted his head several times in his sparrow form.

- Your Highness, come to think of it, I have something else to tell you.

It seemed as if he had just remembered something he hadn't said.

"…What is it?"

- It's a different matter. Isn't it strange that the royal family did not notice this issue?

"…That's true."

Whether it was Bertus, Charlotte, or the Emperor.

It was indeed strange that the royal family had not grasped this problem. Of course, Sarkergar's intelligence capabilities were excellent, but it was unexpected they were completely unaware of this issue.

- I wondered if they were just ignoring it while knowing about it… So I did some investigation on their side as well.

"What did you find?"

- I can't say for sure, but it seems that there is a problem occurring within the royal family.

"What kind of problem?"

- There's a rumor that someone died in the princess's palace.


There was a problem occurring within the royal family.

If it were anything else, it wouldn't matter, but it was the princess's palace.

Come to think of it…

I hadn't been able to pay attention because of the assassination attempt on me.

Charlotte had been commuting from the palace instead of the dormitory for some time now.

I thought it was just because there was a lot going on within the royal family, but upon reflection, Bertus was still in the dormitory.

Charlotte's palace.

The fact that someone died there… Does it ultimately mean that the Emperor failed to control the dispute over the succession to the throne?

What kind of situation was unfolding, no, had been unfolding?

Another complex issue was thrown into the mix in an already complicated situation.

The sparrow flew away, and I stood blankly by the window for a long time, contemplating that other issue.

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