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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 263 Part 1

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The revolutionary forces were already a problem, but now another completely unrelated problem had been thrown in. I couldn't figure out which one to focus on.

Charlotte had been staying at the palace instead of the dormitory.

In such a situation, someone had died in the princess's palace.

Sarkegar learned this during his intelligence activities, and he said that most people, including those inside the palace and the nobles, didn't know about it.

Did Bertus know about this?

Bertus didn't have any classes together, except for the integrated education courses, but he attended Esper classes with Charlotte.

However, they only attended the class together; Charlotte was completely isolated, so he didn't know what she was doing during class.

The focus of the problem was whether it was an assassination attempt on Charlotte or another completely different issue.

Although I don't know the content of the class, but at least I could see Charlotte when the class started and ended.

I couldn't read anything from her expression.

If I hadn't heard from Sarkegar, I would have thought that Charlotte had no problem.

Managing expressions, like breathing, would be a natural thing for Bertus and Charlotte. That's why I couldn't feel any worries, concerns, or anxiety from Charlotte's calm expression.


After the Esper class ended.

I stopped Charlotte, who was about to return to the palace after class.

If I didn't know anything, then fine, but since I've figured out that something's up, I can't just let Charlotte go like this.

"Yes, Reinhardt. What is it?"

Charlotte tilted her head as he naturally stuck to her side.

What's going on?

Is it dangerous?

Don't you have anything to say?

I don't know what to say to break the ice. If I knew it was dangerous, I wouldn't have an answer to the question of how I knew.

I couldn't figure out what to say in front of Charlotte's ordinary face, which showed no signs of anything.


I just stared blankly at Charlotte's face, unable to say anything after stopping her.

In the end.

"Are you busy?"

I said something that made him sound like a scheming person. Charlotte looked confused for a moment after hearing that.


"I said, are you busy?"

I didn't know.

I just blurted it out!

At my completely irrelevant words, Charlotte smiled slightly, looking confused.

"If I'm not busy, what will you do?"

"Play with me."


As her face twitched at the unexpected remark followed by an even more unexpected request, Charlotte blinked her eyes in confusion.

"Well… um… yeah…"

Charlotte hesitated for a moment, rolling her eyes. Then she let out a short sigh.

And then, she smiled softly.

"Of course, I can spare the time... however much you'd like." Her smile seemed even more delicate than usual.

Although I could share the revolutionary forces issue, the more urgent thing was Charlotte's safety.

I wasn't sure, but Charlotte's life seemed to be at high risk. I didn't know what I could do knowing this, but I didn't want to be ignorant about it.

At least we could talk about it, right?

Charlotte might think of me as a friend, but to me, Charlotte's existence is more special than just a friend.

She was the one who made me realize that I could risk my life for something, and her survival was the result of that realization.

So, I wanted to protect her.

The royal family was noisy with internal issues, and Charlotte was involved in it.

That's why they didn't notice that the Orbis class issue was actually related to a very dangerous situation that could overthrow the empire.

Of course, this could also be a misjudgment, and the situation might be under control.

The story that Sarkegar heard about someone dying in the princess's palace might also be a false rumor.

But somehow, I had a strange conviction.

Something was definitely wrong.

I gained that conviction from the side of Charlotte, who bravely led the way as if having made a resolute decision in response to my unusual request to play. 

I couldn't bring up the main issue.

Charlotte took me out of the temple. I did ask her to play, and she was heading somewhere. What was she planning to do?

I don't know about Bertus, but Charlotte seemed to have no fear about going out without an escort.

If a princess walked around the streets, it would cause trouble, and this time Charlotte didn't wear a hood like the last time they went out together.

"Won't people recognize you and cause trouble?"

Charlotte's face was not unknown.

She shrugged her shoulders and showed me a bracelet.

"I got a new artifact recently."

"What is it?"

"It's a magic called 'Invisibility'. It doesn't make you completely invisible, but it makes your presence fainter. Something like that. Unless someone deliberately approaches you, you won't be easily noticed."

When it might be annoying to be recognized by many people, she activates the magic on the bracelet. Of course, since I’m accompanying her, I won’t be affected by the Invisibility. It seemed like a magical item necessary for celebrities.

"So, let's go."

After activating the Invisibility, Charlotte led me somewhere. Before returning to the palace, it seemed like we could take a short walk with our classmates during our spare time.


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