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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 263 Part 2

As soon as we arrived, I was at a loss for words.


"No, nothing!" The place Charlotte brought me to was the bank of the Irene River.

I came here with the kids just a few days ago!

But if I said that, Charlotte might be disappointed, so I didn't mention it at all. She set aside her precious time for me, and I didn't want to make her feel bad.

I couldn't trample on the princess's consideration like that. Charlotte smiled at me.

"Don't you like flowers?"

"I do! Yes! I really like them!"

Charlotte looked at me and chuckled.

"You're lying. You like flowers? Even a passing dog would laugh."

"No, I might like them, seriously!"

Why did she have to point that out? Charlotte saw my forced enthusiasm and tapped my arm.

"Why do you keep trying to please me?

"We're friends, right? Just treat me casually." Charlotte said that and walked ahead.

I don't know what your situation is, but I know it's serious.

Charlotte's expression management was extremely thorough.

I was anxious in my own way, and Charlotte was anxious in her own way.

But neither of us showed any signs of it.

That's why we acted as if we were just casually looking at flowers.

It wasn't much different in reality.

Charlotte's reaction was not much different from the others. She was astonished when I recognized a few flowers and named them.

"What do you guys think of me…."

"You guys?"

"No, nothing."

In the end, I only knew as much as everyone else, but it was funny that they find it astonishing.

However, in some ways, Charlotte was different from the others.

Charlotte knew the names of all the flowers blooming on the ground. When she listed the names of flowers I had never heard of before, I was a bit taken aback.

"That's a dahlia."

"That's a geranium."

"That's a petunia. Isn't it pretty? I like seasonal flowers."

"That's a heliotrope."

"The name is quite grand."

"It smells amazing. Want to smell it?"

"No, no."

I remembered describing flowers as the reproductive organs of plants a while ago, and I felt a bit hesitant and backed away.

Am I crazy?

Why am I thinking about that at this time?

Charlotte is smelling the flowers!

When I came here last time, no one was particularly interested in the flowers. But Charlotte would stop and admire some flowers, smell their fragrance, and walk slowly.

"How do you know all this?"

"Because I like them."

Charlotte looked at me and smiled.

"When you like something, you get to know it well. You want to know more."

"So you studied it?"


Charlotte tilted her head.

"You just naturally learn, right?"

By loving flowers, she naturally came to know many flowers without studying them. It was a bit strange to hear Charlotte say that.

And her smiling face, too.

Although I don’t know everything, I could tell that Charlotte was genuinely enjoying herself right now. She may not have come with a joyful heart, but at this moment, she was definitely having fun.

Charlotte wore a perfect mask, though I couldn't see through the expression hidden beneath it...

I could tell that this bright, smiling face of Charlotte's was not a mask.

Charlotte loves flowers.

I think it's understandable, but seeing her like them made me feel strange.

It's the first time I've seen her like this.

"Uh... this one is really pretty. The name is... What is it? It's not written."

Naturally, there seemed to be flowers she didn't know.

I suddenly became curious about what the garden of the palace where Charlotte lives looks like.

I thought there must be a well-maintained garden with countless flowers blooming each season.

Where you go is important, but who you go with is also important.

Even though I had been here just a few days ago, seeing Charlotte stop and stare at the flowers made me feel like I had never been here before.

I also quietly looked at the flowers Charlotte was watching.

I took a closer look at the scenery that I had just passed by while naming the flowers I knew.

So this is what this place is like.

Standing beside Charlotte, who was admiring the flowers, I only added a few words as I didn't know how to enjoy the flowers myself.

It's enough not to disturb her.

"Hmm... the pansies are already blooming." Charlotte crouched down quietly in front of a flower I knew.

Charlotte knows flowers well.

So, would she know other things too?

Fortunately, I knew this flower too.

Judging by what Charlotte said, it seemed that the flower knowledge wasn't much different from the original world.

"Do you know about flower language?"

"Flower language?"

"Isn't there something like that for each flower?"

"Ah. Yeah. There is."

However, despite that answer, Charlotte shook her head.

"I don't really like that."


"That's just a label that someone else has put on them."

Charlotte gently tapped the wide petals of the pansy with her fingertips.

"The flower language of a rose is love, but for someone else, it could be sadness."

It's better for flowers to have their own meaning for everyone.

That's why she doesn't like flower language.

It seemed that Charlotte thought so. Charlotte quietly looked at the pansy, and after a moment of hesitation, picked up a flower that seemed to have been broken off and left behind, not taken away.

"Do you know the flower language of pansies?"

"Why would I know that?"

"Well, if you had known that, I would have been surprised. You've already passed the Reinhardt level." Charlotte looked at me with the flower in her hand.

"Do you want it? Or do you think it's worthless?"

"Even if it's trash given by you, it's a gift."

"You have a talent for saying something touching but not making people feel touched. That's also a skill."

While saying that, Charlotte handed me a pansy.

I don't know what label Charlotte put on the pansy in her heart.

If I said I knew the meaning of the pansy flower, she wouldn't have given it to me.

I lied to Charlotte.

There was a time when I memorized flowers and their meanings for no reason.

I couldn't memorize them all, but there were some I did.


Their flower language is, "Please think of me."



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