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The Demon Prince goes to the Academy - Chapter 264 Part 2

Charlotte agreed to spend time with me, but she didn't ask for it. I was the one who clung to her first.

Did Charlotte actually want to spend time like this?

Charlotte looked at me with a bright smile, saying she had fun.

"I should go now. If I go back too late, there will be a fuss in the palace. I live in a surprisingly strict place when it comes to time. And it's been busy lately."

Charlotte said that and waved her hand.

"The route to the palace is over there. I'll go that way."

"Uh... Okay."

It's true that if you want to go to the palace, you should go that way, and there was no reason for me to go with Charlotte to the temple. It's a bit sudden, but it's not strange. If Charlotte is late, there will indeed be trouble.


In the end, I couldn't say anything.

I couldn't ask anything.

In the end, all I got from Charlotte was a single flower with a bad meaning that I couldn't accept in this situation.

"Goodbye, Reinhardt."

For some reason, Charlotte's words felt like a farewell.

I don't know anything.


I had a strong feeling that if I let Charlotte go now, I would never see her again.

My intuition tells me.

If I let her go like this, today will be the last time I see Charlotte.

That's why I grabbed Charlotte's arm as she was heading back to the palace.

"Charlotte! Huh? Why?"

"Charlotte, show me your house."


Play with me and then show me your house.

Why do I always end up doing bizarre things even though my reasons are serious?

Of course.

It might feel a bit awkward, but wanting to see your friend's house can be a valid reason. 

But when the other person is the daughter of the empire's emperor and I am a lowborn beggar, the story changes.

"No, it's really not possible. Why all of a sudden?"

Charlotte didn't get angry at my sudden request, but she kept saying no.

"I just want to see how amazing your place is."

My blunt expression seemed to startle Charlotte.

"Why are you suddenly like this... Later, on weekends or when it's a good time, I'll invite you."

"Today! It has to be today! I'm the kind of person who has to do something when I think of it! I even took down the Orbis class on the day I thought of it! You know?"

"I know, but why all of a sudden…."

I threw a tantrum that anyone could predict.

Charlotte looked at me like she was losing her mind.

Maybe she thought I wouldn't listen to her anyway, since I'm the kind of person who doesn't discriminate and acts foolishly.

After saying it wasn't possible several times, she finally sighed deeply and said she understood while taking me with her.

I did force her, but it was surprising that she agreed to it.

Is the commotion about someone dying already calmed down?

"Ugh... why on earth am I...?" 

Of course, it wasn't an easy decision for Charlotte, who glared at me with wide eyes.

"Why suddenly the palace?"

"I told you. I want to see how well my friend lives in the palace."

I can’t be rude to the princess, even if we were close friends.

However, I can’t let Charlotte go like this, even though I don’t know anything and she didn't tell me anything.

Especially the new trait, intuition.

The strong premonition it gave me was the deciding factor.

I can't lose Charlotte today. If I do, I'll never see her again.

It wasn't a prophecy or something, but it felt similar.

Not to mention that I couldn't say anything about the revolutionary forces, and I knew Charlotte was entangled in another problem of her own.

Is this going to cause an accident?

Or is it approaching an accident?

I hope this isn't the wrong choice.

Charlotte had a mixture of anxiety in her expression, but she was taking me to the palace.

The scale of the Imperial City is larger than the Temple.

In other words, it far exceeds the size of a district in Seoul. Charlotte took me past the entrance of the Imperial City. The princess's face itself was no different from an ID card here, and as a Temple student, I could enter the Imperial City with the princess's approval and guarantee.

The security measures of the Temple and the Imperial City are the same.

So, there's no chance my real identity will be discovered. If my disguise through Sarkegar's ring was going to be exposed here, it would have been exposed at the Temple already.

Charlotte didn't say anything about turning back, perhaps she had given up.

“I'm going to say that I forced you to come to the palace, so if you have any complaints, direct them at me. If others find out the truth, your fate will be obvious, so keep your mouth shut."

Charlotte glared at me, and I nodded with a smirk.

"Of course. I know how to read people, so I know when to stop.”

"Please, Reinhardt. Sometimes I really hate you. Now is one of those times. Shouldn't you at least not say to me that you acted up to me since you read me as a pushover!”

"We're friends."

"Admitting you as a friend is one of the biggest mistakes in my life..."

I chuckled as I watched Charlotte sigh.

"But it's not the only biggest mistake."

"Shut up. I'm really starting to feel bad."


I quickly shut up as Charlotte seemed sincerely upset. As soon as we passed the main gate of the Imperial City Emperor's Palace, Charlotte and I boarded a tram at the waiting platform.

"There's a tram here too?"

"Yes, because it's spacious."

It was a tram prepared as soon as the princess's arrival was announced.

We were the only passengers.

I pretended not to know, but I knew.

Ludwig also had occasions to enter the Imperial City, so he had described it. There are three tram routes inside the Imperial City.

Routes for the royal family, routes for nobles and bureaucrats, and routes for everyone else.

The one we were on must have been the royal route.

There were no handrails for standing passengers like on the Temple tram, and there were less number of seats, with a luxurious interior design at a glance.

Anyway, without any people suddenly recognizing the princess and bothering us, Charlotte and I moved around the Imperial City as if we were sightseeing.

I never thought I'd be in the Imperial City for the first time in my life this evening.


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