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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 1 Part 2

Ordinary mages wear robes.


It's a simple rule of the fantasy world, but there was a reason explained in <Disaster 7>.


Swordsmen's weapons are swords, and archers' weapons are bows and arrows.


The ultimate weapon of a mage lies in their 'secrets.'


They couldn't reveal what magic they knew, how they fought, or what their secret measures were, even to party members who had their backs.


Secondly, they wore robes to protect the magical tools and books they carried, as their performance could be affected by the weather.


For these reasons, Tower Masters have different attire from ordinary mages.


If mages value secrets, Tower Masters value the reputation of their towers.


So, instead of wearing robes that conceal themselves, they wear noble-like uniforms.


In Reed's case, it was a red uniform with gold trim and the mark of the Silence Tower Master.


Since it wasn't much different from a modern suit, there was no difficulty in wearing it.


Knock, knock.


While checking his appearance in the mirror and finishing up, he heard a knock on the door.


Jinhyuk cleared his throat and did his best to act like 'Reed.'


"Come in."


Phoebe cautiously opened the door and entered.


"Ma, Master, are you ready?"


Her nervous voice outside sounded like a frightened puppy.


'Now that I think of her as a dog, she really looks like one.'


She gave off the vibe of a golden retriever with a puppy face and a larger build.


Her cheeks looked like they would stretch like sticky rice cake if you grabbed them.


Since Reed was a conservative and authoritative figure, it would be crucial to maintain a natural demeanour.






The puppy widened her eyes and sent a signal as if something had gone wrong.


'Did I act poorly?'


What went wrong?


As soon as he thought that, Phoebe clicked her teeth and asked.


"Don't you want to ask me about the inventory of the library or mana vessel management methods?"




He almost reflexively asked, 'What's that?'


Despite having played the game five times, these were such useless pieces of information that his mind was filled with question marks.


Anyway, at this point, his attempt to act like Reed had partially failed, and he needed to recover.


"I don't have time to check those things every day."


"But you always say we shouldn't forget these things and always make me recite them for 30 minutes…"


"Do you want to keep arguing?"


Not wanting to continue this awkward conversation, he snapped at her with an irritated tone.


Whether that was the right answer or not, Phoebe's flustered voice became resolute.


"No, no! If the Tower Master says so, that's how it is!"


The Tower Master's words are the truth.


If he asks, she must answer, and if she doesn't have it, she must create or bring it.


His authoritative demeanour came in handy at times like this.


Still feeling uneasy about ending the conversation this way, Reed added a remark.


"I'll occasionally ask, so always be prepared."


"Yes, sir!"


Phoebe responded with an energetic voice.


Well, good.


With this, he roughly grasped the tone and feeling of their conversation.


"Let's go to the office."


Reed naturally led her to guide him, and Phoebe guided him to his office.


Reed's location was the Tower of Silence.


Also called the Magic Tower of Silence, it was a group of mages who gathered to study magic and broaden their knowledge.


Reed was the master of the place, and people called him the Tower Master of Silence.


The Tower of Silence had a total of 82 floors.


At the beginning of the game, the magic tower was operated on a small scale with 120 apprentice mages, 50 junior mages, 30 senior mages, and 5 chief mages.


'It's exactly like the game, no, it's even more detailed than the game.'


When he experienced it through the game, there were limitations to the level of detail that computer graphics could provide.


Seeing it with the graphics of reality, it was an even more magnificent and serene place.


The place they reached by riding the elevator powered by magic stones was the top floor of the tall tower.


It was the Tower Master's office.


The white marble floor was decorated with red stone walls, and on those walls hung relics and treasures.


The office desk made of old wood had panels that could be operated like a smart screen.


There were all the panels needed for tower management, such as storage magic, summoning magic, and mana control management magic.




Reed didn't hastily touch those panels; instead, he turned his body to look out the window.


A vast blue sky and mountains with clouds hanging below.


The blue forest and plains spread out beneath them, and small villages as well.


It was a scene that perfectly captured the fantasy world of <Disaster 7>.


'No, not perfectly.'


When the disasters start to appear, everything becomes desolate, barren wasteland filled only with screams.


This kind of scenery was only present at the very beginning.


"Ten years ago, it looked like this...."


Jinhyuk possessed Reed's body.


That too, 10 years ago.


"10 years ago…"


There was no doubt that 10 years had some meaning.


It was just frustrating that it seemed to be locked away deep in the depth of his memories, unable to be recalled.


"Master, are you there?"


He turned his head at Phoebe's voice, which sounded like a high-pitched, elongated rice cake.


She was peeking in here just as she had been when he was in the bathroom.


"What is it?"


"I came to deliver this~."


Phoebe approached him with a bright expression and quick steps.


In her hand, she held a carefully bound paper, like a precious treasure.


The moment he received it, Reed's expression twisted horribly.


    Project: Flower Garden.


The moment he heard that name, Reed's felt a surge of anger as he reflexively clenched his fists.


"Using the materials you provided, I've organized the presentation materials for this upcoming meeting once more, hehe…"




"I thought it would be good to have multiple perspectives, so please just use my organized materials as a reference, and if you could… give me your opinion… once… uh…"


She was expecting to hear a compliment from him, but her smile gradually faded as she looked at Lead's expression.


She undoubtedly thought that he didn't like her arbitrary actions.


"Um, Master… is it not to your liking…?"




"Should I do it again??"


"…Huh? No, just go."




Phoebe walked out of the office with a frightened expression.


Reed didn't pay attention to her state.


For a moment, he was so flustered that he almost forgot that he had to act like Reed.


All because of 'Project: Flower Garden.'


'I think I know why I came back 10 years ago.'


Did the gods grant his secret wish?


At first, he thought that possessing the body of a thoughtless villain was a way to torture him.


However, recalling the existence of Project Flower, Reed's thoughts changed.


'The starting point of all stories.'


The reason why Reed was the villain.


The reason why the protagonist had no choice but to go on adventures.


In other words, it was a project that was nothing less than the purpose of the <Disaster 7> game.


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