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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 11 Part 2

The two chief magicians came outside.

With a helpless face, they both blankly waited for the elevator to come up.

Only one thought remained in their minds, like the wailing of a dying curse.

‘We're screwed….’

Both of them sighed in regret.

"I never thought things would turn out like this…"

“I knew he was a stubborn person, but I never thought he would do this to us…”

“I thought he would have pinned his hopes on magicology once more since he took in the adopted daughter…”

As he mentioned that, the other chief magician cast a sidelong glance and admonished him.

“You shouldn't have said that.”


“Think about it. Isn't it because you suggested using the adopted daughter that things turned out like this?”

“Ha! You're the one who drove the nail in by calling the Tower Master incompetent, and now you're saying that!”


Just as the two were about to break into a fight.

“Oh, what's going on?”

Phoebe Asteria Roton, the Tower Master's deputy and secretary, intervened.

With her flowing wavy blonde hair and distinct facial features.

A gentle image as if looking at a large dog.

A pair of horns adorning her head and golden pupils, as if to leave evidence of being a dragon.

She was dressed casually in a white shirt and uniform pants, having been tidying up the 80th-floor laboratory.

“Why do you both look so unhappy... Did something go wrong this morning?”

Phoebe, with her gentle eyes, worried about them.

The two stopped arguing and looked at each other.

‘Could she possibly help us?’

'Even though we've known her for a long time...'

The chief magicians exchanged opinions and nodded at Pibi.

“Oh dear, Deputy Tower Master!”

“Who's this! Isn't it our proud Deputy Tower Master~?”

"Oh, why are you praising me all of a sudden? It's embarrassing."

Phoebe laughed awkwardly.

“The thing is, we desperately need Deputy Tower Master's help right now.”

“Can you help us?”

“Of course! We're all family in the tower, so we should help each other, right?”

Phoebe nodded with an enthusiastic face.

At that, the two spilled the beans about what had happened in the office.

“Oh my... So that's what happened.”

“Yes, that's right, Deputy Tower Master. So, we were wondering...”

“Have a safe trip~.”

Phoebe, waving both hands, distancing herself from them.

Her steps were cold, contrary to her tender attitude.

So, the chief magicians hesitated and then approached Phoebe again to finish their unfinished words.

“Um, excuse me...”


Phoebe tilted her head.

“We might have been too radical and impulsive, but... Could you possibly persuade the Tower Master?”

“After working at a place for nearly 20 years, leaving like this is just...”

"If someone like you, Deputy Tower Master could intervene, he might listen. Please."

The two prayed with their hands clasped and pleaded with pitiful faces.

Phoebe tilted her head with a troubled expression.

“Hmm... But if the Tower Master has decided, I can't change his mind."


At that question, Phoebe smiled brightly.

“Because I'm on the Tower Master's side.”

It was truly a loyal dog-like appearance.

“So, I don't want to get involved in such matters, okay?”

"I-I see."

“Alright, excuse us.”

Their last hope was gone.

Just as they were about to wait for the elevator again.

“Oh, by the way...”

Phoebe stopped them in their tracks.

An uncomfortable atmosphere began to flow through the area.

The chief magicians, who looked back, faced a suffocating horror.

Her expression, which was smiling just a few seconds ago, had hardened.

Her beautiful wavy blonde hair floated in the air like a witch, and her pupils seemed to shine.

But not in gold – in red!

The atmosphere of the innocent rice cake girl had instantly turned into that of a dragon whose territory had been invaded.

“Which one of you said that our Tower Master is incompetent?”

Although she was a loyal dog, she was still the Tower Master's loyal dog.

She was a fierce beast to the Tower Master's enemies.

The two, no longer part of the tower's family, were strangers.

And for a stranger to badmouth the Tower Master was an act that clearly revealed hostility.

Phoebe was a woman who showed no mercy to that hostility.

‘I had forgotten about that side of her.’

‘The Silent Guardian...’

Having spent over 20 years there, they had become complacent in the long-lasting peace.

How could they have forgotten that before becoming the secretary of Reed, she was called the Silent Guardian, neither the deputy Tower Master nor secretary?

She had inherited the blood of a dragon, possessing a temperament of a battle maniac that could turn the surroundings into ruins once her eyes flipped.

The chief magicians desperately smiled and stammered.

“Ha, haha!! Who said that?”

“It’s, it's nothing! It's just a slip of the tongue. A slip of the tongue~. How could our Tower Master be incompetent? Right?”

The two magicians laughed and fumbled.

If they were really strangers, even their bones wouldn’t have been left.

The fact that she was holding back was an act of mercy for the two.

She withdrew her intense killing intent and smiled again with a loyal dog-like face.


“Yes, that's right! So, we should hurry and prepare!”

“We, we'll see you later, Deputy Tower Master!”

As if fearing Phoebe would follow them, the magicians quickly closed the elevator door.

There was one thing they were grateful for after talking to her.

Their disgusting desire to stay in the tower.

Thanks to her, they felt that it was completely gone.

Phoebe touched her floating hair, watching them leave.

"Ah, I came to deliver some good news in such a good mood..."

Phoebe cheerfully smiled as she pressed her head and entered the office.

Grey hair and sharp eyes.

He was looking at documents with his right hand, clad in black gloves, biting his lips. His figure caught Phoebe's eye.

His focused demeanour was truly elegant.

Pheobe felt that her mood had completely cleared up from just moments ago.


"Leave the documents and go."

"It's not a document, but a gift that has arrived!"

It was then that Reed finally looked up.

"A gift?"


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