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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 12 Part 2

"We sent magic engineering products worth about 100 million, but why did they send an extra 20 million?"

"When you ask a merchant to buy a specific product, how much extra do they charge?"

"20%. You don't mean..."

"Right, He treated us like merchants."

It was a contemptuous remark towards the Tower of Black Sky’s goodwill.

The Magic Army's expression twisted, and they raised their voice.

"How dare they! I'll demand an apology from the Silence Tower Master right now."

"Don't bother, just laugh it off. There's no fun in starting an argument."

Freesia waved her hand to calm Ma-gun.

Ironically, the one who hated being underestimated the most was Freesia.

The person who should be most upset seemed strangely calm.

Having observed the series of actions, Ma-gun finally realized.

"Could it be that you actually like this man?"

"I do like him. He saw through even my alias and showed a strong will not to be tamed."

"Taming... How can one think of it as a taming attempt, when you didn't even use your real name and showed such kindness?"

"That's what taming is."

Freesia lowered her legs from the desk and straightened her posture.

"I'll stamp the seal for you, so you can go now."

"What? You're giving up even though it's been less than 30 minutes?"

"Our cute Ma-gun, it's better not to bother your teacher when she's in a good mood, right?"

"Ah, yes..."

Ma-gun placed the check on the desk and quietly withdrew.

Freesia looked again at the check that he had left behind.

She was looking at the back, not the front.

This is what was written on the back:


A wildflower that blooms to live on its own without being tamed by anyone.

Knowing the alias Brosa meant he knew Freesia very well.

So the intention of writing "wildflower" must have been clear.

-I am not yours alone.

And, like a wildflower, I will not be tamed.

Freesia was not the one to be discouraged by not being able to possess him.

She would definitely possess him.

If she couldn't, she would destroy him.

Reed was destined to be destroyed by her twisted emotions, but...

She didn't want to destroy Reed.

So she was even more drawn to him.


Reed faced resistance as he changed the main research focus of the tower and restructured it.

Two chief mages and fifty signed members left, leaving 153 members.

It was natural to have a manpower problem since a quarter of the personnel had suddenly left.

The question of what to do with the research projects and how to proceed was the biggest problem.

In the end, they chose to scrap the most uncertain projects and reduce the number of people.

There could have been complaints, but they had already laid off a large number of fifty people, so they had no choice but to keep quiet.

It clearly showed who was in charge here.

During that time, Rosaria was educated by Phoebe and other female mages to survive in the tower.

Her outgoing personality allowed her to quickly become friends, calling them "Noona" and following them around like a little puppy.

Though one might think a child would get bored, she diligently followed etiquette and basic education classes, as well as magic.

Of course, the best part she followed was magic.

-Her talent is amazing. She can't understand the theory even if we give her all day, but when we show her how to use magic, she picks it up in no time!

For several days, she wanted to show off her progress and wanted to enter his office, but they thought it was a sensitive time, so other mages calmed her down, and Rosaria understood and endured.

"They could have just sent her in..."

Although he had changed a lot from before, it seemed they still thought that some of his old personality remained.

There was no doubt that they were worried that if Reed threw a tantrum, it would hurt her young heart.

After being completely freed from the headache, Reed decided to have a meal with Rosaria first.

The dining room on the 81st floor.

The walls were decorated with luxurious ornaments fitting for high-ranking nobles, and there was a long table.

But unlike the table, only Reed and Rosaria, who was sitting right next to him, were seated.

Reed first checked Rosaria's condition with his 「Talent Appraisal」.


Name: Rosaria Adelheits Roton

Occupation: Tower Master's Daughter

Age: 7

Alignment: Neutral

Health: 100/100

Stamina: 80/80

Mana: 54,560/54,560


「Eternal Hole」


<Assimilation Lv. 1>, <Purity Lv. 4>, <Mana Sensitivity Lv. 7>, <Magic Lv. 2>, <Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 2>

[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]

「Magic Ruler」, 「Master of Adaptation」

<Magic Studies Lv. 7>, <Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 7>...


'Impressive progress.'

In just a few days, the levels of <Magic> and <Elemental Sensitivity> had reached 2.

It meant she could use most low-level attack spells.

If this had happened at a noble's mansion rather than the tower, the entire Cloud Continent would have been turned upside down.

"Here is a steak with truffle sauce."

The chef personally delivered the hot, freshly cooked meat.

Despite her age, when he thought Rosaria would like meat, she saw the well-cooked steak with a bored expression.

It was hard to believe that the little girl in front of him, who was eating so well, was actually a picky eater.

"Don't you like steak?"

At Reed's question, Rosaria nodded her head.

"It's complicated. You have to use specific knives and forks. If you don't use the right ones, you get scolded!"

"I see."

Was it because it was complicated?

Reed was fundamentally a noble, and Rosaria was also a noble, albeit due to being adopted.

So it seemed they were teaching her manners.

Even Reed, an adult, had to review his etiquette for acting, and he needed to study hard.

Which fork to use for picking up meat, which fork for picking up salad, which glass to drink water from...

Although there were no major problems as she had mastered the basics of walking and such, it was difficult for her to adapt to the sudden etiquette, as she was a girl who couldn't even speak.

"What's your favourite food, Rosaria?"



"You just eat them."

How simple are sandwiches?

You just grab the bottom with both hands and take a big bite.

Reed chuckled and pulled her steak plate towards himself.

"Let me cut it for you."

He cut her steak into bite-sized pieces and handed it back to her.

Rosaria happily started to eat with her fork.

"And I also like sandwiches."


"Yes, let's eat them together next time."

Her face brightened up even more.

Are sandwiches really that great?

"You're not busy now, right?"


"Then, can I show you the magic I learned!?"

Hearing that, he realized he had thought wrong.

How much did she want to show off after learning magic?

Reed stroked her head and said,

"Alright, let's see that magic today."


Rosaria, who was delighted, raised both hands.

After the meal was over, Reed watched her magic in her room.

Clumsy elemental magic was being controlled by the dominant flow of mana and scattered in the sky.

It sparkled and spun like a mobile.

Her magic show didn't end until she fell asleep from exhaustion.

As she had been holding back for days, there was much she wanted to show, so Reed quietly watched.

Although it was a repetitive and potentially boring performance, Reed smiled.

It was the proud smile of a father watching his daughter's growth.


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