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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 18 Part 2

He couldn't answer.

Well, did I learn from that?

There was undoubtedly a copy in the library when I checked, but...

It was uncertain either way, so it was difficult to give an answer.

Phoebe looked up at him like a puppy, waiting for his answer.

There was no doubt she was expecting a connection more than having a deep discussion about the content.

So, the choice Reed made was,

"It's getting late because you're absorbed in admiration."


He decided to play the villain properly.

Phoebe's smiling face instantly stiffened.

Her expression looked as if she had been caught red-handed, subtly avoiding his gaze.

The sly girl stuttered, trying to come up with an excuse.

"Um, well..."

"It's no wonder you had to transcribe the content of ten books, given your inability to focus on a single task."


"Finish it all by tonight."

"What? What? All of this by tonight?! That's impossible!"

"If you can't do it, I'll make you transcribe the same amount."

Phoebe had a devastated expression, and Reed coldly dismissed her and left the office.

'Sorry, Phoebe. It's your fault for asking that question.'


Reed left his office and walked to Rosaria's room.

She was sitting at her desk, reading a book.

Judging by the stacked books, she was undoubtedly reading the books given by the other Tower Masters. And she seemed to have grown tired of some, leaving them half-read.

As Reed approached, unsurprisingly, the usually cheerful Rosaria had turned into a pufferfish.

Her lips were pouting, and her cheeks were puffed up – it felt more like she was being playful than showing actual dislike.

"Daughter, what are you doing?"

"Huh? Papa!"

Upon being called, she finally noticed Reed's arrival and smiled bashfully.

"Are you studying?"

"Daisy told me I need to study hard."

"Study hard?"

"Yeah, she said I have to help Daddy!"

Reed pulled up a chair next to Rosaria and sat down.

"Why were you making such a sullen face then?"

"Studying is boring. I don't like it."

"Even though these are all gifts from the Tower Masters?"


She looked at the stacked books with a sulky face.

Her honest expression of emotions was so amusing.

"Do you dislike it that much?"

"But there's nothing but boring stuff."

It couldn't be helped.

Regardless of her talent in magic, Rosaria disliked theories.

'Awakening of the 「Master of Adaptation」 would be better.'

A terrifying trait that doubles the acquisition effect of everything.

It's famous for being granted only to versatile jack-of-all-trades rather than people with outstanding abilities in a specific field.

"Shouldn't you at least try to enjoy reading these as a gesture of gratitude?"

"But I'm not grateful. They said lying makes me a bad child."

Reed couldn't argue with the straightforward facts she presented.

'Yes, it's natural for her not to like these bribes made for adult reasons.'

Reed decided to change the subject.

"Then, among the gifts you've received so far, which one is your favorite?"

Rosaria answered immediately.

"I like the one Dolores Unni gave me the most. Lucy!"

[T/N: Small correction - Rosaria being a girl should refer to Dolores as "Unni" instead of "Noona". It seems I mixed up the translation with my male perspective.]

Rosaria picked up the teddy bear that had been placed next to her desk and showed it to him.

Ever since receiving the teddy bear from Dolores, Rosaria never let it out of her sight.

Among all the Tower Masters she had met so far, she probably only looked straight at Dolores.

"And the books Daddy gave me too!"


A collection of fairy tales.

Reed couldn't bring himself to tell Rosaria that it was actually a gift given to him by Leto.

After all, the book was given to Reed, not to Rosaria.

That's what he thought.

If the purpose of this gift was to win Rosaria's favor, he would seriously consider killing the giver halfway.

"It's good that you enjoy fairy tales. Which story do you like the most?"

"I like the Little Hero. I've read it three times!"

The Little Hero.

It was a story about a little boy born in a remote countryside who, without any recognition, embarked on an adventure with a short sword.

He was born with a small stature and a short dagger, but he had some mediocre martial arts skills.

However, he was cunning and had good dexterity.

The Little Hero used his wits to outsmart the monsters and evil gangs attacking his village.

Since his actions seemed more cowardly than brave, no one recognized the Little Hero, and he was constantly ignored no matter what good deeds he did.

But the Little Hero who fought the Demon King alone succeeded in killing him with his small sword and ultimately gained recognition from everyone.

"Do you want to defeat the Demon King, Rosaria?"

"Yeah! I want to defeat the evil Demon King who's tormenting people with my all-purpose tool – whoosh!"

A cunning and dexterous Little Hero.

In a way, he was quite different from Rosaria herself.

She had many talents and the potential to become brave.

If she became a warrior, she would be a warrior praised by all.

"But right now, I probably can't defeat the Demon King."

"Why do you think that?"

"The Little Hero became stronger while adventuring! But Rosaria can't go on adventures…"

Rosaria mumbled with a disappointed face.

Hearing her words, Reed felt a sudden flash of inspiration, as if a ray of light had pierced his temples.

Maybe now is the time.

The right time to let her experience the world outside the Tower.



"How about going on an adventure with Daddy?"

Rosaria's eyes sparkled.


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