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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 2 Part 2

 Reed used that skill to scan the children.

As the Talent Appraisal ability activated, he could see auras emanating from behind the children.

Focusing on one of them, a status window appeared as if floating in front of Reed.


Name: Unknown.

Occupation: Orphan

Age: Unknown.

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral


「Quick Hands」


<Assimilation Lv. 1>, <Stealth Lv. 2>, <Pyrotechnics Lv. 1>

[Unawakened Traits & Abilities]



When Reed looked at a child with no visible aura, there was no unawakened potential.

They were literally F-grade talents.

He examined a few of the more prominent individuals among them, but they possessed traits and abilities unrelated to magic, such as "Merchant's Wealth" or "Sword Demon."

They were far from the kind of talent Reed was looking for.

The most amusing thing was that among the boys and girls gathered here, there was no one with more potential than the one-eyed rat, Leto.

Reed felt something strange about it.

'Surely, the first target of Flower Garden should have been Cosmo...'

The final boss of <Disaster 7> and the monster created by Reed's twisted affection.

With the completion of that monster, the Flower Garden project gained momentum, and other disasters were created.


As Reed leaned against the backrest and stroked his chin, Leto checked him out like a ghost.

Having survived by eating crumbs, he had the intuition that he wouldn't even be able to pick the bones if things continued like this.

"Oh my, my lord, there are still more talented individuals available. Would you like to continue to see them?"

"…Let's do that."

As Leto gave a hint, his subordinates moved the slave boy standing at the front.

Shortly after, another 30 people appeared.

However, they were no different. Useless abilities with useless origins.


By the third round, Reed quickly scanned them for potential and immediately called for the next group.

By the fifth round, he had seen a total of 150 slave boys and girls.


Reed couldn't find Codename: Cosmo.

Not to mention, he couldn't even find children with abilities close to it.

'Well, if they were noticeable talents, someone would have adopted them already.'

He could understand that.

However, he couldn't show that understanding to Leto.

Now was the time to get angry.

"You rat."


Reed leaned his chin on his fist, resting his hand on his armrest.

"Is that all you're good for?"

"What do you mean…?"

"I'm asking if you're taking me lightly like the others."

Upon asking, Leto's eyes widened.

Underestimating a magician means courting death.

Leto sensed death in his words.

As Reed frowned, Leto stopped laughing deviously like a rat.

Being quick-witted, he should know how annoyed Reed was.

Leto bowed his head in shame, sweating profusely.

"Ah, no, why would I dare to underestimate you, sir…!"

"Show your trash collection to others. I am the Tower Master of Silence, Reed Adelheits Roton."

"I'm sorry. It's my fault…!!"

Leto knelt down and sincerely apologized.

'Is this enough?'

Reed showed a bit of his dignity as a Tower Master.

Now, he could grant mercy and send him back.

'But it's still strange.'

150 people.

The fact that Leto had precisely brought 150 people to show him weighed on Reed's mind.

Normally, it would be impossible to bring exactly that number of people.

That's why Reed asked Leto a question with the thought that this was the last one.

"Are there any more?"

"More... well, there is, but..."

"What is it?"

Leto fiddled with his fingers, sweating profusely, and said.

"Well... I don't think it's what you're looking for, Tower Master. So I set it aside separately."

"You set it aside? How many are you talking about?"

Leto showed one finger.

"Well... just one person."

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