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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 5 Part 2

Reed glanced at Rosaria.

Contrary to his concerns, her expression was full of wonder and amazement.


Rosaria continuously exclaimed in awe.

It was a relatable moment.

'I'm amazed too, but she must be even more so?'

If something had shot out of his hand, rolled up, and then disappeared, it would have been as magical as in the real world.

Reed looked down at Rosaria and asked.

"Do you have any idea what this is for?"

"I don't know!"

Rosaria answered with a bright expression.

"It's the basics of magic, manifesting mana. You have to be able to do this to be called a magician."

"Can I try it too?"

Hearing that, Reed flinched.

Could she have understood just by watching?

"Give it a try."

Reed, somewhat expectant, let her give it a shot.

Rosaria stood up from her seat and imitated the posture Reid had taken.

And then-.


She puffed up her cheeks, applying force to every joint of her fingers.

Rosaria tried her best, but she couldn't form a mana sphere like Reid.

'There's no way...'

Rosaria's abilities were still undeveloped.

No matter how quickly she learned, emitting mana was a difficult task.

"It's not just about applying force like that."

"How should I do it?"

"Rosaria might find this difficult for now."

"Aww, I want to make a sphere too..."

Her previously puffed cheeks deflated with a sigh.

Reid chuckled and patted her head.

"Rosaria will be able to make a sphere someday too. Until then, let's study hard, okay?"

"Yeah! Studying is fun!"

'How adorable.'

Reed smiled contentedly, thinking that this must be how parents feel when they see their passionate child.

Knock knock-.

Someone knocked, and a head peeked in.

"Um, tower master..."

A strange fatigue was evident in her dragging tone.

Undoubtedly, it was because of managing the tower and dealing with other tower masters.

That's why Reed pretended not to notice and calmly asked her.

"What brings you here?"

"The mana in the tower is very disturbed. We need to set up the tower's pillar..."

"The tower's pillar?"

"Yes... All the magicians in the tower are setting up pillars to measure their abilities, so I thought you might be interested."

Setting up pillars?

He couldn't understand what she was talking about.

As a tower master, he couldn't just ask what it was either.

"Let's take a look at the situation first."

In the end, he had no choice but to figure out what she was talking about.

When they left the library, she pointed to a spot without any guidance.

What she pointed to were clusters of light beyond the railing inside the tower.

Only then could he grasp what she meant.

All magic towers are stacked in layers like rings with a hollow center, similar to a donut.

It was designed with the most optimized structure to shoot mana drawn from the ley lines up to the top floor of the tower.

The shot-up mana is called a pillar.

The blue light that illuminates the inside of the tower, fuel to supplement mana for magical research, and electricity used to operate all the products of magic engineering.

'The light is scattered a lot.'

Neatly organized tower mana is purely formed into the shape of a pillar.

However, what was shooting up into the sky now was more appropriately described as a cluster of light fog that scattered like dry ice.

"Each magician is trying to see how much they can organize the pillar, would you like to go and take a look too, tower master?"

"No, I have something to focus on right now."

"Eh? Oh, okay."

Phoebe widened her eyes as if it were unexpected.

Up until now, Reed would have definitely participated in setting up the pillar to show off his power.

However, Reed had his reasons now.

'How am I supposed to participate when I don't even know how to do it? What if I get involved in something I can't handle?'

With Project Flower Garden overturned, the situation was tense with mixed complaints and resentment from within the tower.

Participating half-heartedly and getting caught in a situation where he had to show off his power by mistake?

'That would be the end.'

He couldn't give them a reason to raise a revolt against him.

That's why Reed didn't plan to show himself until he was at least familiar with magic, even if he didn't master it completely.

However, contrary to his complicated thoughts, Rosaria was pure.

Rosaria pulled Reed's sleeve and said.

"I want to go see."

Her curiosity was strong, and she was full of desire to see new things.

For a week, she had only been to the library, dining room, and her own room, listening to Reed, so she was somewhat restless.

She would probably like to see the pillars being set up and tour the tower.

Reed seemed to think it was a good idea.

"Then, Phoebe, you can take Rosaria with you."

"Oh! Should I? How about you, Miss?"


Since Phoebe had been bathing Rosaria and even accompanying her to bed, there was no resistance towards her.

Phoebe and Rosaria held hands and stepped into the elevator.

'I guess I'll have to secretly study magic a bit more during that time.'

Freed from teaching, he now had pure study time.

He didn't want to waste such precious time.

The quiet personal library had a calming scent and bright lanterns.

There was nothing more to ask for; it was the optimal condition.


...Just when he thought so, the chandelier's light went out.


Surprised, Reed let out a silly sound.

He got up from his seat, wondering what had happened, and went outside.

He didn't need to go far to know what was wrong.

The pillar of light that was visible when he came out was gone.

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