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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 6 Part 2

Rosaria (3)


"So, this is what happened?"


Reed, who had come down to assess the situation after noticing the lanterns had gone out, listened to the whole story, and Phoebe nodded her head with a shamefaced expression.


"Yes... I'm really sorry."




This was beyond Phoebe's control.


Reed turned his head and looked back at the source of the problem.


"Oh dear..."


A bizarre spectacle that made him forget even the thought of playing the villain.


Where Reed was looking was supposed to be the place where the tower's pillar, the essence of the tower, should have been.


However, if his eyes were not mistaken, there was a sphere there instead.


A sphere of light condensed in blue.


Slowly rolling on the meager mana rising from the ground, it slowly rotated above the 5th floor.


It was so condensed that no light came out, and only the blue surface was visible.






"Is that all the mana that comes out when we condense our tower's mana pillar like that?"


Reed wasn't sure if it was his simple intuition, but even if it was compressed, the amount of mana seemed a little low.


"That's because... Miss Rosaria..."


"Miss Rosaria?"


"She absorbed some of it..."




Reed seemed puzzled.


"When Miss Rosaria turned all the tower's mana into a sphere, some of it was about to be emitted but entered her body instead."


"Entered her body?"


"It's possible that she had absorbed it, but the amount entering her was so great that the magicians are now checking if she might have overburdened herself."


Reed turned his head in the direction she was glancing at.


Rosaria, seated on a wooden chair, and eight senior magicians.


The magicians were thoroughly checking Rosaria's physical condition.


"I'm sorry. If I hadn't let her try like the other magicians, this wouldn't have happened..."


As the deputy tower master, Phoebe had responsibilities similar to the tower masters.


With those responsibilities neglected, her face was gloomy like a puppy with its tail tucked.


However, contrary to her worries, this incident was actually good news for Reed.


'She absorbed enough mana to risk overloading herself. That means her talent has awakened.'


Reed looked at her with his Talent Appraisal.




Name: Rosaria Adelheits Roton


Occupation: Daughter of the Tower Master


Age: 7 years old


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Health: 50/50


Stamina: 50/50


Mana: 26,981/54,560




Eternal Hole




<Absorption Lv. 1>, <Purity Lv. 4>, <Mana Sensitivity Lv. 7>


[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]


Magic Ruler」「Master of Adaptation


<Magic Lv. 7>, <Magic Studies Lv. 7>, <Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 7>…….




His mouth nearly dropped open.


Just two hours ago, her mana was 40, but now it has reached 54,560.


'Eternal Hole awakened and <Mana Sensitivity> has been unlocked.'


The foundation of a magician, <Mana Sensitivity>, was unlocked in one fell swoop and quickly reached Level 7.


'Lv. 5 is reabsorption, Lv. 6 is controlling external mana. And Lv. 7 is...'




It was not just a matter of focusing on mana; the mana followed her and obeyed her commands unconditionally.


That's why the mana, which should have been in the form of a pillar, stayed still even when she released her concentration.


'I thought it was impressive in the game, but actually seeing it, the difference is staggering.'


The overwhelming power that appears at the wall of talent and the transcendent stage.


There was no doubt that if Rosaria wanted to, she could extract the mana from the bodies of unsuspecting magicians and turn them into invalids.


Reed asked Phoebe.


"Is Rosaria aware of what she's done?"


"I don't think she knows... She just wanted to create a sphere like her father, no, I mean like the Tower Master!"


Phoebe hastily corrected herself, her face turning red.


It was an evolution that occurred as naturally as a newborn baby breathing.


Rosaria probably couldn't understand the detailed textbooks written about feeling the mana.


"What should we do? The mana pillar, which is the tower's power source, is in that state..."


"Can't other magicians undo it?"


"All the magicians have tried, but..."


'It seems they couldn't undo it.'


The mana pillar serves as electricity in the tower.


What would happen if all that electricity were concentrated in one place?


The power supply itself would be imbalanced, and the concentrated power would become dangerously unstable, potentially exploding at any moment.


It was, in effect, a ticking nuclear bomb.


And for the Tower Master, this nuclear bomb was a headache.




As he was thinking, his eyes met Rosaria's.


With boredom in her expression and cheeks gradually puffing, her eyes lit up like rubies at the sight of Reed.




Rosaria got up from her seat and ran towards Reed.


"I made a blue sphere!"


Rosaria pointed with her finger, smiling brightly.


Did this child really know she had created a bomb?


"Did I do well?!"


Rosaria asked, smiling brightly.


Reed stroked Rosaria's head.


"Yes, you did well."






Rosaria and Phoebe, who were startled together.


Could it be that she did well?


Reed gave her a hint and told Rosaria.


"But Rosaria, if you make it into a sphere like this, the tower won't function properly."


"What should I do?"


"We need to return it to its original pillar form. That way, your father won't have any trouble."


Reed spoke gently, like a loving father.


"Can you do it?"




Rosaria, the good daughter of her father, nodded her head and looked up at the sphere.


She reached out both hands towards the sphere.


Then the sphere, which had not budged before, began to move.


The sphere, which could not be undone even when all the magicians in the tower tried, dispersed little by little and became a pillar again.


"The pillar is back to normal!"


"Phew, I thought I was going to die."


The cheers of the magicians echoed throughout the tower.


'That should settle it for now.'


Not only had she returned it to its original pillar form, but everything had worked out well since it was tightly bundled together.


"I did as Daddy told me!"


"You did well. It must be lunchtime soon. Is there anything you want to eat?"


"I want a sandwich."


"Alright, let's have a sandwich."


Rosaria cheered.


And she naturally held Reed's hand tightly.


Reed held her tiny finger that gripped his index finger.


The affectionate sight of the father and daughter spread not only inside the tower but also outside as a rumor.


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