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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 9 Part 1

Rumor (3)

"What do you think this child is, your plaything? She's dressed in trashy clothes that look like they're only suitable for dolls."


Reed had nothing to say in defense.

The first outfit Phoebe had worn was actually clothes for her doll, and Phoebe had chosen the clothes based on her own preferences.

It wasn't as flashy as he'd thought, and it was calm. Most importantly, Rosaria herself liked it, so he didn't care.

"You should be ashamed, Roton."

'...I feel like I'm the only bad guy here.'

Before he could say anything, Freesia turned her head to look at Dolores.

Her face, which had been scolding, was now filled with a playful smile.

"Who is this? As always, you say you hate it, but you're still childhood friends from Escolleia, aren't you? Your concern for your husband's safety remains unchanged."

"I did not come here for that purpose."

"Then did you share a meaningful conversation? If it's a wedding,  let me take care of it by mid-June."


Dolores closed her mouth and glared at Freesia.

Unfazed, Freesia met her gaze with a mischievous smile.

She clearly knew everything and was focused on teasing Dolores.


Black shoes tapped against the marble floor as she walked towards them.

Reed looked up at her and spoke politely.

"I didn't hear that you were coming, but if I had known, I would have welcomed you properly."

Then Freesia waved her hand dismissively.

"It's fine, it's natural not to know. Actually, I broke the protective enchantment engraved on the main gate and entered on my own."

"Why did you break it?"

Reed held back from adding 'unnecessarily.'

If the Tower Master of the Black Sky had arrived, they would have opened the gate without question.

"Don't you know my personality? When I see the shoddy protective enchantments that the young ones have made, I want to destroy them. Think about it. These are people who have completed their castles by stacking wood pieces. What do you think? The first thing I want to do is break them and watch them despair."

What a terrible hobby.

Isn't that basically saying she enjoys making others cry?

'She has the same personality as when she appeared in the main story of <Disaster 7>.'

Interestingly, this woman with such a terrible hobby is an ally.

Not Reed's ally, but the protagonist's ally.

However, her shameless and carefree personality, which even teased the protagonist who considered her an ally, hasn't changed.

'At least that's a relief.'

Her unchanging personality meant that Freesia was the same as when she appeared in the main story.

He knew how to deal with her.

"Let me sit down too."

"Please do."


As Freesia, who hadn't taken a seat of authority, snapped her fingers, a black shadow began to form behind her, eventually taking shape.

A black chair that hadn't been in the room before appeared.

The chair, crafted with elegance matching her gothic dress, was so imposing that it felt like it belonged to the rightful owner of the room.

Three Tower Masters in the reception room.

It would be a lie to say there was no tension.

She relaxed, as if she were at home, and took turns looking at Reed and Dolores.

"What brings you here, Tower Master of the Black Sky?"

Reed asked the question.

"The whole world knows about what you've done, kid. I came to see that girl you brought in out of curiosity."

Freesia met Rosaria's gaze, then clapped her hands with a bright smile.

"Come here, little bloodsucker, to your Noona."

Somehow, Rosaria knew that the rough expression referred to her and approached Freesia hesitantly.

Freesia affectionately picked her up and looked into her eyes.

Reed, for some reason, didn't find that smile very pleasant.

"Do you like the clothes I gave you?"


Her still-childish face broke into a smile.

"Do you know there are even prettier things at my place?"


"Of course."

Freesia smirked.

"If you live with me, I can give you everything you want. How does that sound?"


Reed's fist clenched tightly.

He had suspected it since she laid her hands on Rosaria, but now she was blatantly showing her intentions.

'So that was her goal.'

A normal child would have happily accepted the offer.

She wanted to tame the child and then drop her off.

However, Rosaria tilted her head at those words.

"Is Papa coming too?"

"Huh? Papa?"

"If Papa comes too, I'll go!"

It was only after Rosaria pointed at Reed with her finger that he understood what she meant by ‘Papa.'

"Well, your Papa can live with us too. I have the ability to do that much."

"We can all live together!"

With an innocent expression, Rosaria ran into Reed's arms.

Reed hugged Rosaria and patted her head.

"Rosaria, it's kind of the other Tower Master to offer that, but this is our home. Living in someone else's house would be a bother."

"But there are toys."

Rosaria looked up with a hint of disappointment.

Given her young age, it was understandable that she would be tempted.

"Do you want toys?"


Rosaria nodded her head honestly.

As the moments of joy and sorrow intersected between Freesia and Reed, the conversation didn't end there.

"But I won't go without Papa."

Rosaria stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Reed's neck, hugging him affectionately.

Reed held her and showed Freesia a confident smile, one that only a winner could wear.

"Thank you for your generous offer, Tower Master of the Black Sky, but we must decline."


Her twisted expression was quite a sight.

Her childish personality was on full display.

Rosaria had done everything she could.

Reed helped Rosaria stand up and spoke gently to her.

"Alright, Rosaria, I need to talk with this lady now, so can you go outside? Go ask Phoebe Noona to play with you."


Rosaria scampered off.

As she walked, her dress swayed like a Welsh corgi's bottom, making one wonder if she would trip, and forcing them to keep watching her.

Her movements disappeared only when the reception room door closed.

"You've trained her well."

Freesia finally spoke, as if she had been waiting for this moment.

Reed corrected her.

"When raising a child, we use the term 'parenting.'"

"Enough with that annoying ‘Papa’ act. Didn't you bring that girl here for your own purposes as well?"

She mimicked Rosaria's speech with a roll of her tongue.

It was forgivable when Rosaria did it, but when Freesia did it, it was just unpleasant.

That's when Dolores asked Freesia with a question mark above her head.

"I didn't know the Tower Master of the Black Sky was interested in children…"

It made even less sense that Freesia, a single spinster armed with hysteria, would like children than Reed's adoption.

As expected, Freesia waved her hand dismissively.

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