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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 28 Part 1

You will become a king (1)

"Now, everyone, go on. Be true to your desires."


Freesia politely greeted them.


"Thank you, miss."


The men who had turned into monsters left the sewer, leaving Freesia and Reed behind.


From now on, they would raid the merchant guild in the capital, Cohen.




Her polite tone returned to normal.


Freesia, who had stopped acting as Brosa, asked.


"Do you know what this magic is?"


"Isn't it 'Desire Massacre'?"


Reed nodded.


Desire Massacre.


A slaughter of desires.


It sounded like a name that would erase all desires and lead to a state of Nirvana.


However, those who had seen the magic firsthand could understand why it was named that way.


It wasn't about slaughtering desires, but being slaughtered by desires.


Captivated by desires, they break all ethics, and ultimately, they are consumed and destroyed by their desires.


A scene of massacre without mercy where desires exploded.


Freesia had cast such a spell on the unaware thieves.


"Is this what Brosa does?"


"Brosa has no good or evil. She's just a girl who moves according to her contract."


"Wouldn't it be a big deal for the tower if the magicians of the workshop found out about this chaos?"


This matter was on a different level than what Reed had done.


It wasn't just about opposing a kingdom's tyranny in a small village, but directly attacking its capital, Cohen.


"We won't have any problems, Reed. Do you know why?"




"Because this chaos is what Morgan Hupper wants."


"Morgan Hupper?"


Morgan Hupper wanted his city to be ransacked?


Even though Reed stood there with a confused expression, Freesia turned her steps toward the stairs.


"Shall we get going too, Reed?"


"Where do you plan to go?"


"Now that all the roles have been assigned, it's time to watch the play. We can't miss out on the fun, can we?"


Freesia began to walk ahead.


As they came out onto the main street, Freesia stopped acting as Brosa, and Reed followed her, returning to his original form as well.


Reed and Freesia headed for the merchant guild, pretending it was a coincidence.


The quietness of the peaceful street.


However, it soon shattered mercilessly like thin ice on a lake.




A scream burst out from inside the merchant guild.


At the same time, people swarmed out.


'What? It seems like all the people who could have been taken hostage are coming out.'


Reed looked at the scene with a bewildered expression.


'What happened to the plan?'


According to the plan, they should have closed off the surroundings to buy time to escape.


But now, there was an unprecedented commotion everywhere, as if they were advertising something.


Their carefully planned operation for theft had become futile.


'Well, it's an obvious outcome.'


Reed could roughly guess the situation.


Those who had been affected by Desire Massacre were destined for this fate.


Gold always attracts envy and greed.


However, most people do not covet what belongs to others.


At most, they may envy the owner of the gold.


But it was different when affected by 'Desire Massacre'.


The moment they saw the gold, they would draw their swords and cut the throat of the one holding it without even feeling envy.


And then, they would greedily covet the gold that person had.


No doubt, this alone was a terrible situation, but the misfortune didn't end there.


Soon, they would attack the people around them and brutally kill them in the same way.


The reason is simple.


Having killed a person and obtained gold, they fall into a one-dimensional delusion that killing people will result in gold.


'The most terrifying black magic.'


Although it only works with mutual consent, Freesia knows how to touch people's desires.


A woman who stimulates their desires with an innocent face and lures them into a devilish contract.


There was only one reason she used this magic.




She was merely curious if there was anyone who could survive after falling into Desire Massacre.


That's why she didn't discriminate between friend or foe if they had desires.


"As expected, these guys were simple fools as well."


Freesia clicked her tongue in disappointment.


Seeing that they didn't intend to come out even after a few minutes, the word 'plan' must have already disappeared from their minds.


Freesia shook her head and snapped her fingers.


Shadows swelled up, and a luxurious chair and a glass container filled with delicious-looking snacks appeared.


"Still, watching the chaos unfold is quite entertaining."


Freesia chuckled, munching on snacks while watching the merchant guild descend into chaos.


Crash! Bang!


Glass windows shattered, furniture flew, and the street began to fill with broken pieces.


As order disappeared and chaos filled the scene, a savior appeared.


Ten horses galloped down the main road, carrying knights in silver plate armor.


"It's the Hupper Kingdom's Knights!"


"The Knights stand with the light!"


Everyone cheered and made way for the heroes.


At the forefront was a small-framed woman.


Her head was covered by a silver helmet, but her winged ear decorations and physique made her instantly recognizable.


The Third Knight Commander, Adonis Hupper.


She dismounted her horse and shouted loudly.


"Intruders, listen!"


Her voice, not fitting her small stature, boomed throughout the building.


Even Reed, who was far away, flinched at the deep roar.


"You have caused a great disturbance that cannot be atoned for even in death. However, if you surrender peacefully, I will give you a chance to redeem your sins in the name of Cohen, the great king, and Althea, the goddess of light!"


Her valiant voice undoubtedly reached the inside.


However, what came in response to Adonis's call to surrender was a broken sofa.


Flying directly at Adonis's face, it would have caused serious injury if it had hit her directly.




But for Adonis, such a sofa was not a problem.


With a casual flick of her wrist, she swatted the sofa aside.


The sofa turned at a right angle and rolled along the street for quite a distance.


At the same time, one side of the merchant guild's wall crumbled completely, revealing the people inside.


No, they were beasts.


They felt completely different from when they first gained power.


Their bodies were covered in blood, and their hands clutched crumpled gold coins.




The monsters emitted a phlegmy, muffled sound.


Drooling, they looked like rabid dogs.


They stared intently at the Knights.


A murderous intent could be felt.


Even Reed, who was far away, could feel it.


However, Adonis, who was at the forefront, raised her hand without hesitation.


The knights behind her placed their hands on their sword hilts in response to her signal.




Her command was not to draw their swords, but to standby.


Adonis maintained her stance as she gave the order.


"Ho, ho, is this the monster of the Hupper Kingdom?"


Freesia admired her spirit.


It meant that there was no need for the others to step forward.


In other words, she would face them all alone.


But her opponents were not just four people, but four beasts consumed by greed.


Freesia, finding it interesting, stopped eating her snacks and leaned forward in her chair.

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