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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 31 Part 1

Kaitlyn (3)

Kaitlyn Ramos.

A middle-aged woman with a strong will and determination.

In "Disaster 7", she was stubborn beyond anyone else, so strong that it was hard to stop her with simple words.

'I never thought it would go so smoothly.'

When I tried to recruit her, I had no doubt that I would have to go through ups and downs... but it seemed she was in no position to bargain due to her financial difficulties.

Hearing about her life, it was not surprising that she gave in.

She woke up early in the morning, collected dewdrops from leaves to quench her thirst, and ate young plants that the gatherers had missed for breakfast.

However, there was no way she could find such plants every time.

So, when there was nothing else to eat, she risked her life to eat even poisonous plants.

As a result, she gained the "Digestion" ability, which was not originally in her stats, and her level increased by 3.

While tightening her belt, Kaitlyn conducted research on magnesium, considering it the opportunity of a lifetime.

Then, as the price of magnesium rose, she found out that Reed, the master of the Silence Tower, was conducting similar research.

Since she and Reed were alumni, she decided to make a difficult move.

She went to the Silence Tower to get some magnesium, but she found out that Reed's research was far ahead of hers.

Moreover, she realized she could no longer continue her research.

It was as if the last ray of light had disappeared from her life.

But who would have known?

It wasn't the last ray of light that disappeared, but rather, the dark clouds vanished, and the God of Light, Althea, descended.

The god appeared in the form of Reed, and his hands were full of 'free' gifts.

She didn't doubt it.

No, there was no need to doubt.

Even if Reed were a demon and asked for her life, she was ready to pay in 72 monthly installments right now.

Reed successfully hired Kaitlyn with a special offer.

While he did offend senior magicians by informing them after making the decision, no one in the field of "Magic Engineering" opposed or hesitated to accept Kaitlyn, as there was a lack of suitable talent at the moment.

Everyone agreed to watch and see how things went, as the Tower Master was widely acknowledged for recognizing talent.

'I would like to place her in the chief position but...'

It would be disrespecting the current Chief Magicians.

On top of that, Kaitlyn felt that she had already received too much.

If she were given more compensation in this state, she might become complacent, so Reed decided to treat her as a junior apprentice.

So, he placed her in a room for junior apprentices on the lower floors.

Kaitlyn blankly looked around the room she had been assigned for quite some time.

"Is there something you don't like?"

"No, it's just... it's been so long since I've used something in good condition..."

Being used to scavenging from garbage dumps, she couldn't even distinguish whether this was a dream or reality.

"Do I have to pay for anything..."

"Everything is free."

In the end, she asked a few more times if everything was really free before realizing that it was indeed real.

Perhaps due to her rough life, Kaitlyn became familiar with all the facilities of the tower in just three days.

Being a natural engineer and inventor, she immediately began working as an assistant magician in the Tower Master's laboratory once she had adapted.

Kaitlyn quickly became a part of the Silence Tower.

'I can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that a Chief Engineer has appeared.'

What she needed was money and welfare.

What Reed needed was her ability.

No one would feel bad about the deal.

"I'm concerned about Miss Kaitlyn."

No, everyone except one person.

Phoebe, who had been lingering in the office, spoke with a determined expression.

"Is there a problem?"

"She's calling you too casually, Tower Master. You're definitely someone who should be respected in the tower...!"

She managed to call him Tower Master, but her speech style hadn't changed.

'On top of that, her traits make her seem rude too.'

Her trait and temperament were those of an "Eccentric Inventor."

When given direction A, she would twist it to B or C, proposing unconventional ideas that deviate from the existing framework.

Her ideas could be better directions, but at the same time, they could be difficult for Reed to handle.

The only thing that could control her double-edged ability was Reed's decision.

Knowing that her temperament would lead the tower in a good direction, Reed left her alone.

However, Phoebe warned him to be cautious, as she found it bothersome, but Kaitlyn had no intention of changing her way of speaking.

"Just leave her be."

"But, umm..."

"She has the ability of a chief magician in our tower when it comes to magical engineering. We can tolerate that level of rudeness."

"But still..."

Phoebe was quite persistent.

Since the conversation about their speech had come up, Reed mentioned her speech as well.

"Aren't you also strange with your speech, being my deputy?"

"Me? What's wrong with mine..."

"Don't you know that when you talk with that drawn-out speech, it makes my mind drowsy?"

Hearing that, Phoebe's face turned shocked.

Despite the cruel words that almost made her tear up, she began to stubbornly try to change her speech.

"Then I'll change my speech too! No, I'll change it now!"

She glared with force in her eyes, reminding him that she was a half-dragon.

It was quite scary to be stared at with golden eyes, even though he knew she had no ill intent.


"Yes! Tower Master, the quick and snappy Phoebe is here! What do you want to say?"

"Your hair looks nice today."

"Hehe... thank you. Oops! That was because I let my guard down!"

"It goes well with your horns."


She's too easygoing.

She tried to change her speech with a strong tone, but as soon as she received compliments, she lost focus, making it impossible.

In the end, Phoebe gave up after just 30 minutes.

For someone who had given up, her face looked very happy.

"It may be annoying right now, but she will become our tower's top engineer, so please try to understand."


He thought he had successfully persuaded Phoebe and that the storm had passed, but…

"No way!"

Rosaria's childish voice echoed through the hallway.

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