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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 33 Part 2

A Tower Master typically has at least a level 5 in <Magic> and <Mana Sensitivity>.

However, Reed's levels in everything are 4.

The chief magicians were taken aback by his objective self-assessment.

But perhaps it was because they had already been surprised once by his remorse and reflection during the Magic Engineering reforms.

The chief magicians quickly regained their composure.

"If anyone disrespects the Tower Master, I'll smash them!"

All but one.

Phoebe reacted like an enthusiastic mother at a women's meeting.

Reed sighed at her behavior, but the chief magicians stealthily backed away from her.

Reed, shaking his head, spoke to Phoebe.



"Then, can you take care of the elves and druids?"

"Yes! I just need to smash them, right?"

"No, if you smash them, we won't be able to record anything."

'How did she become the tower master's deputy?'

She usually has a cool side, but she acts strangely emotional when it comes to Reed or Rosaria.

"Ask the elves and druids for permission to record their songs."

Although she always seems like a bumbling fool, Phoebe is a magical monster with <Magic Lv. 5> and <Mana Sensitivity Lv. 5>.

The reason she can act as the Tower Master's proxy is because of her outstanding abilities.

"Um... But..."

Phoebe hesitated for a moment, then asked with a half-sobbing voice.

"...Wouldn't it be faster to just smash them?"

"I'm sure her abilities are excellent, but convincing them is a different issue."

Phoebe was not confident in persuading others, and the others agreed.

"The key is the songs of the elves and druids. While grand music that requires an orchestra can be easily replicated with sheet music, their songs and music are peculiarly impossible to mimic with a human tongue."

"Indeed, the songs of elves and druids are known to be enchanting. Not only commoners, but also nobles wish to hear their songs in their lifetime, but most never do in their lifetimes."

Kaitlyn was sharp.

"That's the key."


"We will attract the attention of the nobles."

Recording devices that civilians can handle, along with songs and music collected from all over the country.

And the Tower Master of Silence, who possesses all of it.

What would happen if this rumor spreads?

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear the songs and music that they might only hear once in their lives is created.

Naturally, everyone would pay attention.

"I will promote this project targeting nobles and merchants."

Magic engineering is the technology of merchants.

If an old magician had heard Reed's words, he would have exclaimed, "This is not magic!" and become angry.

But the chief magicians, who had already worked together with Reed, did not object to his opinion.

'Project: Sound of Music' was unanimously executed.


A week later,

After days and nights of research and design, Kaitlyn finally succeeded in creating a recording device.

"How is it?"

"Not bad."

It looked more like a stopwatch worn by physical education teachers around their necks than a recording device.

Inside, there were a record modification crystal, a mana stone, and a magic circuit that could control the device according to the buttons.

"Press this right button and speak, then press the left button to..."

- Speak.

Kaitlyn's voice rang out clearly.

It would be fair to say that there was no loss of sound quality, as they had included a top-quality crystal worth 100,000 UP in each device.

"You did a great job."

"Your humble servant made this item while thinking about the Tower Master day and night."

A loyal one.

Not a subservient puppy-like feeling like Phoebe, but the gratitude felt genuine.

Reed wondered how to reward Kaitlyn.

- Kait...


As Reed continued to press the left button, a voice came from the recording device.

- Kait, Kait, Kaitlyn. My name is little Kaitlyn. Little... ant? Ants are fine too. I'm a little ant~ Kaitlyn~. Today, the ant is working again.

A random, off-tune song flowed out, revealing a lack of musicality.

Reed, wondering if something had gone wrong, glanced over.

Kaitlyn's face had turned even redder than the color of her hair.

Reed was certain after seeing her expression.

"...When I'm tired, I sometimes hum a little tune too."


"If you're tired, feel free to come and talk to me."

"Please kill me. Rather..."

Kaitlyn slumped down on the spot.

Leaving the embarrassed Kaitlyn behind, Reed took the recording device and went to Phoebe.

"Phoebe, it's your turn to do the task."

"It's finished, huh? How do I operate it?"

Since it was a very simple method, Phoebe could quickly learn how to use it.

"Make sure to record well without confusing the right and left buttons."

"Well... I'm not sure if I can record it."

"Why not?"

"I sent a letter in advance to the druid and high elf tribes, but I haven't received a reply yet. I think I need to go and talk to them in person..."

"Is that so?"

There shouldn't be a big problem with the music itself.

Reed had fully understood the characteristics of elves while playing <Disaster 7>.

He also knew that they had a welcoming song for foreigners.

As long as Phoebe didn't seem hostile, it was a problem she could solve.

'Is there something more needed?'

Reed thought once more if there was something that could be a backup plan.

'Elves and druids like humans who handle mana well... In that case...'

At first, Reed thought it would be enough for Phoebe to go.

However, upon further thought, this was also a great opportunity for Rosaria.

"What do you think about taking Rosaria with you?"

"The young lady?"

"Shouldn't I show her the world at least once? The world of the druids and the world of the elves."

Upon hearing that, Phoebe clapped her hands and rejoiced like a child as well.

"With the young lady's abilities, they'll understand, and it won't be dangerous since I'll be with her. It will undoubtedly be a good thing for her too."

It seemed like a good idea.

"Then go and take Rosaria with you for a while."

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