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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 50 Part 2

'Why! Why won't he say anything?'

Adonis knew that she was overstepping her bounds.

But she wanted this issue resolved.

A 'wise king' would certainly lend an ear to the opinion of an ignorant knight.

So, she went to see Morgan in one swift step, but...

Adonis felt the situation becoming more tangled, as Morgan hurriedly hid his true feelings.

The image of the king and her father, Morgan Hupper, as Adonis knew him, was becoming increasingly distorted.

'Devil's scheme.'

Was this a devil's scheme?

Was Reed Adeleheights Roton the devil trying to drag her into the abyss?

She thought about Reed objectively, he was not a bad person.

He helped her without saying a word.

If Reed had any expectations of her, he would have appealed to her long ago.

'If Reed is not the devil...'

It's often the ones calling others devils who are the devils themselves.

Her own father, Morgan Hupper, was exactly that devil.

A devil wearing the mask of a king, trying to dry up the small villages for some reason and kill them.

And then,

Adonis felt all the pieces of her puzzle fall into place.

'Could it be...'

The sudden invitation to the demonstration.

Her father, who was unusually sweet to her.

Being treated like a princess for the first time in eight years.

And the mysterious power that tried to kill her that day.

They had planted a bomb among the nobles that would change Adonis's fate with perfume as the switch.

Reed knew about this malicious force but did not tell Adonis.

Then what could be the reason?

All the clues are connected into one sentence, leading to a conclusion.


Suddenly, Adonis's legs gave way.

She felt like vomiting and covered her mouth with her hand.

A cold chill pervaded her body, causing Adonis to shiver.

Biting her thumb, Adonis swallowed her sorrow.

Unable to utter a single word, she repeated only one sentence in her mind.

'It can't be. It can't be....'

She could understand why Reed didn't tell her about the malicious force.

Could it be that this malicious force was her own father?

That the person she had admired and protected was her own enemy?

She didn't want to believe it.

Her heart fiercely rejected it.

But the more she did, the more reality clung to Adonis, tormenting her.

'If I can't even trust my own blood... then who on earth can I trust?'

Adonis despaired.


The first customers of "Project: Sound of Music" were nobles.

They carefully wrapped the items to be sent to them and successfully delivered them to each address through the merchant guild.

The magicians, who had to finish all their work within the set time, were all exhausted, but they celebrated their achievements together.

Starting tomorrow, everyone except those on duty could take a day off, so even though they were tired, some people decided to play games and drink.

However, the research of Kaitlyn and Reed was not over yet.

Kaitlyn was not the type to enjoy parties from the beginning, and as a magic engineer, it was only natural that she loved research.

So as soon as the delivery was all finished, Kaitlyn began her research on Reed's gauntlet.

Reed also sneaked into the lab while everyone was resting and helped Kaitlyn with her research.

-Regarding magic absorption using Magnesium (Research progress: 10%)


Kaitlyn, who had been drinking and brainstorming, folded the paper into a rose.

Contrary to her deathly expression, her hands moved without hesitation, and a paper rose more delicate than the ones Rosaria had made was neatly placed on the desk.

Just one more rose and she'd have a bouquet of 108 roses.

Kaitlyn blankly stared at the rose and then said,

"I guess I won't have to worry about a wedding bouquet soon..."

"What you should worry about is not the wedding, but the research."

Her shoulders jumped like a surprised cat.

Only then did Kaitlyn remember that Reed was there.

"Ah, I'm sorry.... It's a rare research project with you, Tower Master, and I'm ashamed to show you such a lack of progress."

Kaitlyn slammed her head onto the desk with a dispirited face.

Reed fully understood her situation.

Having taken on the final inspection and production, her stamina was already at rock bottom.

She had been thrown into the research immediately after returning from her vacation, like a house on fire, so the backlash was bound to be huge.

With both focus and magic energy lacking, Reed would like to tell her to take it slow, but he didn't have enough time to afford such luxury.

'I can't afford to let my guard down.'

Freesia already knew that I had ruined her plans.

If she has a plan, she would accelerate her research on possession magic to enter Morgan's body.

In order to confront such Freesia, he needed the magic absorption ability of the gauntlet.

Only then would they have at least a fighting chance.

That's why, even though it was selfish, he had no choice but to push Kaitlyn.

"Do your best to the extent that you can. If you need anything, I'll supply it immediately, so please put in a little more effort."

"When Tower Master says so, I must gather my strength! I will strive to meet your expectations."

Kaitlyn slapped her cheeks to snap herself out of it.

Just then,


A blue bird flew into the research building with a cry and landed on Reed's shoulder.

'It's Adonis Hupper's bluebird.'

The bluebird was used to communicate with Adonis, and there was a note tied to its leg.

-Please help. My younger brother has disappeared with the king.

The situation had escalated quicker than expected.

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