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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 51 Part 2

 Reed appraised her abilities with his "Talent Appraisal".


Name: Freesia Vulcan Darksider

Occupation: Master of the Black Sky Tower

Age: 131 years old

Alignment: Chaos · Evil

Health: 1,067/1,067

Stamina: 550/550

Mana: 31,900/31,900


"Undead Empress", "Shadow Master", "Master of the Black Sky Tower", "Broken Ring that Defies Fate", "Lineage of Vulcan"


<Magic Lv.6>, <Magic Theory Lv.6>, <Mana Sensitivity Lv.6>, <Necromancy Lv.6>, <Curse Magic Lv.5>, <Elemental Sensitivity Lv.5>

[Undisclosed Attributes & Abilities]


As expected from a woman who has lived for 131 years and held the position of tower master for 100 years, her abilities were monstrous.

Her stats were so overwhelming that the magnesium gauntlet he had brought with him just in case seemed foolish.

'Even if I had made a magic responsive glove, I wouldn't have stood a chance.'

Moreover, this place is Freesia's home ground.

But Reed didn't lose heart.

'There's a reason why Freesia won't kill me.'

Therefore, he walked confidently.

Reed, who arrived in front of Freesia, took out an item and showed it to her.

"I've come to return this."

It was the perfume he had promised to return someday.

Looking down at the perfume, Freesia curled her lips into a cat-like smile.

"I didn't think I'd get this back. Actually, I wished you would use this perfume."

"I don't want to use it because I know what kind of malice you've infused into it."

"Then shouldn't you have smashed it instead of returning it?"

"I promised to return it, so that's what I'm doing."

Reed placed the perfume on the armrest.

Watching his action, Freesia started to laugh delightedly.

"You're so gentle, it's too cool~. Reed, are you sure you don't want to live here with me?"

Reed did not get swept away in her atmosphere.

"Where are Morgan and his son now?"

At Reed's straightforward question, Freesia's face, which had been laughing like a young girl, returned to its original state.

"So, you intend to interfere with them, Reed?"

"Didn't you know that from the beginning?"

"I knew. But I didn't think you'd have the guts to come and say it directly to me. I thought you'd play up to me more, lower your head. No, that's the normal course of action."

She is Freesia Vulcan Darkrider.

Master of the Black Sky Tower and the terror of all wizards and the continent.

Even if one were a tower master, there was no one who dared to openly oppose her.

"Give up on the father and son. Even if I overlook you saving the girl due to your youthful spirit, I can't let this slide."

"If Morgan takes over his son's body, everything will be meaningless."

"I made a contract with Morgan. He fulfilled his part of the contract faithfully, so I need to keep mine."

It was true. If she broke the contract, she couldn't ignore the penalty.

In other words, it meant that Freesia could not use the possession magic.

And the fact that she firmly stated she wouldn't break the contract meant that she needed the magic Morgan gave her.

"Is that magic so precious to you?"

"Morgan gave me what I wanted. Unlike you, Reed, who came straight to me, he asked very politely."

"I can't understand why a mage who has nothing to envy others would cling to that magic."

"… Nothing to envy?"

Freesia's expression twisted, her eyes beginning to glow red.

He had touched the trigger of her trauma.

Her magic was unpredictable.

That unpredictability always started with a surprise attack.


The shadow behind Reed wrapped around his body and moved on its own.

Reed tried to focus mana on his gauntlet to neutralize its ability, but...

Before the light could circle in the mana crystal, the shadow completely covered Reed's right hand.

"Don't resist. If you resist, I'll kill you right away."

Freesia rose from her seat, and Reed was thrown onto the place where Freesia had been lying.

Freesia climbed on top of him.

Reed, who had been looking down at Freesia, now looked up at her.

Her red eyes were staring at him.

As red as the red moon when vampires appear.

"Do you envy me, Reed? Envy being in this body that can't even age? I noticed it when you couldn't give up your daughter, but you really have a trashy taste, don't you?"

She sneered and mocked, but the main emotion was anger.

Reed said nothing and just stared straight into her eyes.

After a moment, she, whose anger had subsided, grabbed Reed's collar and whispered in his ear.

"Fine, I'll give up that magic. But if you gain something, you have to lose something."

"What do you want?"

"Your little one."

The 'little one' was Rosaria.

From the moment Reed crossed over to this world and first confronted Freesia, she had her sights set on Rosaria.

She was asking for her again.

"Hand that little one over to me, Reed Adeleheights Roton. Then I will listen to you."

She corrected herself.

"No, I'll do whatever you want. If you want, I'll hand over the Black Sky, and I'll even become your lover or a dog. I'll do whatever you want."

It was an extreme condition, incomparable to the initial proposal.

But Reed immediately responded to her demand.

"No matter what you offer, I cannot give you Rosaria."

Freesia's face contorted fiercely.

Power filled the hands of Freesia that were holding Reed's collar.

"You're selfish, really selfish! That selfishness of wanting to gain everything without losing anything! The arrogance of expecting me to understand that! Do I look so easy to you!"

"I'm refusing because your demand is absurd. Why do you think such an extreme condition could be met?"

Then Freesia responded to Reed in a more composed voice.

"The ability that child possesses is what I want. That little one will be the lantern that will show me the way to become complete."

Freesia did not back down any further.

"Choose. Either hand over the little one or leave quietly. There will be no further negotiations."

Lose Rosaria or lose Adonis.

'I don't want to lose anyone.'

At the crossroads of choice, Reed tried hard to think.

'How can the possession magic and Rosaria be the same?'

Possession magic.


Freesia Vulcan Darkrider.

What she ultimately wants.

She wants Rosaria enough to give up the possession magic.

No, she wants Rosaria enough to give up even herself.


He had to think.

No one knows her background.

Recalling her status window and the events of the future, he desperately tried to figure out what she ultimately wanted.

He remained silent until Freesia could no longer bear it, thinking about what she wanted.

Finally, Freesia's limit came.

Her mouth slowly opened.


But Reed was one step faster.

Freesia swallowed back what she was about to say.

"Are you saying you'll hand over the little one?"


"Are you trying to play word games again?"

"No. I'll give you what you truly want."

With a fierce expression, Freesia asked with her last ounce of patience.

"What do I want?"


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