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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 62 Part 2

The next day.

"Ugh... My head hurts."


"Drinking so much and looking for Althea, this crazy nobleman."

"Ask Althea to help relieve the hangover."

The clergy had no strength to scold such nonsense.

The nobles who had each drunk a glass of Volcano gathered, holding their heads in pain from the hangover bomb.

Reed, who had also drunk with them, was no exception to the hangover.

However, thanks to Dolores' attentive care, his hangover, which should have doubled, subsided as much as the other magicians.

"The magicians of the tower are quite wicked."

"Is this the plan? To half-kill one person and have another stay sober?"

"That wasn't our intention, but…"

"No doubt, this must all be part of the Tower Master of Wallin's plan."


They didn't seem to believe it at all.

Well, let them think what they want.

Reed and Dolores decided to ignore them.

Shortly after, Yuria and Rosaria, who had been staying in the same room, finished dressing up and hugged their father.

"Dad smells weird. It's a little bit unni too."

"Ahem... Is it that bad?"


"I see."

Reed moved away from her slightly.

However, as if it didn't matter, Rosaria clung to Reed's side.

"Hey, our princess. Are you awake?"

"I woke up because of the strong smell of alcohol."

"Ha ha, sorry, my daughter. The men got a little too excited last night. But why do you have dark circles under your eyes? Did you not sleep well?"

"Ugh... That's not it…"

To beat Rosaria, Yuria had stayed up all night building towers. Even after Rosaria was tired and fell asleep, Yuria continued building towers.

In the end, Yuria's highest record was 30 floors!

She was defeated, having only filled half of Rosaria's 60 floors.

'I lost. I lost...'

Yuria bit her lips as she pondered her defeat.

Rosaria laughed, unaware or not caring that Yuria's insides were burning.

Now Yuria knew.

Rosaria was not just a child, but someone to be wary of.

With all the children gathered, the high-ranking magicians, who were still recovering from their hangovers, headed to the upper floor of the auditorium where the graduation ceremony was held.

They looked down at the tedious speeches, the equally tedious diploma awarding ceremony, and the repetitive graduation ceremony that had been going on for decades.

And they all maintained a certain distance while conversing.

Now the real recruitment war would begin.

Dolores and Reed also came for that purpose and discussed the graduates.

"Did you find any useful students?"

"I don't know. As master said, there doesn't seem to be any outstanding talent. We plan to look at the top students and gather them."

"Is that so?"

"Do you have anyone in mind, Tower Master?"

"I do."

He had used his "Eye for Talent" to scan and take note of a few people who hadn't yet reached their full potential.

These were the ones with graduation grades low enough to be recruited by the Merchant Alliance, workshops, or the lower ranks of the tower.

In other words, they were talents that needed to be carefully sought out and brought in.

Among them, some occasionally showed potential up to level 5 in the magic field.

If re-educated in the tower, they could reach the upper ranks.

"I'll approach those graduates myself."


Most Tower Masters knew that Reed had a good eye for people.

So Dolores trusted Reed as well.

As the strategy meeting for recruitment came to an end, the graduation ceremony was completely over.

Throwing off their square hats and stepping into society.

Knowing that high-ranking magicians had come to meet them, the graduates gathered again in the auditorium, only taking off their formal attire.

The dispatched magicians went downstairs.

Their atmosphere was quite different from the liberated atmosphere of the graduation ceremony, filled with tension.

Seeing the magicians come down, some of the graduates approached in groups.

Leading them was the representative of the graduates.

"I am Jao Mirian, the representative of the 406th graduates. It is an honor to meet you, senior magicians."

Having graduated from a prestigious academy, the representative of the graduates greeted them, strictly following the order of seniority.

"It doesn't seem like you're planning to go home and have a drink, so what are you doing here?"

When a magician from the Merchant Alliance asked, they replied.

"We are students who have witnessed the entire graduation ceremony of the 405th seniors."


The 405th was last year's event.

The magicians who came last year nodded as if they understood what had happened.

Graduate representative, Jao Mirian, stood at attention and respectfully requested one of the magicians.

"Please prove this year's graduation ceremony just like our seniors from the previous class, Tower Master of Wallin."


As expected, a magic duel was taking place in the magic duel arena.

Magic duels were conducted under the supervision of professors, and all magicians, regardless of grade, competed in various ways.

"The stands, which usually don't have any audience due to the lack of inter-grade competitions, are full today."

"Everyone came to watch because they heard that the outstanding graduates of this class will challenge the Tower Master of Wallin, just like last year."

"It's the same scene as last year."

"What are they doing now?"

Reed was the only one who was seeing this situation for the first time.

"It's a challenge to authority."

"To the Tower Master of Wallin?"

"What fault does the Tower Master of Wallen have? They all have grudges against the dean. Who would like Anton, who treats them as criminals?"

Suddenly, he recalled what Anton, had said.

Anton, who had lamented that there were only mediocre students like last year.

It seemed that the students had heard that as well.

It wouldn't be easy for them, who had grown up as geniuses in their regions, to accept such treatment.

"Unable to vent their anger at their own dean, Anton, they challenge the Tower Master of Wallin, who is his cherished student, to prove their worth."


Whether it's courageous or foolish.

Reed looked down at Dolores.

As the Tower Master of Wallin, she stood in the arena wearing a robe, leaning back.

On the opposite side of her stood 30 graduates wearing robes.

They were all top-ranking students who had maintained their grades and were the number one recruitment targets everywhere.

"Nice to meet you, 406th graduates."

Dolores' polite greeting echoed in the arena.

Her behavior was undoubtedly that of a dignified Tower Master.

"Although I am only 26 years old, I am currently the Tower Master of Wallin. And before that, I am a senior to you all as a 395th graduate. I highly appreciate your challenging spirit towards such a senior. However, if you want to compete with me, you must also take responsibility for the results of that."

In other words, it was a question of what they would bet.

The representative of the graduates answered her question.

"Jao Mirian, the representative of the 406th graduates, and 29 others. If we lose in this duel, we will all dedicate our destiny as magicians to the Tower Master of Wallin."

They were all ambitious young people with dreams.

For the dispatched magicians, it was the best condition, so they were excited about the situation.

"If your destiny is at stake, then it's worth fighting with all of you. I understand."

What Dolores would lose if she lost was already decided.

Anton's honor and her own reputation as the Tower Master of Wallin she had maintained.

That alone was enough.

She, who had been leaning back, reached her hand out.

Then, the graduates began to put on their prepared cots.


Reed noticed their actions.

"Rosaria, put on your clothes."

"It seems like it'll be hot if I wear clothes."

"It'll be cold soon."


"Because your unni is preparing for battle right now."

Tower Master of Wallin, Dolores Jade.

She had another nickname besides being the valedictorian of Escolleia.

"Incarnation of Cold", Dolores Jade.

"Ugh, it's cold…"

"Who left the door open? Why is it suddenly so cold?"

The magicians who had come to watch began to shiver, wrapping their shoulders.

Her trait, "Incarnation of Cold".

As a special trait passed down only to the Tower Masters of Wallin, her water magic manifested in a new form, making her a magician who could handle ice rather than water.

And she could also emit a terrible cold that could freeze even the surrounding air.

Faint ice shards gathered in Dolores' right hand, soon forming a long staff in her grasp.

Her blue hair shone brighter as it received mana.

Her icy, cold eyes tried to freeze everything in the arena.

That was the Tower Master of Wallin.

Her pure ability was what allowed her to become the youngest Tower Master.

"I'll give up the first move. I ask you all to attack at once."

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