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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 64 Part 2

After that, there was a less influential magic aptitude test compared to the main exam.

Elements, spirits, barriers, curses...

As a gathering place for numerous talented magicians, almost all kinds of magic were being handled.

The tests were more like tastings, and they went through them one by one to check Yuria and Rosaria's potential.

In fact, Yuria had an overwhelming advantage.

She was at a stage of finding magic suitable for her abilities by extending her reach in various fields, and Rosaria was still at a stage of strengthening her basics, so she had not been properly taught advanced magic.

Excluding the elements she always played with, Yuria was ahead in everything, and as a result, Yuria achieved an overwhelming victory.

"Well done, my daughter! As expected, you're my daughter, haha!"

"Thank you."

Unlike Zekeheil, Yuria didn't look happy.

Her expression was extremely uncomfortable.

'Somehow I feel more nervous.'

He started to worry if she would take some unexpected action.

She made a determined expression and walked briskly toward them.

"Excuse me, Tower Master of the Wallin!"

The person she called was Dolores.

"What is it, Miss Frenda?"

"Please, can you accept me as your disciple?"

Upon hearing her words, Reed and Dolores were startled. They exchanged glances with the troubled magician of the workshop.

Zekeheil was also quite flustered by her remark.

"Miss Frenda, do you know what that statement means right now?"

"I do. It's impossible for a workshop magician to ask for teachings from a tower magician!"

"Knowing that, do you still want me to be your master?"

The reason Dolores had no problem teaching Rosaria was because she was a magician of the tower.

However, if Yuria, who would become a mage of the workshop, were to have a mage of the tower as her teacher, there would be affiliation issues later on.

The teacher would not be a problem, but the student would be.

Institutions like Escolleia Magic Academy are mostly neutral in nature. They adhere to the guideline that there should be no discrimination in education.


Yuria nodded her head with a confident expression.

'It's difficult...'

Dolores was planning to reject her request.

However, she was thinking about how to end this in a way that would leave everyone feeling good.

At that moment, Rosaria, who was standing next to her, poked Dolores in the ribs.

When she turned her head, Rosaria's eyes were shining brightly.

"Sister, are you going to study with Yuria?"

"Uh? No, that's..."

"I want to study with Yuria too!"

"You want to study together?"

"Yes! It seems fun! I want to study with a friend!"

Rosaria nodded her head and smiled brightly.

Seeing her expression, Dolores felt like she had been hit.

In her innocent appearance, she suddenly remembered her past self.

'I've always lacked friends of my own age.'

Dolores, who had entered Escolleia early, had studied magic among grown adults.

Naturally, she had never made a single friend her age.

That's why she knew how lonely her childhood had been.

'I don't want Rosaria to be like that.'

Dolores made up her mind and looked up at Zekeheil.

"I am considering accepting Miss Frenenda as my disciple. What does the workshop side think?"

The most important thing was what Yuria's guardian thought.

Zekeheil rubbed his chin with a troubled expression.

It must have been shocking.

It was shocking to see Yuria asking for guidance from a mage of the tower.

He was her father, but he was also an executive of the empire's workshop and her magic teacher.

It was as if his disciple was being taken away by a mage of the tower, so the feeling of betrayal was at its peak.


Yuria looked up at Zekeheil cautiously.

She knew this was a serious matter.

She knew it was different from petty tantrums like the ride being uncomfortable or not liking the garden flowers.

Zekeheil, who had always raised her with affection, carefully looked down at her.

He thought silently.

Then, he crouched down to match Yuria's eye level.



"Do you really want to learn from a tower magician?"

Zekeheil asked with a serious face.

Yuria, who always spoke loudly, nodded cautiously.

"You're smart, so you'll know for sure. You know how big of a deal it is for a workshop magician to ask for guidance from a tower."


"Right... Knowing that and still saying it means you've found someone you truly want to take as a mentor. Your father can fully understand that."

Zekeheil bitterly smiled and hugged Yuria tightly.

"If you say you'll go to the person who can give you the necessary guidance, I won't stop you. If you're happy, I'm always in favor."


"Dad agrees... What about you all?"

"Me? Well, I'm good! It's like sucking up all the knowledge of those tower guys. What's not to like?"

"Uhahaha! That's right! It's like stealing the knowledge of the youngest genius magician of the tower! Isn't it like hitting the jackpot?"

When the other chief magicians laughed and moved on, Zekeheil also laughed heartily.

Knowing that it was a joke thrown to lighten the mood, Dolores and Reed laughed along.

Dolores also crouched down to match Yuria's eye level and said.

"Although I said I would be your mentor, I only have one day on the weekend. Rosaria also only studies during that time, so you probably won't be able to gain as much as you think, Miss Yuria."

"It's okay! I'll study hard if you teach me!"

Yuria was overflowing with enthusiasm.

There is no teacher who dislikes a passionate disciple.

Dolores smiled and offered her a polite greeting.

"Then, Miss Frenda, I look forward to working with you."

"You can call me Yuria. I look forward to working with you, Master!"

They finished the formal greetings between disciple and teacher.

Zekeheil watched Yuria.

As a father, not a workshop magician or her teacher, he looked at Yuria with a satisfied smile.

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