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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 71 Part 2

Everyone thought the match would be delayed unless new weapons were provided.

But the Orc warrior didn't think so.

There was one thing left.

The Orc warrior caught his breath and looked down at Rhinotodus' horn.

Then, he firmly grasped the horn with both hands.

His huge muscles twitched, and Rhinotodus let out a faint groan.

The entire audience was appalled by his actions.

Morgan II, who had been watching quietly, was no exception.

"Is he really going to pull that out with his bare hands?"

Rhinotodus' horn was the hardest part of its body.

Although it had taken a lot of damage from the axe, it was impossible for one person to break it.

"He'll pull it out."

But for the Orc warrior, Larksper, nothing was impossible.


Rhinotodus' threatening horn broke off.


With his battle cry shaking the heavens, he stabbed the broken horn directly into Rhinotodus' head.


The sharp horn pierced through the skull and embedded itself deeply.

Rhinotodus, which had been struggling, collapsed.

There was no doubt that it was the Orc warrior's victory.

The audience, who had been holding their breath, exploded with excitement.

The final match succeeded in igniting a fire in everyone's hearts, as hot as the opening ceremony.

The young king, Morgan II, was no exception.

He was fully absorbed in the match, his hands sweating, as if he had met the hero of a fairy tale.

The Orc warrior's victory sprouted a seed of joy in his heart.

"Your Majesty."

As Morgan II turned to Reed, he gestured to the crystal ball.

Understanding what he meant, Morgan II spoke into the activated crystal ball.

"The match is over, Your Highness."

There was no response from the crystal ball.

However, both Morgan II and Reed could guess what William was going through.

A delightful smile formed on their lips.

* * *

All the matches had ended.

The audience that had come to watch dispersed, and the coliseum was completely empty.

Even the cleaning workers were not around, leaving only William and five escort knights inside.

William's expression was twisted in displeasure.

The overall bet was 6 wins out of 8 matches.

However, those two losses resulted in him losing all the UP he had won and owing a debt several times greater.

'It's a clear defeat for me.'

He couldn't console himself with the fact that he had won 6 matches.

He was boiling with rage.

He had caused a scene before coming down, but he couldn't calm his anger.

He had been defeated.

As Gorgon said, he fell into Morgan II's trap and ultimately lost everything.

How could he vent this anger?

He waited, biting his lip.

Soon after, he saw someone walking towards them in the distance.

One side was Morgan II, and the other was Phoebe, the deputy of the Silence Tower.

He wasn't interested in where the owner of Silence Tower was.

He just didn't like the sight of Morgan II walking up with a confident expression.

Gorgon, who had keen eyes, sensed a change when he saw Morgan II.

'The trembling I felt at our first meeting is completely gone.'

His spirit had grown remarkably fast during the few hours the gladiator matches were going on.

William spoke to Morgan II.

"So this was your plan? Truly cunning, King Hupper."

"Thank you. I was just playing by the rules that Your Highness set."

Morgan II smiled politely, knowing that insults from the other side were the highest form of praise.

"Today, I finally learned of Your Highness' noble virtues. By not sparing support funds for Hupper Kingdom, the people will respect the Empire even more."

"I'm glad. It means that the ignorant ones who underestimate the Empire have been enlightened."

"Hehe, so what will you do with the 870,000 UP?"

"I'll send it right away."

The money wasn't the problem.

He could send it with a smile, as it was an amount that didn't matter.

"It seems you're very angry, Your Highness?"

"What anger, King Hupper?"

"Your face is bright red. Ah, it could be because it's too hot. It would be best to leave quickly."

"Haha! Maybe it's heat stroke. But even if I leave, shouldn't I catch a scoundrel?"

A scoundrel?

As Morgan II questioned, the iron bars opened quickly.

The Orc warrior, who had been captured inside, was surrounded by guards' spears as he walked towards them.

It was the warrior who had been the final match in the 8th round.

"Is it him?"


"Alright, leave him alone and get out of here."

William roughly chased away the guards.

Their private conversation resumed, and William looked down at the Orc warrior and asked.

"What's your name?"


Larksper didn't answer and just stared up at William.

William's face, looking down at him, didn't hide his disgust.

"Ah, did I expect too much from an Orc? I thought at least we could communicate. I guess I expected too much. Then you wouldn't understand this either, you filthy son of a bitch?"


"How dare you, a filthy, smelly Orc like you, inflict defeat on the Empire's prince?"

The Orc warrior quietly stared up at William.

His expression was cold.

To the point where the furious William looked like a fool.

"Ha, right. So you're going to stare at me like that?"

William snapped his fingers behind him.

One of the knights who had been waiting put his hand on the hilt of his sword and stepped forward.

He was ready to execute the Orc warrior as soon as the order was given.


It was then.

A man's heavy voice echoed through the coliseum.

The knight stepped back, and William turned his head.

There, a man with silver hair was walking with dignity. 

"What's the matter, Silence Tower Master?"

William tried to suppress his anger as much as possible and asked politely.

"I'm sorry to trouble you, Your Highness, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't touch my warrior."

"I don't understand what you're talking about?"

"That Orc warrior has become my property as of today. I just spoke with the arena manager on my way here."

Reed showed him the rolled-up document.

It was a certificate of transferring the ownership of the Orc warrior.

"If anyone touches even a single hair of my Orc warrior, they will pay the appropriate price."

Upon hearing the warning, William looked up at Reed with a disgruntled expression.

Reed did not avoid his gaze.

Rather than backing down against the third prince of the empire, he confronted him with an even fiercer expression.

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