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Dream Breaker - Chapter 1 Part 1


I wasn't a bad adult from the beginning. I wasn't a bad child, either.
I, too, had a childhood full of dreams and hopes.
"Oh! Moon-soo, the patient's guardian is waiting for you anxiously."
"I didn't want to come to this hospital..."
"Ahem! Is that something you should say in front of the hospital director who gave you the job?"
"You were really nice when you were carrying a school bag."
"I was naive back then."
My character and life began to get twisted from that point on.
* * *
"Moon-soo, I'm sorry."
"It's okay."
"Still, I'm sorry for not being a good parent."
I couldn't find the words to respond to my father's sincere apology as he lay weakly in the ICU of a university hospital.
Where did it all go wrong?
It's a pointless question.
"The doctor said that your blood alcohol level was very high at the time of the accident."
It wasn't drunk driving. We had already sold the car that held our beautiful memories in the used car market.
"It was hard."
It was so hard that he would drink alcohol as soon as he woke up in the morning.
I couldn't scold my parent for making excuses, so I just listened quietly.
It was true that it was hard.
"If I hadn't been so stubborn..."
"You didn't know this would happen."
My father had tried to change his life but failed miserably, to the point where his body and mind were broken.
"I wanted to earn a lot of money and become rich."
"You did."
My father, who was never satisfied with his low-paying job, had always been interested in stocks and real estate.
This is the result.
"I was arrogant."
"It's not your fault, Father. The people who encouraged you by only showing successful cases are the problem."
I wanted to say something, even if it wasn't comforting.
"I thought I was different."
"It started off well."
I could still remember my father's confident face when he believed he would become rich soon. It wasn't that long ago.
"But I couldn't beat my innate talent. I couldn't even compete, I was just played on their palms."
Looking at my father lamenting as if he was passing on some great experience, I felt my insides boiling.
'Do you have to experience it yourself?'
The world is not so easy that an ordinary person can surpass a genius with effort.
Not all geniuses are as arrogant and lazy as the rabbit in Aesop's Fable 'The Tortoise and the Hare'.
Ironically, real rabbits are too busy competing with other rabbits to care about tortoises.
"I wanted to be a great husband and father."
"I know."
"So, I tried."
"I know that, too."
But there were many people better than my father, so he failed.
That's all.
"I am-"
"Stop it."
"I said stop! My head is about to explode because of you, too! I don't even have the money to buy textbooks, and I don't know how to pay for the hospital bills that are on a different scale!"
My patience finally exploded, and my voice raised.
What money would an ordinary high school student have?
It's driving me crazy.
"Don't worry about that."
"How can I not worry? I don't even have the money for today's hospitalization."
"I won't be here for long. I know my body well."
As soon as I heard the news that my father was taken away in an ambulance, I rushed to the hospital, leaving an important class behind.
But the cause was...
Alcohol is the enemy.
"Don't live like me. Don't ignore the results of the aptitude test."
My father's serious advice wasn't helpful at all.
Living according to one's aptitude.
To put it more simply, live by doing what you're good at.
It's common sense that everyone knows.
"I'm sorry."
"Rest. I'll come right after my part-time job is over."
"Don't come."
"I'll decide that. I'll take care of your surgery and hospital expenses."
"...I'm sorry."
I didn't know it at the time. That this would be our last conversation.
* * *
Everyone must have had a dream when they were young, a fancy job they wanted to do when they entered society.
So did my friends.
"Please! I wish I could become an astronaut."
"Huh? If you become an astronaut, I'll have more than enough to become the president."
"Why are you arguing from the morning? It's what I want to do."
"Sure. Dreams are free. Ah! There's someone who doesn't have a dream."
"Sigh. Life is so unfair."
Their gazes naturally gathered on me as they were having a heated discussion on a trivial topic.
"Why? Is there something on my face?"
"You think you're great."
"I know."
It's not common for someone my age to hold their parents' funeral and live on their own.
I even want to praise myself for not relying on relatives.
My confident attitude left my classmates speechless.
And a few seconds later,
"The one who has it all wants more!"
"Ugh! Kang Moon-soo, step aside!"
"Do you want to live well alone? Spit!"
They jeered.
"I can't complain now after having fun. Where's your conscience?"
Although I didn't have time to play because of my part-time job, I achieved meaningful results for whatever reason.
Math, science, social studies, music, physical education...
I maintained high grades in almost every subject.
And today, with the last high school vacation ceremony just two weeks away, the results of that effort are revealed.
And it's not just me.
"Ugh... I'm nervous."
"You too? Me too!"
"I hope it turns out well."
"I'm so nervous..."
All the students in the classroom were waiting with tense faces like before receiving their exam report cards. No, it was much easier back then.
"She's here!"
"Everyone, sit down!"


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