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The Founder Of The Great Financial Family - Chapter 38 Part 2

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"What are you talking about?"

"No... it's nothing much. I've just been thinking for a long time that it would be nice to become a knight."

At that, Joshua reacted before Rockefeller.

"Andrew, what do you mean? A knight? You wanted to become a knight?"

"I've just been thinking about it for a long time. It seems like it would be nice to become a knight..."

Why was he suddenly bringing up such a topic?

Rockefeller, who had tried to lead his younger siblings down the path of money like himself, couldn't help but be a little flustered.

'I knew Leo had a lot of interest in the church, but I didn't know Andrew would be like that too.'

But not everyone could be the same.

In the end, even if money was the best, he couldn't force his siblings to think the same way.

Rockefeller, who had been quiet for a moment, soon began to speak after finishing his thoughts.

"Alright. But if you think there's no chance, it's best to give up that path quickly."

Using the Tepez swordsmanship family as an example, they were monsters who could easily defeat giant monsters single-handedly at Andrew's age.

It was a realm of talent that could not be caught up to with just effort, and that was why Rockefeller wanted to dissuade Andrew.

Because he already knew about the endless frustration he would face at the end, no matter how he went about it.

"You can't ignore the talent a person has. Especially in this world. But I won't stop you if you want to. If necessary, I can cover the tuition for the military academy."

Andrew's face brightened even more at Rockefeller's unexpected permission.

"Really? I was just saying... but can I really go to the military academy?"

Joshua also shared the same thoughts as Rockefeller.

He knew that his second older brother loved to play war games and sword fights with his friends, but he was worried that he might end up like their father, who had given up on becoming a magician.

"But Andrew, what if you end up like our father, not becoming a magician and just wasting money before coming back?"

"What are you talking about! You need talent to be a magician, but a knight doesn't require that much!"

It's true that the world favors knights who can use magic more.

However, in the developed empire of alchemy, there was also a special force of dragon knights who used guns with dragon-shaped plates, so it wasn't like there was no path if they couldn't use magic.

"There's something called a dragon knight. A knight who shoots a gun called a dragon."

"A Dragon?"

"No, the gun's name is Dragon. Not a real dragon."

"Oh, really?"

"So even if I don't have the talent, I can become a dragon knight who shoots dragons."

"But isn't the knight who uses magic the best?"

"Well... that's true. But being a dragon knight isn't bad either."

Rockefeller, who had been listening, stepped in.

"Actually, it might not be a bad idea for Andrew to attend the military academy. You could make some good connections there. Of course, I won't stop you if you want to become a dragon knight there. If that's the path you want and the dream you want to achieve, I'll naturally support you."

"Thank you, Rockefeller! You're really the best!"

"Our family is different now. If we have dreams here, we can pursue them. But if we don't have those dreams, we can just follow my path. The path I'm taking isn't bad either."

Joshua, who had been listening, chimed in.

"I want to make money like Rockefeller Hyung! I'm not interested in things like knights or priests."

"That's good, Joshua. I'm glad that you're willing to follow me."

"But I'm going to be a goldsmith! I've decided to become a goldsmith so that hyung won't have to keep working under Mr. Carter!"

"I also want to be a goldsmith. That way, we can open a bank with our family name."

"Wow, so I'm going to be a goldsmith with Rockefeller hyung?"

"Joshua, you can learn about gold coin engraving from Mr. Carter, just like me. It takes quite a while to learn this, too."

"Wow, that's exciting!"

Feeling left out, Andrew quietly inserted himself between the two.

"But what about me? If I go to the military academy and really think I have no talent, I'll come back here and work under Rockefeller to make money. If there's really no possibility, that's the right thing to do."

"Andrew, if that's the case, don't go in the first place, okay? I don't want you to go to the military academy. It'll be boring."

"But I still want to go to the military academy. It's just... like a dream."

Rockefeller, nodding his head as if understanding, wrapped it up.

"If you each have something you want to do, then you can do anything. Just come back under me if you think it won't work out. I've already set my path."



With that, the conversation about Andrew was over, and Rockefeller changed the topic.

"So, are you looking for other ways to make money?"

The loudest voice here was none other than Joshua.

"Yeah! Rockefeller hyung, is there any good work? We want to make big money like you, too. Not just the work we're doing now."

A good business idea.

Of course, there was one.

War always brought wealth.

"Actually, I have one idea in mind."

"Really? What is it?"

"But this is something that you two are too young to do, and I'll probably have to move with you."

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