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Chapter 41 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Among the various dioceses belonging to the empire, those without a bishop or archbishop were often relatively small in scale or alienated from the church.

The reason for being alienated was obvious.

There was no gain in paying attention to them.

The Montefeltro territory, located on the outskirts of the empire, was also one of the regions heavily alienated by the church, and for that reason, the highest authority in the diocese had to be held by a priest-in-charge rather than a bishop.

"We cannot accept him. Just send him back."

When Lucian, the youngest priest, went to see the priest-in-charge, Peter, to recommend a new priest, Peter immediately expressed his refusal without giving it a thought.

Surprised, Lucian protested.

"You cannot accept him? Father, wasn't it said that anyone could become a priest? Are you saying that God is rejecting this child?"

Flustered, Lucian asked as he lifted his shoes, and the priest-in-charge Peter, who had been quietly sitting at his desk doing his work, raised his head and looked straight at Lucian.

As Lucian, with a flustered expression, brought up God in his question, Bishop Peter, who had been quietly working at his desk, raised his head and looked straight at Lucian.

"Our merciful God does not reject anyone. It is I who reject that child. So this matter has nothing to do with the God you seek."

"Why do you reject that child? Weren't you simply accepting others before?"

"You were the last one."

Bishop Peter said with a troubled expression.

"It's difficult now. We've taken in too many priests for such a small diocese. The territory's situation isn't good either, and the diocese's situation isn't good either. So you should also consider these points."

Still, Lucian persisted, so Bishop Peter relayed this message.

"Saint John is always merciful. We may not be able to embrace that young lamb in this diocese, but who knows in other places? Try recommending another diocese."

To go to another diocese, one would have to travel quite a distance.

Lucian, who thought that if they could not accept the child in this diocese, the situation would be similar in other dioceses with similar circumstances, tried to persuade them once more.

"If not here, there is no place that can embrace that child. Can't you reconsider your thoughts just once?"

The last priest to be accepted was Lucian, standing right in front of him.

Bishop Peter, who knew that it was difficult, bowed his head from the beginning.

"It's difficult. It's a pity, but you have to talk well and send him back."

With that, the bishop stopped mentioning the matter.

With no choice but to turn away due to the bishop's stubbornness, Lucian went to Leo, who was waiting with his older brother in the chapel.

Lucian greeted the older brother, called Rockefeller, lightly and then knelt down on one knee to be at eye level with Leo.

"Leo, I'm really sorry."

"Huh? Why? What's going on?"


Rockefeller, who had been watching, called out to Lucian, who was apologizing to his younger brother.

"Father, what's going on?"

Thinking it would be better to talk to the older brother, Rockefeller, Lucian got up and faced him.

They appeared to be of the same age since they had similar physiques.

However, Lucian, who was not conscious of this, spoke.

"There seems to be no way because the bishop is too stubborn."

"Is there a specific reason for rejecting my brother?"

Lucian glanced at a few priests sweeping the inside of the chapel and continued.

"There are too many priests in such a small diocese. God is always merciful, but the bishop seems to have considered the diocese's poor situation more."

Financial problems.

It sounded like they couldn't accept Leo because of it.

"Was there such a problem?"

"I've heard that other dioceses run small businesses to supplement their inadequate finances, but our diocese is barely operating with only the small offerings of the believers."

Lucian couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"Ah... I must have been the last one. They said it's difficult anymore. If the merciful God had helped a little, there would have been no problem."

Upon hearing that he could not become a priest, Leo, who was nearby, began to tear up.

Then, Rockefeller, who had been watching, stroked Leo's head and spoke to Lucian.

"If my brother cannot be accepted due to financial problems, I would like to make a good proposal. Is there any chance to meet with the bishop separately?"

At this, Lucian expressed strong doubt.

"A good proposal?"

"Yes, I think the bishop will like it too. Please arrange a separate seat."

After a moment of hesitation, Lucian decided to arrange a meeting with the bishop at Rockefeller's request, thinking that anything could happen.

So, a few minutes later.

The bishop, who had been suffering from the diocese's financial problems, brightened at the unexpected news.

"A good proposal for our diocese?"

"Yes, they said it was a good proposal. I think it might be a business-related story."


It might be a funny story that God's little lambs were doing business, but already in other dioceses, they were running small businesses like vineyards or wineries due to lack of finances.

So, the bishop, who had no aversion to business proposals, decided to meet the person Lucian was talking about.

"Let them in. We should listen if it's a good story."

He allowed the meeting like that.

However, the one who came was as young and green as Lucian.

'What, he's a kid, isn't he?'

"Come in... They say there's a good business proposal. Are you here to play a prank?"

The bishop frowned and shook his head.

"If it's a prank, then forget it. I'm not in a position to listen, so just go back."

At the bishop's words, Rockefeller smiled and began to speak.

"Who would dare to joke in a place where God is? Although I am young, I am working as an assistant at a bank."

When he said he was working as an assistant at a bank, the bishop quickly changed his expression.

'He's working as an assistant at a bank?'

The only bank here was Carter Bank, run by the goldsmith called Carter.

"Ah, so you're the kid who recently became an assistant? I've heard a lot about you from Carter."

The bishop's favorite person in this territory was Carter.

Carter was the one who donated the most to the church among the goldsmiths.

"Yes, I am his assistant. My name is Rockefeller Rothsmedici."

"Rothsmedici! Oh, I see. I didn't recognize you. I knew Rothsmedici. Your grandfather was an excellent doctor. Please, have a seat here."

Seeing his attitude change in an instant, Rockefeller couldn't help but laugh inside.

'It seems he's really desperate.'

"Alright, then I'll sit down comfortably."

And so, the conversation between the bishop, Lucian, and Rockefeller began, discussing the financial problems of the diocese and the potential business proposal that could help alleviate the situation, ultimately leading to the acceptance of Leo as a priest.

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