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Chapter 43 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Monopolizing Goods #2(4)

As Rockefeller showed a faint smile, the priest also naturally followed with a smile, and the two looked at each other with pleasant expressions for a while.

The priest asked,

"But I have one question. Why do you want to do this with us specifically? If it's just a joint venture, there are many others you could work with. It could be with the lord of this territory, or with other people."

Although they could legally avoid taxes imposed in the territory, and it was a good deed for his younger brother Leo, the answer had already been decided.

'I would like to be honest, but this is better than saying that.'

"It's my intention and consideration to repay the grace of Saint John and the church. I can't just do this good deed with anyone. Wouldn't it be better to do it together if it benefits both the church and our family?"

The priest seemed satisfied with the answer, showing a content smile.

"Excellent. You will grow up to be a great person like your grandfather."

"Thank you for your kind words."

Still, there was one aspect that needed to be clarified.

That was the distribution of profits from the business.

The priest brought up this matter first without waiting for Rockefeller to mention it.

"So, how do you plan to divide the profits from this? You wouldn't donate everything to the church just for our benefit, like your assistant in the bank."

Rockefeller replied as if he had been waiting for the question.

"I suggest that we split the profits in half, excluding the initial capital."

From the church's perspective, it was a business with no loss.

There was no initial investment, and just by participating, they would take half of the profits.

The priest responded with a satisfied smile.

"Saint John told us to divide even a piece of bread with a knife. I understand. It's fair to split the profits from this matter in half. That would be fair."

"Although I'd like to give more, that's my intention."

Rockefeller's smile deepened.

"I believe the relationship between this place and our family will not end here. I hope that this will be an opportunity for us to have a better relationship."

The priest began nodding with a satisfied face.

"I have the same thought. If there's a better opportunity than what you proposed today, come and meet with me anytime. The doors of the church are always open for you."

"Thank you for saying that."

After having several more conversations about business matters with the priest, Rockefeller was able to return to Leo, who had been waiting for him in the chapel with a gloomy expression.

"Rockefeller hyung…"

There was no strength in the voice calling out to Rockefeller.

He probably didn't have high expectations.

Father Lucian, who had led Rockefeller back to the chapel, also didn't have a good expression.

He hadn't heard the conversation between the two.

However, both of them couldn't help but be surprised by the following words from Rockefeller.

"The conversation went well. From now on, Leo can live here with the other priests."

At that remark, Leo, who was taken aback, stared at Rockefeller, and Father Lucian also wore a puzzled expression.

"What do you mean? Did the priest change his mind all of a sudden?"

"Yes, we had a good conversation. The priest said there would be no problem accepting Leo as a new priest."


The priest Lucian knew was not someone who would easily bend and change his will.

He was a stubborn person in his own way.

"Well, I made a good business proposal, and in return, he promised to take more care of my brother. That's how I saw it."

"What was the proposal?"

"You can discuss the details with the priest. It's simply a business matter."

"A business? Business… Alright, I will ask Father Peter separately."

Rockefeller continued to speak with a friendly expression as he looked at Father Lucian.

"Father Lucian, I've heard a lot about you from Leo. Please take good care of my brother in the future."

Rockefeller had heard about Father Lucian from Leo during their dinner conversations.

At Rockefeller's words, Father Lucian blinked his eyes and then bowed his head slightly in a believer-like manner.

"Yes, I will do my best to guide him so that Leo can become an excellent believer."

"Please feel free to visit the Carter Bank if you need any help. I'll always be there."

"I'll keep that in mind."

* * *

Andrew and Joshua, who had almost swept up the barley and hops, the ingredients for beer, in the market, began to visit barley tenant farmers to get more barley and hops.

"Excuse me, sir, do you have any barley or hops here? We're trying to buy some."

"The church members came this morning, and now you guys?"

"Oh, the church uncles have already come and gone?"

"Yeah, they've already taken everything. They bought it all."

"Oh, really? Hey, Joshua. This place has already been raided."

"Really? Andrew, let's go somewhere else. The church uncles couldn't have taken everything."

"Alright, let's do that."

As the two children who had approached them out of the blue chatted and left, the tenant farmer looked at the departing brothers with a slightly puzzled expression.

'Why are they looking for barley? Are they trying to make beer or something?'

Beer in this situation?

His head shook involuntarily.

If they had hoarded food instead, he would have understood.

If a major war broke out near the territory and they had to evacuate during an emergency, the stored food would be of some help.

'Barley can be eaten too.'

Is that why they're buying barley like that?

Then why hops?

'Considering the way they're buying, it must be related to beer… I don't know why.'

The tenant farmer, who was only looking ahead in the territory, had no way of knowing the intentions of the two brothers and the church members.

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