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Chapter 45 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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It was natural for the lord to be suspicious, as the bank was regarded as an eyesore by the church.

"No, what business does a bank assistant have with the church?"

At the question, Rockefeller bowed his head again politely.

"By nature, those who are despised by God must show more loyalty and sincerity to the church. I don't avoid the church like Uncle Carter does."

At that, the lord chuckled.

"Do you think people like you who engage in usury can avoid hell just by doing so?"

To that question, Rockefeller quietly brushed it off without any change in expression.

"That's why I'm trying harder. Isn't God merciful?"


From the lord's perspective, Rockefeller's answer was almost laughable.

Would the church really pray for them, who are considered thorns in their side, just because they donated money?

'Of course, if they donate a lot of money, I don't know. But they really have to give a lot. Really a tremendous amount.'

"So, did you come here for something related to the donation? Then the timing is bad. You'll have to go back."

The lord glanced at the officials seated nearby and continued speaking.

"There's an important conversation going on inside right now. Even if you came because of the donation, now is not the time, so it would be better to come back next time."

At that, Rockefeller opened his mouth politely again.

"Actually, I came in a hurry because of the matter inside."

"You came because of the matter inside?"

The lord naturally furrowed his brow.

There was a strong doubt and suspicion in his voice.

"What for?"

"A few months ago, Father Peter urgently needed funds for a business run by the church, so he borrowed a lot of money from me. It seems that the results of that matter are about to come out today, so he called me urgently."

"What? You lent money here?"


"What money do you have?"

It felt like just the day before that he had lent money to Rockefeller, who had no money for a funeral. Now, Rockefeller was lending money to the church.

So, it was only natural for the lord to have doubts.

"Did you make that much money working at the bank?"

"Yes, that's what all the work at the bank is like."

"It's amazing. I didn't know you'd be so capable even though you've only been working as an assistant at the bank."

"Just the interest I receive from you every month has greatly improved our bank's financial situation."

At that, the lord frowned.

"Hmph, I wonder how much money you're taking from me. Still, it's a bit surprising. Just a few months ago, you were a young boy who became head of the family. Your luck turned around. After getting a job at the bank, your fortunes have been very successful."

"Thank you. However, I always try to live frugally. Riding a donkey is also part of that intention."

The lord, who seemed somewhat displeased, asked the question he had wanted to ask earlier.

"So, you're saying you lent money to this church?"

"Yes, that's correct. I lent all the money I had, the money I didn't have, and even the money I borrowed from the bank itself to this church."

The lord still wore a puzzled expression.

"That's strange. The church borrowed money from a bank owner? From the church, of all places?"

"Yes, of course, I lent it without interest."

"Without interest?"

"Yes, I couldn't dare charge interest to the church, so I temporarily lent it in the form of a donation."

At that, the lord wore a very perplexed expression.

"Why don't you charge interest to the church, but charge interest to me?"

To the lord's dissatisfaction, Rockefeller answered politely.

"It's a great sin to play with interest against God. However, even His Majesty the Emperor pays interest. That's the meaning, so I hope you won't be too upset."

Of course, the lord's expression couldn't be good.

He lent money to the church for free, but he was mercilessly charging interest to himself.

'I shouldn't have dealt with such people in the first place.'

But what could he do?

If he hadn't borrowed money from the bank, the territory itself would have been defenseless, and he might have allowed the invasion of dwarves or orcs.

'If it wasn't for that money.'

Perhaps it was because of the bank that the territory could be safely protected, and the lord himself could maintain his position.

In any case, the lord, hiding his uncomfortable feelings, allowed Rockefeller to enter.

"Go ahead. But don't interfere with the matter inside. If something goes wrong there, you'll be in trouble too."

Of course, the same was true for the lord himself.

Anyway, when the lord opened the way, Rockefeller bowed his head once more, showing respect to the lord while holding the reins of his donkey.

Then he headed straight into the church.

As the lord watched Rockefeller leave, still wearing a bitter expression, Overseer Siron Mark approached and spoke to him.

"Come to think of it, I saw those kids from that family helping the church."

"You saw the Rothsmedici siblings helping the church?"


"Why didn't you report it to me?"

At that question, the Overseer was not without an answer.

"I didn't know they had that kind of relationship. I just saw the two young brothers of the Rothsmedici family pulling a donkey cart and helping the church, so I asked why they were helping. They just said they were helping the church, so I didn't suspect anything."

The Overseer continued speaking.

"It's not strange for them to voluntarily help the church, is it? It's also what the church wants from time to time."

Upon hearing the Overseer's excuse, the lord had no choice but to accept it.

He himself had helped the church several times without any compensation.

It was something that had to be done to be well-regarded by the church or to go to heaven after death.

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