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Chapter 47 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Monopolizing Goods #3(4)

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Upon hearing about the exchange fee, the expressions of the dwarves who came as an envoy instantly hardened.

"Are we supposed to exchange here?"

The gold coins most commonly used in transactions between different factions were undoubtedly Ducats.

As Carter had previously explained, the problem with the Empire's Dalant was its purity of gold content, and in the case of the dwarves, there were political issues. Though Goblin Ducats were used more frequently because they had fewer such issues, the dwarves were left bewildered by Rockefeller's insistence on using the Empire's Dalant.

"Yes, you need to exchange in order to buy beer here."

"What nonsense! We're supposed to buy beer here with Empire coins whose gold content is even questionable."

Orin thought Rockefeller wasn't in his right mind.

Anyone with common sense would know that their own Sovereigns were better than the Empire's Dalant.

"Do you even know what you're saying, claiming our Sovereigns are better?"

"I have to repeat the same explanation again. I acknowledge that the quality of Sovereigns is superior. However, this is the Empire. Dwarf gold coins don't circulate here."

It was a lie to say that only the Empire's Dalant, the imperial gold coin, was accepted because it was the Empire.

In fact, both Sovereigns and Ducats were equally welcomed within the Empire because the Empire's citizens preferred gold coins with higher purity from other factions over their own gold coins mixed with copper.

"That doesn't seem right. As far as I know, even within the Empire, our Sovereigns are more preferred."

Orin refuted the statement.

"Of course, since it's not the currency used here, there will naturally be costs to reprocess it into Dalant. But even considering that, the gold content of the Sovereign is so much higher that it's ultimately advantageous for you guys. And you're still rejecting our Sovereigns?"

Rockefeller's attitude remained unchanged.

"Is it always better to have a higher gold content in Sovereigns? I admit it. When did I not? But as I said earlier, the beer here can only be traded in Dalant. I won't accept the argument that the value of Sovereigns is better, so there's no need to exchange them for Dalant."

"You've been talking nonsense, and now you're showing off."

Rockefeller smirked at that remark.

"You'll need Dalant eventually, no matter what you say to me. We only accept Dalant, after all."

Orin furrowed his brow, and the other dwarves who accompanied him didn't look too pleased either.

A moment later, the dwarves exploded.

"Do you think there's nowhere else to trade but here? The world is full of beer!"

"Yeah! Let's just go! Don't waste time arguing here!"

"Where did you learn to be so arrogant! You young human!"

"Get up now! Let's go find another place!"

However, not a single dwarf fully stood up from their seat.

In their hands were half-finished glasses of beer, their eyes scanned their fellow companions, and their butts were only a few inches away from the chairs.


"Why isn't anyone getting up?"

"Let's go......"

"Yeah, let's go."

"I know. But why......"

They needed beer, and there was a lot of beer here.

They didn't have to insist on beer from here and could have sourced beer from elsewhere, but the location of this place was just too good.

It was close enough to their camp, allowing for a quick beer supply.

"Why are you all like that? If you don't like it, just leave."

Rockefeller knew it all too well.

Rockefeller knew well the fact that beer was an absolute necessity for the Dwarves that they couldn't give up.

"Why is that? You guys came here to spend money, so you should spend it."

"Go ahead. I won't stop you."

Stunned by Rockefeller's provocative words, the Dwarven delegation was momentarily speechless.

They couldn't say it out loud, but they didn't want to give up this opportunity easily.

Look outside.

The vast fields of barley and hops.

And the decent-sized brewery and the workers to operate it.

Would there be another facility like this nearby?



The Dwarves sat down one after another, coughing and whispering amongst themselves.

"There isn't another facility like this nearby."

"Right? That's exactly what I was thinking."

"It won't be easy to find it elsewhere. There wasn't even a lord here, right? Would it be any different somewhere else?"

"Let's just pay a little more and be done with it. No big deal."

"If it's not totally outrageous, let's just pay a bit more and not bother moving. Let's just settle it here."

Their initial goal was to relieve their necks with the gold they brought.

Depending on the situation, Orin, who thought that the other party could bluff against them, finally opened his mouth after much consideration.

"I don't like it much, but if you insist on using Dalant, we'll have to exchange it. But how much commission do you plan to charge?"

Rockefeller responded as if he had been waiting for it.

"The exchange rate is 10 to 7. Here, 10 Sovereigns and 7 Dalant. To put it simply, you need to have 10 Sovereigns to get 7 Dalant."

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