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Chapter 49 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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War Makes Someone Fat (1)

A full-scale war between two forces broke out outside Montefeltro territory.

Ironically, the place that benefited the most from the Totem War was neither the owner of the Thunder Mountain Range nor the Redskin orcs who waged war with them.

Then who was it?

It was the church located within Montefeltro territory and the Rothsmedici, a commoner family who secretly supported the church.

"It's the grace of God."

Father Peter looked around the vast barley and hop fields with a satisfied smile today.

In every place he looked, there were new young priests who had recently joined, working hard for the revival of the church.

Unknowingly, the church was gradually growing.

This was undoubtedly a good thing.

"Who would have thought that such a day would come?"

A day without financial troubles would come.

"All this must be thanks to St. John and the young master of the Rosmedici family. I should be grateful."

At that moment, Father Peter recalled Rockefeller, the assistant who brought unexpected fortune to him and the church.

Without that boy, such happiness would never have been possible.

"He's a very mature child for his age. I would believe it even if he said he was a grown adult."

Although his too-adult-like appearance was sometimes out of place, Father Peter thought of it this way.

"Since he became the head of the household at a young age, it's only natural for him to have such a mature appearance. He just grew up early."

As Father Peter strolled through the fields outside the church, he saw a familiar young priest in the distance and smiled again.

"There he is."

Father Peter had a liking for Leo, who resembled Rockefeller, but Leo's diligent and kind nature was also one of the reasons why Father Peter liked him.

"Leo, you're here."

When Father Peter called out to him, Leo, who was cultivating barley and hops with other priests, responded to his call.

"Hello, Father."

"Well, there are many people to work, so take it easy. Aren't there enough people around you to work?"

Then Leo, conscious of the surrounding priests, waved his hand first.

"No, no, I'm fine."

"No, it's better for you to do something helpful if you're not going to be here for the rest of your life."

"I'm really fine."

Father Peter narrowed his eyes and thought.

He still hadn't forgotten the words Rockefeller left behind as if asking for a favor.

"Do you want to raise Leo as a believer?"


Rockefeller, who answered briefly, told Father Peter about his wishes at the meeting where they met alone.

"I want Leo to grow greatly as a believer. Even if Leo can't walk the same path as us."

"To grow greatly as a believer..."

Father Peter, who had been a believer all his life, had only been able to take the position of the owner of a small diocese in the remote area.

The title was Father.

Above him was the position of bishop overseeing the surrounding dioceses, but becoming a bishop was not a position anyone could sit in.

It was important where the family came from, and even within the church, one had to establish a certain position to be able to take the position of bishop.

"And you need connections with the Vatican."

So, bearing this in mind, Father Peter cautiously began to speak.

"To grow greatly as a believer, you have to go to the Vatican eventually. But not just anyone can go to the Vatican."

"Well, not just anyone can go."

"There is an order to everything. A priest in such a remote diocese cannot become great. First, you have to move to a larger diocese with a recommendation from here, and then get another recommendation to go to the Vatican. That's the most ideal."

Father Peter's words continued.

"Otherwise, it's impossible for a child from a commoner family to suddenly go to the Vatican."

Rockefeller expressed his gratitude for Father Peter's honest advice.

"Thank you for your words."

"First of all, Leo is still young, so I'll watch him a little more and then try to write a recommendation for the church in Lyon."

Lyon was one of the most well-known cities in the empire, second only to the imperial capital, Hwangdo.

Its official name was Lyon Special Commercial District.

It was a city that had developed greatly in commerce, incomparable to the Montefeltro territory located on the outskirts of the empire, and the diocese in Lyon was in charge of all the churches in the surrounding territories.

When Father Peter said he would recommend Leo to such a place, Rockefeller's face looked somewhat satisfied.

"If you do that, I have nothing more to ask for."

Father Peter also smiled at each other.

"Ha ha, of course, I have to do that much. How much fortune has I and this church received thanks to you? You may not know, but our diocese has received attention from the Church because of this business. It's a very good thing."

Some of the offerings dedicated to the church were flowing into the upper diocese and ultimately gathered in the Vatican.

Therefore, the church had no choice but to pay special attention to the dioceses where many donations were coming up, and when a lot of donations suddenly began to come up from the small diocese on the outskirts, which had nothing to see until just a year ago, they naturally began to pay attention.

The interest of the church soon led to the promotion of the diocese.

No wonder Father Peter's smile never ceased.

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