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Chapter 52 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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War Makes Someone Fat (4)

Who was the person she was talking about, the one he didn't know?

"Who do you mean by 'that person'?"

"Don't you remember? The bank boy we met when we first came here. The one who made us suspicious with the new promissory notes."

Jason quickly recalled the memory.

If it had been someone else, they might not have been able to remember it.

"Oh, you mean the commoner boy?"

"You remember, right? That person. Somehow, I think he knows something."

Even after a year had passed, she still couldn't forget the strong impression he had left on her.

A boy who confidently claimed he could get the money back from the lord despite being a commoner.

"It's just my intuition."

Jason narrowed his eyes and thought about the boy she mentioned.

But he couldn't feel the same way she did.

To him, the boy was just a young assistant working at the bank.

"Although I don't really think so, we need to go to the bank for the gold exchange anyway. Let's go to the bank first, Miss."

After finishing their conversation, the two headed to the bank for the first time in a long time.

It had been a while since they had visited the bank because there was no business to attend to.

"Welcome back…"

Rockefeller, who was in the store, quickly recognized the two customers.

It was impossible for him not to recognize them.

They were both wizards, and one of them was going to be involved with one of the heroines in the novel later.

'Did they come back from the fortress?'

"It's been about a year since we last saw each other."

Rockefeller quickly thought about why they had come.

'Has the contract period ended?'

When he thought about it, that was the only conclusion he could reach.

There was no money for the lord, who was currently broke, to pay the two wizards.

It would be difficult to even pay the interest.

So, it was obvious how the lord, who had been acting strangely lately, would pay them.

'Fake money' created out of thin air.

He probably paid them with paper promissory notes, backed only by his credit.

And the wizards, who didn't need the promissory notes, would want to come to the bank to exchange them for 'real money.'

'Then the reason they came here is obvious.'

"What brings you here?"

Rockefeller asked, and Jason was the first of the two wizards to respond.

"Bank boy, long time no see."

Despite his rough greeting, Rockefeller bowed to them again in respect.

They were not only wizards but also one of them was a heroine in the novel, so he had to be more respectful.

"I think you told me your name back then. Your name is…"

"Rockefeller Rothsmedici."

Jason couldn't remember his name, but she remembered it very clearly.

She had a good memory, but the strong impression he had left on her at the time also helped her remember his name.

"You remembered my name. Thank you."

Rockefeller bowed his head again in gratitude to her for remembering his name, and Jason coughed awkwardly.

"Ahem! Yes, Rockefeller Rosmedici. We have business at the bank."

Jason wanted to quickly finish the business and leave the bank, as he didn't want to be associated with those who would end up in hell.

He walked up to Rockefeller, who was standing across from him, and showed him the promissory note he had received from the lord.

"I'd like to exchange this for gold coins."

"Does that mean you're leaving? The war isn't over yet, is it?"

At Rockefeller's worried question, Jason replied emotionlessly with a poker face.

"Our agreed-upon time with the lord has ended. We have no reason to stay any longer, so we're leaving now."

"Is that so?"

The presence of the wizards was like a kind of insurance that made the territory safer.

Rockefeller couldn't help but feel a sense of loss at the news of their departure.

"Will there be no problem here even after you leave?"

"That's not for us to know."

He gave a cold answer, befitting the family's hunting dog, but then changed his answer to what the boy wanted to hear.

"However, the territory's defense is so strong that there shouldn't be any problems like you're thinking. So, don't worry too much, boy."

Instead of calling him by his name, he called him "boy," and Rockefeller nodded lightly in response.

'He seems cold, maybe because he comes from the hunting dog background. Well, it doesn't matter. This guy is nothing compared to the real power behind him, that woman.'

In just a year, Nightlord Isabella had grown significantly.

[T/N: Night road -> Nightlord]

The growth mentioned here was physical.

Her mental and magical abilities were not something that could be known in this place.

'She's grown a lot in that time too. It's the prime time for growth at that age.'

Rockefeller, who had glanced at Nightlord, shifted his gaze back to Jason and showed a sharp smile.

"First, let's check the promissory notes you brought. I'm sure there won't be any major problems since you both brought them, but it's still necessary to check."

The process of checking the promissory notes was quickly completed.

They had always received them, and the lord's seal was large enough to catch the eye.

"It's definitely written by the lord."

In the meantime, Jason, feeling annoyed, asked Rockefeller an unnecessary question.

"Will there be any problem exchanging it for gold coins?"

In Jason's view, the local lord relied too much on his power and was too reckless.

Promissory notes were a kind of debt document.

It was a document stating that a certain amount of money would be repaid someday, but the local lord issued it without much thought, which would cause problems eventually.

What worried Jason here was when exactly that problem would occur.

It wouldn't be surprising if problems arose right away, but unfortunately, it seemed that the timing of the problems he was thinking of was not immediate.

"Yes, I'll exchange it for you right away. But are you going to change it all into gold coins?"

'Take a reasonable amount. It's troublesome for you guys too.'

It was quite a lot of gold coins to change all of it.

So Jason decided to exchange only the amount needed for gold coins and change the rest to more reliable 'other promissory notes' that could be easily exchanged in other regions.

"Exchange only part of it for gold coins, and change the rest to other promissory notes that can be used in other regions. I'd prefer other promissory notes guaranteed by the Lyon Guild or the Black Label Union."

Hearing the answer, Rockefeller couldn't help but laugh inside.

"Of course, that's what we'll do. How much gold do you need right now?"

"About 100 dalants."

"Yes, then I'll give you 100 dalants and change the rest of the amount to other promissory notes. Please wait a moment."

As Rockefeller finished speaking and disappeared into the store, Jason, who was left behind, gave Isabella, who was behind him, a quiet glance.

"It seems there are no problems yet."

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