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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 76 Part 2

The mercenary captain was his teacher.

'He must have wanted to become familiar with civilization by practicing communication to some extent in Imorun.'

He wouldn't be uninterested in learning about civilization.

However, it's not a world that is generous to orcs.

"If you want to learn, I'll teach you. Is that okay?"

But Larksper surprisingly shook his head.

"Tower Master, you are kind. However, I have a teacher."

"You have a teacher?"

"Rosaria is my teacher."

"You want to learn from Rosaria?"

Larksper nodded.

"She's just an 8-year-old kid. She couldn't even speak properly a year ago. Do you think you can learn from such a child?"

"Rosaria treats Larksper like a person."

"Is that why you like her?"

"Larksper felt it for the first time. Kal didn't treat me that way."

Even Kal didn't consider him as a person.

Reed thought about his words.

'Would this be a good opportunity for Rosaria?'

It was clear that Larksper had no ill intentions.

Still, the fact that he was an orc made Reed feel uneasy about letting Rosaria get close to him.

He couldn't tell if this was due to his outdated mindset and overprotection, or if it was his sharp intuition.

'Maybe it's the former.'

If prejudice makes him avoid Larksper, then Larksper would also avoid him in the same way.

Reed didn't want that.

"There's a condition if you want to learn."

"What is it?"

"Learn only in places visible to others. A place where both you and my daughter can be seen. There should be a study room with full-length glass windows; you can study there. Even if my daughter wants to go elsewhere, you must stay there. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Larksper understands."

Larksper nodded.

Yes, this is the right thing to do.

Reed could only pray that his choice was correct.

* * *

"Now, Rosaria is your teacher!"


"If you don't know something, you have to ask Rosaria!?"

"Understood, teacher."

Her face looked confident.

Hearing the word "teacher," she looked up at Larksper with a proud expression.

Rosaria and Larksper studied in the open study room.

Since the soundproofing was solid, it was impossible to know what conversations were taking place.

The only certainty was that Rosaria was an enthusiastic but clumsy teacher, and Larksper was focusing on her passionate lectures with the eyes of a warrior.

It was so serious that no one could tell if they were playing house or preparing for an entrance exam.

After five days, an astonishing change took place.

"That orc is starting to read the book?"

"Isn't he just pretending to read?"

"No. Looking at his eyes moving, there are parts he reads once and then reads again. There's no doubt he's actually reading."

"Can he read all the characters in just a week?"

Larksper started reading the book by himself.

Teacher Rosaria watched him with a proud face and read the book together, later starting to doze off.

Then, Larksper silently laid her down and began to study alone.

* * *

Weekend at Silence Tower.

Reed was sitting in his office trying to solve all the tasks he had put off.

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked and cautiously entered.

With her blue hair and neat blue uniform.

It was Dolores, the Tower Master of the Wallin.


"Come in."

"Don't rush me. I'll go slowly."



She approached with a mischievous smile and sat on the opposite side of the desk.

"Funny, right? Funny, right?"

Was it funny?

Was this something to laugh about?

Reed pondered for a moment.

He said to come in, but she said she would go slowly. Is that a funny thing?

On closer thought, it seems a little funny??

While pondering, Dolores' face turned red.

"What's wrong? I thought it was a gag that would make you laugh at your age..."

"......The gag you just made is on par with Rosaria."


Dolores narrowed her eyes sharply.

Reed shrugged and enjoyed her reaction.

"Rosaria told me about the orc today. Larksper, right? She bragged about teaching him characters."

"Yeah, she taught him characters."

"Aren't you worried? Even though they are orcs."

"I was worried at first, but Larksper seemed to have no ill intentions, so I left them alone."

Hearing that, Dolores stared at Reed.

"Are you close enough to call him by name?"

"If you have a problem, I can call you Dolly."

"Ugh... I hate that nickname..."

She sent a stop gesture by waving her palm in the air.

"As a Tower Mage, I'm a bit worried about having an orc around. Besides, she's my only disciple."

"Now you have two, don't you?"

"Oh, right... If I say this, Yuria will scold me again..."

Dolores looked around to make sure Yuria wasn't nearby.

It meant that Yuria's personality was quite strong.

She also became a disciple and started coming to the Silence Tower every weekend to match the time when Dolores came.

Reed wasn't too concerned about any security issues.

Yuria had stronger self-control than Rosaria and behaved like a lady.

"How's Yuria?"

"Her rivalry is too strong. One side is burning with passion, while the other side has a happy-go-lucky atmosphere. Should I say?"

"Polar opposites."

"Totally polar opposites. The lessons themselves are fine, but I still think they might fight someday..."

"It's a rule that fights only happen between similar people, so there shouldn't be any issues."

"You've changed completely from the past. Totally like an old man."

"Is that strange?"

"It's not strange, but..."

'That's good too...'

She couldn't say those words, so she just twisted her body.

Dolores nodded her head and quickly turned her gaze away.

Reed knew from her behavior.

"There's something else you want to say?"

"......I heard you stayed overnight in Imorun with your secretary."


"What did you do... there?"

Dolores asked cautiously. She looked up at him with eyes like a kitten's.

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