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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 77 Part 2

The capital of Hupper Kingdom, Cohen Castle.

The regent Adonis, who was working in the inner castle, looked up at Reed.

"Are you saying that you want to register an orc as an adventurer?"

A question as ifs he heard it wrong.

Even if other nobles who were not tower masters had said that, she might have asked the same way.

"Of course, I wouldn't ask for this if it were just an ordinary orc, but this friend is a bit special."

"I can believe you when you say it's special, but..."

Adonis looked up at the orc.

Unlike other orcs who exposed their upper bodies and showed off their muscles, he came here wearing proper clothes.

He dressed like a human, and just by standing, he felt like a very tall human.


A brief hesitation.

And immediately, she shook his head as if to shake off any distracting thoughts.

"Even so, issuing an adventurer's certificate to an orc is risky. Above all, other lords won't permit it."

Although royal power has been strengthened, she didn't ignore the words of the nobles and ministers.

If they opposed, Adonis would undoubtedly have to reject Reed's request.

It was inevitable.

Reed didn't feel offended by his words that he could refuse.

An adventurer's certificate was such a thing.

It reduced the chances of being treated badly compared to being a wanderer, and in case of an emergency such as using a weapon or a problem arising among humans, most crises could be avoided with a certificate.

Reed looked up at Larksper after hearing that story.

"Sorry, but could you step aside for a moment?"

Larksper nodded and walked out onto the red carpet.

In the space where they were alone, Reed spoke to her.

"One reason I'm asking for this is because of the resources, not just because I like that friend."


"Do you know about the Kalton Mountains?"

Adonis nodded.

"Yes, I remember it clearly because I went there and caught an ogre for the Knight Commander's promotion exam."

"The Kalton Mountains are wild lands, full of danger. Conversely, it means that there are many resources to be developed there."

They could accumulate national wealth.

Although Adonis's face remained expressionless upon hearing this, it seemed intriguing.

"The place where that orc's tribe is located is the Kalton Mountains."

"Are you saying that you want to use that orc to monopolize the resources of the Kalton Mountains?"


Reed nodded.

The Kalton Mountains were indeed a land of opportunity.

Not only diamonds and rubies, but also iron ore for armor, crystals, and magic stones to aid in magic, all kinds of raw materials could be mined.

Reed was confident that it could help to regain the shaky pillar of the Grancia Kingdom.

However, it was also a place full of danger that no one could properly approach.

Especially because of the guardian giants of the Kalton Mountains.

As Adonis had taken the test in the Kalton Mountains, she was well aware of such information.

As he proposed to break through the Kalton Mountains, which no one dared to attempt, Adonis was a bit worried.

"Joining hands with an orc seems quite dangerous."

"When have we ever done something that wasn't risky?"

"You should know that we were able to confront the empire only because of the mediation of the Church and the support of the allied kingdoms."

"Don't worry. This is something we can just watch from behind."

"What do the tower masters in charge of the area think?"

"I plan to talk more with the master of the Wallin Tower about that point."

"Speaking of which, the area the master of the Wallin Tower is in charge of includes the Kalton Mountains."

Adonis nodded.

"Let's call that orc once again. If we can communicate, I have something I'd like to discuss."


Adonis snapped her fingers and ordered the guard outside to bring the orc back in.

Larksper came back inside.

"What's your name?"

"It's Larksper."

"You don't use an honorific."

"I didn't learn honorifics properly. What's your name?"

"My name is Adonis Hupper. I am the regent of this kingdom, taking care of the work on behalf of the king."


As an unfamiliar word came up, Larksper turned his head to look at Reed.

"As I said before, she is the person working on behalf of the king."

"Working on behalf of the king... Then, she's the leader of this place."

As he called her the leader, Larksper's eyes changed somehow.


"Why is that?"

"Do you want to challenge Adonis or something like that?"


Larksper didn't deny it.

He had the spirit of a warrior, and every warrior wanted to challenge the strong.

Larksper knew that Adonis was strong and had the desire to challenge her.

"Larksper can feel it. That woman is strong. She's a tougher opponent than the Rhinotodos."

Without even wearing armor and simply by her presence, Larksper gauged her skill.

However, Larksper's action was rude, so he apologized to Adonis.

"I apologize if I was rude. No matter how much I was taught like a human, it seems difficult to get rid of the habits of being a barbaric orc."

"No, I understand. Doubting your own strength and always challenging the strong. That's a true warrior."

"Larksper is a warrior."

"I appreciate the fact that you recognize me as a strong person. Orc warrior, Larksper. I heard that you caught the Rhinotodos by yourself. You broke its horn with your bare hands and stabbed it in the head?"

"Larksper caught the Rhinotodos. It wasn't hard to break the horn."

Adonis showed a mysterious smile.

With a face similar to Larksper, the fire of the warrior's spirit inside her ignited.

"I am also a warrior. There's no reason to refuse a challenge from someone who wants to become stronger. If you want to challenge, you can say so."

"Is it okay? Then there's no need to hesitate. Larksper will challenge Adonis."

"Of course, killing your opponent is not allowed according to the rules. When the opponent surrenders and admits defeat, the fight stops. Do you understand?"

"I understand not to kill. But if stopping means dying, that's weakness."

"I agree."


I don't know.

Perhaps being too immersed in a magician's work made the spirited faces of Adonis and Larksper seem strangely unfamiliar.

I never thought Adonis would want to fight too.

There was something that only the two mighty warriors could feel, which Reed couldn't understand.

"There's no need for more discussion. Follow me to the training ground. Let's settle this with swords."

"I like that."

Their conversation continued for a while. Adonis, who had forgotten about Reed, belatedly asked for his understanding.

"Oh, I was rude. I apologize, but with Larksper..."

"It's fine. You two go ahead and have a good fight."

Knowing that there was no place for him, Reed let the two of them fight on their own.

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