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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 78 Part 2

Kalton Mountain Range.

A wild land where humans cannot settle.

It's not a place where only the strong survive, but a place where only those who survive are strong.

Many kingdoms and empires have set foot in the Kalton Mountain Range to conquer it, but the only news that returned was a message of failure.

They wanted to burn it all down and conquer it, but for some reason, those rugged mountains and forests never burned or collapsed.

"I heard that our tower also tried to conquer the Kalton Mountain Range with the kingdom because it was dangerous, but we failed."

Dolores, the Tower Master of Wallin Tower, told Reed.

"Do you know how they failed?"

"The previous Tower Master said that the Grancia Kingdom tried to gather mana and drop a meteor on the guardian giant's location. but although they succeeded in extending the huge mana to the sky, nothing happened."


"Since then, our Tower of Wallin has just been keeping an eye on the Kalton Mountain Range, and we decided to ignore everything that happens within its territory. The previous Tower Master strongly emphasized this point when he retired."

It was rather a good thing.

If that had happened, the Order or the Empire would have pursued Grancia, and they would have been waiting like hyenas for what they had created.

'There must be a reason why it hasn't been conquered so far.'

The mysterious ability unique to the Kalton Mountain Range.

With the ability to break it, Grancia was able to dominate the Kalton Mountain Range.

'First of all, helping Larksper is the first step to conquering the Kalton Mountain Range.'

A rough man who threw himself into the arena to become the chieftain of the orc tribe, Baltan.

On the one hand, he was a man with the nature of a curious adventurer.

Reed turned his eyes toward Larksper.

He was sharpening his ax and spear with a grindstone from a distance.

Before departure, he was meticulously checking his ax and spear.

The members entering the Kalton Mountain Range were as follows:

Chief Engineer Kaitlyn Ramos.

Five mages conducting the orc customs and expression project.

Larksper and Dolores, who will guide them.

And finally, Rosaria.

"Did you bring Lucy too?"

"Yes! Lucy will have fun too!"

"Don't lose her, okay?"

Dolores gently smiled as she held Rosaria's cheeks with both hands and rubbed them.

She was kinder than any unnie in front of Rosaria.

And she looked up at Reed like a spoiled child.

"Did you bring Rosaria again?"

"Expanding one's horizons is important."

"It's true, but it's a bit dangerous here..."

"There are two Tower Masters, isn't that too much worry?"

"Oh, no, Tower Master, you are too bold. Who brings their daughter like this?"

In fact, Reed didn't want to bring her that much either.

However, since Larksper said he was going to his hometown, Rosaria also insisted on seeing it, so he had no choice but to bring her along.

"I believe in you, that's why."

"Ugh, really, who would like it if you say that?"

Dolores blushed and twisted her hair in embarrassment.


"Hello, Master of the Wallin Tower."

At Kaitlyn's greeting, Dolores returned with a dignified face befitting a Master of the Tower.

"Hello. You're the Chief Engineer of the Silence Tower, right?"

"Haha! What Chief Engineer? I'm just a little skilled with my hands."

"Although magic engineering is not well-regarded by our mages, I believe that through this event, the Chief Engineer will improve the image."

"Haha... Thank you..."

An uncomfortable pressure.

Her expressionless face and tense eyes conveyed an aura that couldn't be ignored despite her being younger than him.

As rumored, the Master of the Tower, Dolores, was known for her strictness.

It felt very different from when she dealt with Reed.

Soon there was the sound of vibrations hitting the ground from the hill above.

When he turned his head, knights in armor were riding towards them.

It was Adonis Hupper and his knights.

Interestingly, they wore relatively light outfits with leather armor and chainmail instead of silver plate armor.

Showing off in the Kalton Mountain Range would only lead to death.

So they chose outfits that sacrificed some defense in favor of increased mobility.

Adonis dismounted and greeted Reed.

"You arrived early, Master of the Tower. I'm sorry for making you wait."

"No, we just arrived, so don't worry too much."

The number of knights Adonis brought was a total of 20.

"You said you needed an escort, but isn't this too many?"

"Only half of them will move with me, and the other half will stay here to guard the horses. A support unit carrying supplies is also coming, so we'll set up a temporary camp here."

"I see."

Ten knights and Adonis didn't seem too dangerous for the journey.

Moreover, this wasn't a simple adventure, and with their guide, they believed they could handle any monster threats or ambushes.

Adonis looked at the woman standing next to Reed with his green eyes.

"Who is this lady?"

"She is the Master of the Wallin Tower. She came to help us with this matter."

Dolores politely greeted him.

"Hello? I am Dolores Jade, the Master of the Wallin Tower."

"Hello, Master of the Wallin Tower. I am Adonis Hupper, the Regent of the Hupper Kingdom and the Commander of the 3rd Knight Order."

"I have heard that His Highness Morgan has passed away. I offer my deepest condolences."

"Thank you, Master of the Tower."

Unlike the first time they spoke, she now showed no signs of sadness.

It meant that she had somewhat accepted the futility of hatred since he had died.

Dolores looked up and down at her with a strange expression.

'This is Adonis Hupper.'

The marriage candidate Rosaria had mentioned.

Having only seen her portrait, she saw the real Adonis Hupper for the first time today.

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