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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 79 Part 2

Birds perched on the trees flew away at Larksper's roar.

Shortly after, large orcs who had been hiding revealed themselves.

The orcs, just like Larksper, had red skin and lower fangs sticking out.

They put away the arrows they had drawn on their bows and gathered around Larksper.

"Larksper! Garumdetzvia!"



The only words that could be clearly understood were Larksper.

Everything after that was in the orcs' language.

Larksper approached the welcoming orcs, grabbed their heads, and pressed his forehead against theirs.

"What is that?"

"Well, that's the greeting of the orcs, my lady. It's a greeting only shared between brothers who can share their lives, where they touch their foreheads together and feel the bond of their souls."

'A greeting only between brothers... So that's why he grabbed my head?'

He thought that perhaps he had been too sensitive about the gesture that was a sign of trust.

Larksper and the ambushed orcs finished their welcoming greetings and began a more in-depth conversation.

After exchanging words for a while, the orcs glanced at the humans.

They seemed to have a displeased expression.

However, after hearing Larksper's words, they all put away their weapons.

"Did the conversation go well?"

"They said they trust Larksper. All we have to do is not cause any trouble."

"We didn't come here to cause trouble anyway, so there shouldn't be any problems. Lead the way."

A short time later, following Larksper, they discovered a pointed fence made of wood.

It was the site of a primitive tribe built on the wild land.

Larksper's tribe was called the Cliff Rock Tribe.

The reason for the name became clear when they saw a steep, high cliff attached to the back.


Everyone in the Cliff Rock Tribe recognized Larksper and welcomed him.

On the other hand, they also expressed suspicion and displeasure at bringing humans.

When they only saw Larksper, they thought all orcs were of similar size, but Larksper was the tallest among the tribe.

"Larksper! Jazkjidetzvia!"

An elderly orc, with a bent waist, embraced Larksper, leaning on his staff.

He wore a necklace made of carved wood, bronze mirrors, and animal teeth on a tough stem.

Without a doubt, he was the chief leading the Cliff Rock Tribe.

His smile emphasized the black mushrooms nestled between the wrinkles.

"Our chief, Jazkjidetzvia."

Without saying a word, they both paid their respects and Larksper continued to talk with the old man.

Soon after, Chief Jazkjidetzvia moved on and Larksper spoke to Reed.

"Let's talk inside the tent."

"Do we all have to go in?"

"Only the tower master and Adonis should enter. Other tower masters cannot."

Strictly speaking, Dolores was not invited by Larksper.

Moreover, she was a magician Larksper disliked, so there was no reason to trust her.

"I'll walk around the village with Rosaria."

"Alright then."

Rosaria, who was holding Reed's hand tightly, took Dolores's hand and walked away.

Reed and Adonis followed Larksper into the tent.

Reed and Adonis sat down, and Jazkjid scooped something from a stone pot on the fire with a ladle.

"Garuz Deviatti."

It seemed like he was offering food.

A stew mixed with various ingredients, as cooking was not well-developed. A strong herbal scent emanated from it.

Smelling that, Reed looked at Larksper and said.

"There may be things in the food that the orcs eat in the Kalton Mountain Range that could be poisonous to humans.  So I would like to convey that I appreciate the thought but won't partake."

When Larksper relayed Reed's words, Jazkjidetzvia nodded with a disappointed expression.

He then placed the stew bowl elsewhere and poured water into a small bowl.

"It's green tea. It's the same as what humans drink."

If it's the same as what humans drink, there's no reason to refuse.

So Reed and Adonis accepted his hospitality.

Only then did Jazkjidetzvia smile.

'It seems they can even make tea and bowls.'

However, the inside and outside of the bowl looked hand-shaped, as if it had been shaped directly by large hands, rather than being made of smooth ceramics.

'Their lifestyle is no different from that of primitive humans.'

Yet, he glimpsed the possibility that they could live similar lives to humans with just a little learning.

'If they're similar to humans, they could be recognized if they grow stronger.'

If they are recognized, it would prove that they are the masters of the Kalton Mountain Range.

As long as they maintain a friendly relationship, most of the resources of the Kalton Mountain Range would be at Reed's disposal.

"Could you ask him if he has ever considered leaving the Kalton Mountain Range?"

"No tribe has ever left the Kalton Mountains. They say it's the land of death because every race has come to that conclusion."

"Do you think so too?"

"I don't think so now. But I also want to protect my hometown."

Larksper lowered his head.

"Most of the tribespeople don't want to leave this place. The Kalton Mountain Range is dangerous, but it's our hometown. We want to create our own territory in our hometown."

"So you want to become the great chieftain of the orcs, Baltan?"


When Reed mentioned Baltan, Elder Jazkjidetzvia said something to Larksper.

Larksper calmly replied to what seemed like a scolding voice.

"It seems I've touched on something that I shouldn't have mentioned."

"Baltan is a sensitive issue. The great chieftain is like the sky. So they think it's arrogant for a tower master to aim for Baltan's position."

"I see."

Hearing that, Adonis suddenly had a question.

"You said you're aiming for Baltan's position, does that mean it could also be the master of the Silence Tower?"

"Of course, it's possible. The great chieftain is like a god. A god can appear in any form."

"So it could be a human or even a beast."

"Yes. But it's more difficult to become the great chieftain."

"Is it about defeating the guardian giant?"

"There's one more thing. The one who kills the giant. And the one who pulls out the axe."

"The axe?"

"There's a rock in the village with an axe stuck in it. For hundreds of years, no one has been able to pull the axe out of that rock."

The one who pulls out that axe is Baltan.

Just hearing the story, it was similar to the legend of King Arthur.

'Either pull out that axe or defeat the guardian giant.'

Pulling out the axe seemed easier.

As he was thinking about what to do with the axe.



The orcs' voices loudly echoed outside the tent.

Larksper and Jazkjidetzvia went outside the noisy tent with a flustered look, and Adonis and Reed followed them.

It was a scene of confusion for everyone.

All the orcs in the village gathered, shouting Baltan with their right hands raised to the sky.

And in the middle of them was Dolores.

She was holding a strange axe.

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