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Dream Breaker - Chapter 8 Part 1


Despite investigating during every break at school, there was very little information about 'Song Seon-young'.

To the extent that there were quite a few male students who secretly had a crush on her?

That's why it was difficult. They didn't want to teach me about her as if it was a great treasure map.


"Yes. A shaman."


Song Seon-young stared at my face with an observing gaze.

What could she be thinking?

As she looked at the convenience store part-timer who introduced himself as a shaman after grabbing someone on the street.

"I am-"

"I remember. Shaman Kang Moon-soo. The honor student who betrayed the expectations of the school teachers and showed strange aptitude."


The school teachers knew about my family situation. They said those words hoping that at least my aptitude would turn out well since I was having a hard time.

It's true that I was ahead of my peers in many ways because I struggled hard.

But I'm not great.

'I was right.'

In this regressed world, I haven't even taken the aptitude test yet. But Song Seon-young already knew about 'Shaman Kang Moon-soo.'

In other words, she is not a victim involved in regression but a party involved.

Just like me.

"Mr. Shaman, we are the same age, so feel free to speak casually."


"How much do you know?"

"Your question is too broad."


"I know up to the day you jumped off the school rooftop on the day the aptitude test results were announced."

"...So you know everything."

Thanks to Song Seon-young not denying and admitting it easily, the conversation went smoothly.

"Why do you keep committing suicide?"

"It's my business."

"Now it's my turn to ask."

"You just did."


"You asked why I commit suicide. Now it's my turn again."


Where did such a rascal come from...?

It was even more annoying because it wasn't entirely wrong.

"I'll ask the next question tomorrow."


"Do you know what time it is? Not everyone stays up late working part-time like you."


I'm not doing this because I want to. But I didn't want to bring it up.

"Let's meet at school."

"Okay. Don't commit suicide."

"...Unbelievable. Mr. Shaman, you should worry about yourself."

"I'm doing fine."

"Really? What about the lady waiting for you at the checkout counter?"


It was true.

"Hey, you can see the young female student but not my cup ramen?"

The lady who placed the S-brand spicy cup ramen on the counter didn't hide her discomfort and glared at me.

"I'm sorry!"

'Kang Moon-soo! Get yourself together! My livelihood comes first before someone else's life!'

How could I be so distracted with a customer waiting for their purchase?

I can't argue if I get scolded.


"Thank you! Come again!"

"Do it properly."


Did she like my enthusiastic response? The lady, feeling relieved, left with a bag containing the cup ramen.


I could only sigh after the customer's figure completely disappeared into the darkness.

'Song Seon-young... already left.'

It was a bit absurd, but as she said, we can continue the conversation tomorrow.



I diligently worked my part-time job, dreaming of a bright tomorrow.

* * *

"Student Kang Moon-soo, come out and solve problem number 3 on page 338."

"This is driving me crazy!"

The occult triggered while I was on my way home after finishing my part-time job.

This time, I regressed in the middle of the night, not even a day later. Considering the circumstances, it's definitely Song Seon-young's doing-

"...Kang Moon-soo. No matter how much you don't want to solve the problem, you shouldn't say that out loud."

"I'm sorry, teacher! I meant that I was so happy to see the problem I prepared for!"

Thanks to preparing it three times, it's driving me crazy!

"Oh my! It was a misunderstanding then? Then come out quickly and solve question number 3 on page 338. I'm curious to see how well you've prepared."


I can guarantee that I can solve this question better than anyone else in the world.

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