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Chapter 51 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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War Makes Someone Fat (3)

The full-scale war between the two forces outside the Montefeltro territory.

The Totem War was gradually subsiding, with no one's victory in sight.

For over a year, Montefeltro's defenses were strong, allowing them to prevent Redskin invasions and barbaric looting in advance.

Furthermore, the existence of the massive fortress built near the border greatly helped to deter the interest of the Redskins, and there was no shortage of excellent barriers to protect the territory from foreign invasions.

"Miss, today is the last day. That is, the period we agreed upon with Lord Chester."

Jason, who had been a magician of Sinclair and who would later become a Knightlord, had been Isabella's mentor for over a year, staying in Montefeltro's territory, and had stopped numerous Orc invasions. He spoke to Isabella, who had grown remarkably in the past year.

"The promised time is over, so there is no reason for us to interfere in this place anymore. Our responsibility ends right here."

"Time goes by so fast. Has it already been that long?"

"Yes, it has."

"It's a bit of a shame."

"What is there to be ashamed of? On the contrary, I feel liberated from this place. I don't really like the smell of blood on the battlefield. I've had enough of it."

Isabella soaked in her thoughts for a moment as she looked around the peaceful fortress.

"I must have grown attached to this place without realizing it. It feels strange to leave."

At her lingering attachment, Jason shook his head.

The world was not so narrow that she would feel attached to such a remote place.

There must be many better places than this as they travel around the continent, and Jason hoped that she would settle in a more peaceful place than this.

"Miss, the world is wider than you think. As you travel around, you will surely find places better than this one. If you want to get attached, do it in a better place."

"I know. It was just a thought."

Before leaving the fortress she had grown attached to, Isabella briefly recalled the various events that had taken place during her stay.

On a late night full of peace and boredom.

There were red orcs who had infiltrated the fortress without a sound.

The invading orcs began to shout and wield their heavy weapons in an attempt to occupy the fortress.

In the ensuing chaos, she confined the red orcs with dark magic, and the mercenaries and sheriffs of the territory who quickly counterattacked managed to barely protect the fortress.

The next day, the people who had survived the Redskin raid praised the Sinclair magician, and she was able to feel proud of having protected everyone with her power.

'There were many dangerous moments too.'

On another day, she had encountered an Orc hero called the 'Spine Crusher' from the Redskin while scouting the area with the Hound Mercenary Corps.

The monstrous Orc, smaller in stature than an Ogre, was capable of crushing a human head with a single fist.

It was a very dangerous moment when the entire scouting party could have lost their lives if something went wrong, but thanks to Jason's wit, she and most of the scouting party managed to escape safely. After that incident, she realized that she still had a lot to learn.

'It seems like it will be a memorable place in many ways.'

Montefeltro's territory was a very important and memorable place for her growth.

'I wish I could stay longer... but I can't.'

But there was no reason for her, who was not only a noble but from a great family, to stay in such a remote land for too long.

Considering this, Jason had agreed with the Lord to leave at an appropriate time, and today was that day.

"Let's go, Miss. The Lord here must be waiting for us."

Before leaving, they decided to meet with Lord Chester.

They had to receive payment from the Lord, but it was also a courtesy to greet the owner of the territory before leaving.

Upon arriving at the Lord's castle.

The Lord held a grand feast to celebrate the two magicians' efforts, and after enjoying it lightly, the two magicians soon had a private meeting with the Lord.

"Haha, you've worked hard during this time. I've heard so much about both of your accomplishments. You've done a great job."

The Lord handed them a debt certificate to pay the promised amount.

It was a debt certificate issued by the Lord himself.

At this, Jason and Isabella, who had expected a large bag of gold coins, could not hide their confusion.

They were surprised because the form of the expected payment was completely different.

"What is... this?"

As the flustered Jason asked, the Lord looked even more surprised.

"What do you mean? This is the payment I promised to give you. Is the amount wrong?"

"Isn't this just your debt certificate?"

"Oh, I wondered why you were acting like that. It's because of this."

The Lord continued with a carefree expression.

"If you take this to the bank here, they will exchange it all for a bag of gold coins. If carrying a bag of gold coins is too cumbersome, you can take a different debt certificate guaranteed by the Lyon Guild instead. There's no problem with this debt certificate, so you don't have to worry so much."

"Is there a reason you're giving us a debt certificate instead of gold coins?"

"Aren't gold coin bags cumbersome to carry? So, I'm giving you this debt certificate out of consideration for both of you."

Both magicians could empathize with the cumbersome weight of gold coin bags.

However, the debt certificate the Lord handed them now was problematic enough for them to point out once before.

'Is this debt certificate, issued on his own credit, still not causing any problems?'

If the Lord's credit was solid, it wouldn't be a problem with the debt certificate.

However, from the magicians' perspective, the Lord's credit didn't seem very solid.

He had spent so much money on defending the territory during this time.

On top of that, there were Wyverns that didn't fit the theme.

'He even built a fortress.'

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