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Chapter 57 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"However, I can't proceed with this matter alone. So I'm thinking of asking for permission from Bishop Verkis in Lyon. If it's not urgent, can you wait a few days?"

There were enough gold coins in Carter Bank that there would be no problem if the church's gold coins were not immediately taken.

'Even if the mercenaries stationed in the territory don't leave all at once, we can close the store for a few days with various excuses.'

However, Rockefeller, who couldn't hide his impatience, just smiled.

"Who am I to refuse? I'll wait."

"Thanks to you, I've relieved one concern. You're truly a benefactor of the church. I'm always grateful, so don't hesitate to come to me if you need help. The church will help you in any way it can."

"Thank you for your kind words. I'm just embarrassed that you think so highly of me."


And a few days later.

At the place Priest Peter called him back to, there was an astonishingly elderly believer in red vestments.

Rockefeller knew immediately who he was.

'Could it be that person in Lyon? The one called Bishop Verkis?'

He didn't know the man's face, but only high-ranking clergy in the church could wear red vestments, and the fact that he was wearing the clothes that even Priest Peter couldn't wear was a very good piece of information to roughly understand his identity.

"Could it be... Bishop Verkis from Lyon?"

At Rockefeller's speculative question, broad smiles spread across the faces of the two clergymen.

"When have you ever met the bishop?"

The archpriest asked, and the accompanying Bishop Verkis opened his mouth with a bright smile.

"You're right, a very remarkable young man. Yes, as you said, I am that person."

After introducing himself, Rockefeller respectfully bowed to the bishop.

"I am humbled to meet such an esteemed person from Lyon."

As Rockefeller bowed his head and kissed the ring the bishop offered, Bishop Berchis nodded to himself as if satisfied.

"Yes, your name is Rockefeller, right? Rockefeller..."

As the bishop trailed off, unable to remember his last name, the nearby Archpriest Peter quickly stepped in.

"It's the Rothsmedici family. Your Grace, do you not remember a doctor named David Rothsmedici?"


"The doctor who wore a red robe. He visited our church and the Lyon diocese several times, attended many services, and made generous donations."

"Ah, was there such a person? A red robe?"

After a moment of thought, the bishop finally seemed to remember and began to show a strong reaction.

"Oh! I remember now. I apologize. There was such a person in the past. That's right. There was such a brave man. He was a person with excellent medical skills, on par with a saint."

"This young man here is his grandson."

"Ah, I see. A great person has come from under the tutelage of a great doctor."

Upon remembering the Rothsmedici family, the two shared a cheerful atmosphere, laughing together.

Seeing this, Rockefeller knew at once why the bishop of Lyon had come all this way.

'It wasn't intentional, but things worked out really well.'

Why would the owner of Lyon go out of his way to visit a remote church?

The reason was obvious.

He, too, was interested in earning interest like the archpriest here.

'I'm not sure how the conversation went, but it's a good thing for me, anyway.'

"Excuse me for asking, but for what reason has such a high-ranking person from Lyon come all the way here?"

At Rockefeller's question, the archpriest stepped forward first.

"Ahem! The reward we talked about earlier, right? He came in connection with that."

"Ah, the reward for deposits, you mean?"

"That's right. He came for that. Just as I showed interest, it seems His Grace also took interest in your proposal."

"Is that so?"

The bishop, who had been listening quietly, stepped forward.

"Let's talk about that interest. I came all the way here to hear that story."

At that, Archpriest Peter nearby was frantic.

"Your Grace, it's not interest, but precisely a reward."

Bishop Verkis frowned.

"Reward or whatever. It's the same thing anyway."

"But doesn't the meaning differ?"

"In any case, it's all good for the church. What does it matter if it has a different meaning when it's a good thing for God and our church?"

"Well... you're right."

Unlike the archpriest, who had to be mindful of his surroundings, the bishop seemed to have little to worry about.

Bishop Verkis immediately looked for Rockefeller.

"Go ahead and tell me. I came all the way here because I found it interesting."

Would Rockefeller refuse such a great opportunity?

'This is divine providence. There's no way I can miss this opportunity.'

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