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Chapter 62 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Towards such villagers, Rockefeller raised his voice again.

It was all to convince them.

"If you were a minority, of course, you would have no power, but now you are the majority! There is no lord in this world who can defeat all the villagers. I will give you the lord's promissory note, so go and argue! Go and get your gold coins! You won't lose your gold coins like this, will you?"

At that, the faces of the disheartened villagers quickly changed.

Looking around, most of the people who came for the same reason as themselves.

"Yeah, let's go and argue! I'm not the only one like this!"

"Right! Even the overseer here was deceived, and it's not just us."

"Let's go and argue!"

"Yeah, that's right! Let's go and argue!"

At the edge of the cliff.

Desperate villagers joined forces one after another to turn an unthinkable reality into reality.

The overseer, who had been quietly watching the villagers, realized the seriousness of the situation.

'It's not a joke. If the rumor spreads everywhere, the entire territory will be overturned.'

In a normal situation, the overseer, being an overseer, would have to take off his shoes and step in to resolve the situation.

He had to calm down the excited villagers and arrest the young man named Rockefeller, who was unknowingly inciting them.

However, since he was also a victim, he could not do that.

Rather, he thought it would be better to move with the majority of the villagers.

'Rather, it's good. The lord will recognize the seriousness of the situation.'


With a fake cough and a straightened body, the overseer began to move quickly toward the lord's castle.

In the meantime, the villagers' attention was still on Rockefeller, and only a few officials who had come to Carter Bank for the same reason as the overseer quickly followed the overseer and spoke up.

"It's really not a joke."

"Isn't this going to cause a real riot?"

However, none of them thought about stopping the excited villagers.

They had the same thoughts as the overseer who went ahead.

"If that many people go at once, even the lord can't just keep his nerve."

"I hope it's resolved..."

"Isn't this going to be a big deal?"

The big deal here was not the collapse of the territory's stability.

"If this turns into a waste paper..."

It was a big deal that occurred when the Gold promissory note in their hands turned into waste paper.

"It's terrible just to think about it."

At that, the overseer opened his heavy mouth.

"It won't happen. If it does, it's not the territory but the lord's castle that will be overturned."

Not only himself but most of the officials were receiving Gold promissory notes in the form of wages.

Most people in the territory don't exchange them for gold coins because they are used like money.

And this would turn into waste paper overnight?

'Don't underestimate us.'

"Is there anyone here who doesn't have that promissory note? The villagers may not know, but we officials should not be underestimated."

At that, one official turned pale.

"So, are we officials moving together?"

"We have to move together and find a solution. The villagers will take care of themselves, but we have to save ourselves first."

Everyone's bowl was important.

The officials also fully agreed with the overseer's words.

"Of course."

"First, we need to secure our gold coins. That's the most important thing."

The overseer, who had made up his mind, said.

"It's better to flock together at this time since we all have the same idea."

In order to protect his gold coins tied to a mere piece of paper, the overseer gave instructions to the officials who followed him.

"Call everyone to the lord's castle, leaving only the minimum number of people. We have to find our way to live."


The officials moved quickly and efficiently to find their fellow officials, and in the meantime, the overseer, who had arrived in front of the lord's castle, could feel the chaos intensifying in the village adjacent to the lord's castle.

The screaming people and the growing torches one by one.

It was a completely different sight from usual.

'It's all not a joke. Well, of course. My money is flying away now, how can I sleep?'

The overseer clenched the Gold promissory note he had and the lord's promissory note he had brought from Carter Bank.

'There must be gold coins.'

Please... Please!

However, the uneasy thoughts inside him did not easily go away.

No one knew the lord and the territory's situation better than him.

'It shouldn't be too empty. He's the owner of a territory, after all.'

He also knew that the lord had been writing promissory notes and taking money from the bank whenever he needed it.

He was aware that it was being overused, but he never expected something like today.


It was the biggest reason that Carter Bank had been exchanging Gold promissory notes for Dalants without any problems so far.

'Ugh! I should have expected it beforehand....

What can you do now that you regret it?

Anyway, he had to fight with the lord tonight.

Villagers? He had to prioritize themselves and the officials' gold coins first.

'It has to be done. Otherwise, I won't be able to stay here for long.'

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