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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 107 Part 1

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Tower Master Summit venue.

Kamin, the Greenwood Tower Master, immediately bowed and apologized as soon as the Tower Master Summit began.

"I'm sorry. Due to my carelessness, the wizards of the Jade Tower have lost their lives."

Kamin had a strong sense of responsibility.

She failed to interrogate the demons caught after a long stakeout and also failed to escort them to the Jade Tower.

The sky carriage was shattered and stained with blood, but strangely, there were three traces of fire.

Seeing the blackened marks, they determined that it matched the purification ritual of the Althea Order and realized that the Althea Order's people had cleaned up the aftermath.

It was a shameful incident.

It was shocking enough to be shot down by two demons and slaughtered without even a chance to counterattack, but then the Althea Order took care of the aftermath.

"Our wizards were also late to be on guard, so please don't be too critical of the incident."

The Jade Tower Master took Kamin's side and stepped in.

When she heard the news, Kamin first rushed to the Jade Tower Master to apologize.

And next to Reed, who had caught the demon.

Apologizing at the official Tower Master Summit was the third time.

Nicholas Rottenstein, the Tower Master of Monolith Tower, looked at the Jade Tower Master with displeasure.

"Even if it's a failure, not even being able to counterattack and dying like that... Were those demons really so great?"

With a hand clad in a black leather glove, he tapped the table and glared at Kamin.

"You, the Greenwood Tower Master, who used to take pride in being the best at detection, couldn't even detect the enemy. That's a big deal."

"What's so wrong with that?"

Reed stopped Nicolas' sarcastic remark.

"Yes, it was a mistake, but they were demons skilled in disguise. Since we couldn't see the demons' eyes and features, we were deceived. Wasn't that why we gathered here to study magic?"

"You're right, Tower Master of Silence."

Helios, the chairman, supported Reed.

"I don't think the Greenwood Tower Master was ever negligent in her work. There's no wizard who likes failure."

Kamin couldn't find comfort in Helios' words and bit her lips tightly.

"I will take responsibility for this incident and make sure to find a magic that detects demons."

She was determined.

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Hatred towards the demons burned fiercely.

"We'll have to waste more time catching demons."

"We still have a sample. Don't worry, I'll find out using that sample."

Was there anything worth calling a sample from the dead demons?

Just looking at what was already recorded in the book was enough.

What he held as a sample was an item different from what was recorded in the book.

'Demon's blood and the saintess's blood.'

The blood was from the saintessess, Isel, who had allowed it to be used as a sample from her body.

It was said that she was a saintess who was skilled in healing magic, and that holy water flowed throughout her body.

A clear, clean, and slightly shining liquid.

Reed wondered if she also had such abilities and virtues as the saintess did.

However, when he looked closely at the blood that she had drawn herself, it was different.

It was a dull and murky color.

It was as if the water had been drawn from a polluted area rather than being holy water, and the discomfort came first.

It's what comes out of the contaminated blood when demons manifest mana before using magic.

As Isel drew her blood, she said this.

-Give it to those you can trust, Tower Master.

-What if they find out that it's the saintess's blood?

-That's the extent of my fate.

As long as the goal is achieved, anything goes.

It was a statement that left no doubt about her being a noble martyr and a saintess.

There were a total of 5 bottles containing the blood of saintess Isel.

Reed kept one bottle.

He had already distributed 3 bottles to others.

The chief engineer of the tower, Kaitlyn, Wallin Tower Master Dolores, and Greenwood Tower Master Kamin, who came to apologize with tears, each received a bottle.

Although she failed to escort and lost the sample, Kamin's sense of responsibility was strengthened, and her resentment towards the demons deepened, so he trusted her again.

'Who should I give the remaining bottle to...'

Reed thinks and glances quickly.

The wizards who got up from their seats after the Tower Master Summit was over.

Among them, who has the skills and is trustworthy?

"You've worked hard, Tower Master of Silence."

The girl, who usually just greeted him lightly, brushed Reed's hand like a light knock with her finger and passed by.

He turned his head unconsciously at her behavior, which was unusual for her, who didn't even have proper contact with him before.

Dolores' blue eyes meet his.

For a very brief moment, she smiled and turned her head back as she walked away.


A blunt word.

"What are you doing in this sacred meeting place, huh?"

"I didn't know you would use the word 'sacred.'"

'If it's blood research, then...'

It was the Tower Master of Black Sky, the immortal queen.

However, there was a reason to be hesitant about the Black Sky Tower Master, Freesia.

'It doesn't seem like the secret will be kept.'

Freesia was a whimsical little girl.

If she found out it was the blood of the saintess, she would likely try to create a power to lead herself to death rather than study demon detection.

Even if her fate was up to that point, Reed didn't want to lead someone who was willing to help him to ruin.

"Are you thinking about something related to me?"


"You look suspicious. You seem like you want to say something, but you're hesitating because you think I'll do something useless."


"I guess I hit the mark."

'She's only sharp on unnecessary points.'

With age comes wisdom, and she had an excellent eye.

She would undoubtedly be persistent in her questioning.

While the annoying Freesia's engine was warming up, a giant man stood between them.

"Black Sky."

It was Helios, the Tower Master of the Sky Chamber.

"I have something to discuss with Silence, so please step back."

"Don't command me, Helios. I don't listen to those weaker than me."

"Black Sky."

He always had a serious face, but today he seemed displeased.

Freesia, who had been making eye contact, looked up at Reed.

"It seems our chairman is in a bad mood today. What trouble did you cause?"


"Well, never mind. You both seem boring. I'll get bad luck from you both."

Freesia unfolded her parasol and obediently stepped back.

Only the two of them were left in the conference room.

He was always a serious-looking person, but today was different.

It was as if he had come to interrogate.

"I met with the saintess."

That's why Reed confessed first.

From Helios' perspective, who had prepared leading questions in anticipation of Reed hiding something, it was as if he had been unexpectedly attacked.

"The conversation won't be long."

Helios got to the point.

"You made contact with the saintess at an inopportune time, Tower Master of Silence."

"I apologize, Chairman. But it was a necessary matter."

"What was it, then?"

"The saintess has agreed to cooperate. Our goal is to create a tool that allows anyone to recognize demons combined with our technology, so I thought it wouldn't deviate too much from our main purpose."

That was the justification Reed made up.

However, it was a justification that could persuade anyone, and perhaps it was an excuse that only Reed, who was walking the path of magic engineering, could make.

Speaking confidently, Helios stroked his chin beard with his thumb.

If there was progress, he could immediately tell Reed to stop, but even the Tower Master of the Sky Chamber had no good news so far.

Even if they brought demons as samples, their solidarity was so strong that there was no progress.

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