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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 93 Part 1

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Runes and Spirits (7)

A rune is a magical formation made up of a single character.

When a caster understands it and imbues it with mana, the magic is activated.

The rune inscribed on the axe during the time of the seventh calamity, Larksper, had been used several times, meaning that it didn't tear and activate like a mana-filled scroll or disappear upon use.

Compared to the brilliantly written scrolls, runes boast an overwhelming efficiency that makes scrolls seem pale in comparison.

'But the problem is...'

There are two things.

What does this character mean?

How to activate this character?

'I'm sure the bottom two are Haste and Explosion.'

All that's left is to figure out what the remaining six runes mean.

Although the hint was that runes are the language of spirits, after failing the contract with the high-ranking spirit, it's back to square one.

- Rune interpretation (Research progress: 0%)

Usually, even hopeless research would progress by 1%, but since nothing is known, it didn't even increase by 1%.

'What should I do?'

Should I end my task by handing it over to Dolores, who has a glimmer of hope?

If I do that, Dolores will also feel less burdened in using half of the runes.


But Reed didn't want to think so irresponsibly.

Reed and Dolores have a relationship as tower lords.

As they both pursue mutual benefits, Reed didn't want to appear on good terms by handing over research that hasn't progressed.

His head ached, and his throat felt parched.

Let's take a break and have a drink of water.

'Let's take a short walk.'

Reed used telekinesis to bring a glass of water, but he reluctantly got up.


As the transparent liquid in the bottle filled the glass, a small whirlpool formed.

Reed stared blankly at the whirlpool.


It's strange.

The whirlpool, which should have weakened and stopped, didn't stop.

Instead, it was getting stronger and stronger.

Reed put down the glass and stepped back.

A moment later, the water in the glass began to swell and overflow, spilling onto the floor.

Like the clean dew that forms at dawn, it didn't seep into the carpet but beaded and swelled.

The water droplets began to take shape.

Reed had seen this process once before.

In Yggdrasil's realm.

It was when he went for Rosaria's spirit contract.

"It's quite a task to break through the barrier. But it's enough with my abilities."

The water spirit proudly spoke of its unauthorized entry.

Reed recognized who she was by her tone.

"Could it be... Lady Orneptos?"

"That's right. I am Orneptos, the King of Water Spirits."
[T/N: Orenptos is female.]

If there was anything different from their first meeting, it was that the spirit king, who had fully manifested in human form with added colors, was now in a transparent liquid state.

It definitely meant that mana was lacking.

'Did she exhaust her power by breaking through the barrier?'

Although it wasn't boasting an impenetrable defense, the security was still not to be ashamed of.

If she had broken through it, a considerable amount of mana would have been consumed.

'That means the probability of this being the main body is low.'

There was no doubt that she had summoned a decoy here in preparation for variables she couldn't block.

The fact that she consumed mana to break through the barrier and send in the decoy meant that she came to talk without a doubt.

Reed had the upper hand.

-To, Tower Master! The external mana barrier has been breached!

"You're just detecting it now."

-So, sorry!!

"Today's workers will take responsibility for restoring and reinforcing it. Depending on the reinforcement, I will impose disciplinary action."

If they had to restore and reinforce it, it would be a murderous schedule for a small number of people, working through the night for almost a month.

But a magician who fails to maintain the perimeter is as good as dead.

To let it go with disciplinary action was the greatest mercy.

From the beginning, the barrier of his tower was weak, and the opponent was the spirit king.

'I need to put more effort into my perimeter magic.'

Reed looked up at Orneptos and asked.

"What brings the King of Water Spirits here?"

"I have something to say about your daughter."

He had expected it.

Though she disappeared angrily, she had coveted Rosaria's abilities enough to put aside her pride, so she would definitely reappear.

'However, I don't know what emotions that reunion would bring.'

Whether it was a desire to destroy what couldn't be possessed or to cling and cry for it.

Reed became cautious with such thoughts.

However, one thing was certain regardless of her intentions.

"If you try to harm Rosaria, I won't stand idly by."

Reed warned in a clear voice.

"I have no intention of doing so. And I can definitely feel that I can't win against that child in a fight."

"Then what is your purpose in approaching my daughter?"

"It's because of the contract. I must make a contract with that child."

"Then you should go to my daughter, why come to me?"

Orneptos looked down at Reed and said.

"That child dislikes me. She will undoubtedly refuse me again."


"Seeing that she follows you a lot, I thought that if you could persuade her, there would be no doubt that a contract could be made."

Orneptos' guess was accurate.

It is possible if Reed persuades Rosaria.

She said that the reason she studied, learned magic, and contracted with spirits this time was all to help her father, Reed.

Even if she doesn't like it, she would definitely make the contract with a strong smile.


"I refuse." 

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