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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 95 Part 1

 Runes and Spirits (9)

I was wrapped in the wind.

Without a doubt, it was the effect of Haste.

'It just makes me faster.'

There's no need to think complicatedly, just draw mana and wish to be faster.

Then the rune takes care of the rest.

'Not bad.'

It was as if he had assigned a shortcut and pressed it smoothly with five fingers.

The answer is to think simply, ignoring the stereotypes.

Reed got up from his seat.

And it was because of that simple thinking.


Reed had forgotten that his body was wrapped in Haste.


Unable to control his suddenly accelerated body, he crashed straight into the wall cabinet.

The glass cabinet broke, and he even did a body slam into the glass containers inside.

'Damn it...'

Reed bit his lip.

'I was too immersed.'

He emptied everything like a fool who didn't know magic, and because of that, he had become a real fool who had forgotten even his caution.

'A magic for fools...'

A magic that only needs mana without the need for common sense.

It was a magic that was easy to be careless about because that common sense was not needed.


It was an unbelievable situation even for him.

Glass shards were embedded in his hand, his nose was broken, and blood streamed down, but Reed didn't even groan.

It wasn't because it was too painful to make a sound.

It was because it was embarrassing.

It was an embarrassment beyond simple pain.

If someone had seen him like this, it would have been an unbelievable moment that Reed might have considered suicide without moving.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the laboratory door.

"Ta, Tower Master, are you alright? I'm coming in!"

It was Phoebe.

Reed clenched his teeth and did his best to make a sound.

"Don't... come... in..."

For some reason, his voice sounded like a dying old woman.

Phoebe's voice became confused.

"N, No? A, Are you okay? It doesn't seem like you're okay?"

"I'm... fine... uh... So, don't... come."

His voice was clearly not okay.

Reed hoped that Phoebe would listen to him and leave.

As Phoebe was a loyal hound, she would listen to him.

"Just let me see your face for a moment!"

But she was a more loyal hound than that.

She had the bold judgment to ignore even his instructions if she perceived Reed was in danger.

He wanted to warn her once more, but he was too weak to do so and his breathing was labored.

The blonde-haired woman with threatening horns entered the laboratory.

"Tower Master? Where are you- Kyaaah!"

Let's die; let's just die.

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It was a minor injury.

It was certain to be a minor injury as it only drained 1/5 of his health.

The physical and mental damage was less than when he had bled due to mana exhaustion.



Phoebe shouted sharply.

"I'm fine now, so just..."

"You may have recovered, but you need to rest!"

"And your tone..."

"It's back to normal!"

It didn't seem right at all.

If she usually had a clumsy feeling, now she was sharp and gave the impression of a strict senior.

Even her drooping eyes were raised.

"You won't do anything today! You'll only think about your body! Got it?!"

"What if I refuse?"

"I'll force you down with my strength!"

He could roughly guess how she would do it.

The reason he was sitting on the bed like this was because Phoebe had suddenly lifted and moved him.

'It wasn't a pleasant experience.'

Feeling a sense of powerlessness from the strength itself, Phoebe seemed scarier for some reason.

Reed wanted to say he was fine once more, but he couldn't open his mouth.

Phoebe's hands, which were smoothing out the blanket, were trembling more than usual.

It wasn't due to an acid spill or being affected by black magic, but simply a minor injury.

'Although there were a lot of minor injuries.'

The wounds weren't deep, but they were extensive, so he was covered in blood.

Phoebe, who had healed the wounds and cleaned up all the shards, would know that they were shallow wounds.

However, since she had screamed loud enough to shake the tower, the mental shock must have been greater for her than Reed.

'It's true that I caused her to worry.'

Reed obediently took Phoebe's hand.

As Reed's hand touched her, her shoulders twitched.

The face of the tense guard dog suddenly softened like a puppy with drooping ears.

"I hurt you a lot."


"I'll rest today as you said. And from now on, I'll be careful, so don't worry too much."

Phoebe couldn't say anything.

She just glanced up, raising her golden eyes to him.

She seemed a little relieved.


As Rosaria entered, Phoebe quickly let go of his hand and turned her body.

She greeted Rosaria with a grin as if nothing had happened.

"Young lady, why did you come here?"

"I heard Daddy was hurt. I brought Meowmeow and some medicine... Medicine... What was it?"

Rosaria looked down at Meowmeow she was holding. As if to say, how would I know, it asked with a "Meow~."

"Do you mean a get-well visit?"



At the sound of the dispirited Salamander's cry, Phoebe smiled gently, stroking Rosaria as if she were lovely.

"I see. You might be the first one to care for the Tower Master like this."

"I hope Daddy isn't hurt."

"Yes. I also hope the Tower Master isn't hurt."

Rosaria walked up to the bed, waving the paper she was holding.

"Daddy, are you hurt?"

"Yes, I'm hurt."

"Does it hurt a lot?"

Although he had used a healing spell, the aftereffects of the pain remained.

It was also because of those aftereffects that he couldn't muster his energy.

"I'm fine."

"Hmm. It shouldn't be okay..."

"Do you want Daddy to be in pain...?"

When did she become so wicked?

As he asked, Rosaria quickly shook her head, exclaiming, "No! No! I brought a healing spell because Daddy said he was hurt, but I couldn't use it! I hope Daddy isn't hurt!"

"You brought a healing spell?"

"Yes! It's a spell of healing!"

Rosaria handed him the paper she was holding.

What Rosaria had drawn was an image of Reed receiving a green aura.

Reed, wrapped in green, was laughing with both hands raised to the sky.

At least the healing effect was certain.

It made him laugh even though he was in terrible pain.

As Reed smiled, Rosaria, who was watching his reaction, laughed brightly.

With a brilliant silver smile, she faced Meowmeow she was holding and shouted.

"Meowmeow, Daddy laughed. Our masterpiece is complete!"

"How pathetic."

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