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Chapter 67 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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My Dear, You're Swallowed by Debt #2(3)

"Did you have no idea that things would turn out like this at that time?"

The lord bowed his head deeply at his daughter's question.

Like a sinner.

"I didn't know back then. I thought things would never get this bad since I had some power."

The lord continued to speak, as if he had something to say.

"There have been lords who have gone bankrupt by abusing promissory notes."

"Why did you do it then, knowing that?"

"It was completely different. The situation I knew was when my promissory notes would go to other lords. In that case, the other party also had power and could legitimately demand gold coins from me. Also, His Majesty would side with the one who lent the money, so there would be some justification for a fight from the one who lent the money."

"Did you not think of this situation at all?"

The lord answered weakly.

"I didn't. This happened within my territory, not outside of it. I never even dreamed that the entire population of the territory would become creditors. And the seers too…"

Listening to his excuses, a sigh came out involuntarily.

Then, suddenly, this thought came to her mind.

Whose fault was this whole situation?

Was it the lord's fault, who borrowed more than necessary and became a debtor?

Or was it the Carter Bank, which lent a lot of money to such a lord and later colluded with the entire population to demand repayment?

Although the saying goes that "the arm bends inward," she tried to make a rational judgment.

'It's true that my father made a mistake. But I can't just blame the one who lent the money.'

The lord's excessive use of promissory notes was undoubtedly a mistake and a wrongdoing.

However, it was hard to see that her father was entirely at fault.

After all, he had spent the money on territorial defense, not solely for personal greed.

"Father, it's true that you made a mistake, but it's not entirely your fault. You've done nothing but sacrifice yourself for the sake of territorial defense, haven't you? Have you ever spent a lot of money on something other than the wyvern?"

"No, I haven't. It was just excessive, but most of it was used for territorial defense. I'm just not good at managing money."

"Then, it's hard to see this whole thing as entirely your fault. Everyone needs to understand this. Have you fully explained this to the creditors? That the reason for borrowing such a large sum was entirely for territorial defense."

Even though things had gotten to this point, the lord still had something to say.

"Yes, I protected this place from the Totem War with my judgment alone. They should acknowledge that. But people don't. They think the debt incurred at that time was entirely my responsibility."

"Isn't that too much? They didn't understand that part at all?"

"Those people were even angry, saying that they had paid their fair share of taxes. They ignored the fact that territorial defense was obviously my responsibility."


Anyway, this situation was not very pleasant for the two of them.

It was a crisis, to say the least.

In fact, it was so serious that there was no denying that they were on the brink.

"I think I need to explain that part again. I'll go to Carter Bank and try to persuade them. Andrew knows it too, and we have to pay off your debt somehow, don't we?"

"What do you mean you'll persuade that snake-like child? That Rockefeller kid is not someone who can be persuaded. He's a heartless guy when it comes to money."

Stella hesitated, but it seemed to be the only way to survive.

Since the death of the lady, Lord Chester had been terribly fond of his daughter.

So Stella thought it was her turn to repay him.

Feeling determined, Stella opened her mouth with difficulty.

"Is there no way to borrow gold coins from somewhere else?"

"I've tried everywhere. Why wouldn't I? I've been to every bank in the area. But there wasn't a single moneylender who would give me such a large sum. They probably all know. Helping me now would be crazy. We're not even that close."

"What about the church? Haven't they been helping each other in times of need?"

"The church is already in cahoots with Carter Bank. They're all the same. Trash who only care about making money while talking about God. Don't even mention the church. It's infuriating just hearing about them."

"Then, haven't you said anything to His Majesty? Even if everyone else abandons you, His Majesty is still there, right?"

The lord sighed openly.

"Phew… If His Majesty had helped me back then, would I be in this situation? His Majesty doesn't care much about this remote region. Why would he help me? If I fail, someone else will take over this place, and that person will offer more taxes to His Majesty to show loyalty. It's a win-win situation. His Majesty has nothing to worry about. He might even be looking forward to collecting more taxes. I've heard that the royal finances are difficult these days because of some madman who's obsessed with war."

The lord shook his head.

"It's all wrong. There's no way to survive in any way. I'm just…"

His head drooped even more.

"…pathetically waiting for the day I die. Even if I don't know when, if the entire territory is seized as collateral due to the debt, there will be no taxes paid to me, and I will be captured by the creditors who come and hang me. The seers won't stop them then."

"Are the overseers not on Father's side? You said they were."

"That was when I could pay them. I'm not the one paying their salaries now."

"What? What do you mean?"

Stella wore a puzzled expression.

"Who pays the overseers if not Father?"

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  1. how'd Chester's wife died? didn't she like borrowed money last few chapters? or i just didn't read it well

    1. Since the start of the novel. There were also no mentions of any women taking any loans so far so you must be confusing something.

    2. Hey, it was the Overseer Siron Mark's wife you are mistaken about I think