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Chapter 68 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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My Dear, You're Swallowed by Debt #2(4)

A fallen noble family had no popularity.

Shouldn't they have something to offer to the other side that would take their daughter?

However, would any noble family be interested in a lord of the countryside with nothing left but debt?

Lord Chester had his doubts.

"Are you talking about the Bakuna or Brubong family nearby?"

The Bakuna or Brubong family was a noble family that wielded power in the area adjacent to the Montefeltro territory.

At that question, Stella shook her head from side to side.

"That family can't handle our debt. They might not care if it was just a normal time, but they would probably hate it now."

Then where on earth?

"Could it be... the Lyon family in Lyon? They could surely handle it... but they wouldn't be interested in our family."

The Lyon family was so wealthy that they could pay off the lord's debt in one go.

The problem was the huge gap between the two families.

"If it's the Lyon family, wouldn't it be difficult even if my father had no debt? They're such a big family that they probably wouldn't be interested in us."

Not Lyon either?

"Then could it be..."

For a moment, Lord Chester's face brightened, as if he had misunderstood something greatly.

"Did something happen between you and a child of a prominent family in the royal capital while I was unaware? Is that it?"

A question full of anticipation.

However, that hope was trampled one after another.

"No, it's not that. I had no leisure in my life to be interested in romance. And you told me not to date, didn't you?"

"But you never know, right?"

"I do have some senior acquaintances, but I don't think any of them would be interested in our family."

The lord asked in a deflated voice.

"Then what is it? Where on earth are you going? There's nowhere suitable to go."

"There is one place. It's not a noble family like you want, father. But they can pay off your debt right away."

"What? Where is that?"

As if he was not a fool.

The lord's face changed in an instant, and he began to shake his head from side to side.

"No, absolutely not! You can't be talking about that shameless, rootless family, can you?"

The lord prayed that it was not the place he was thinking of.

However, reality was often cruel.

"Yes, it's the place you're thinking of, father."

Regardless of the lord's wishes.

To Stella, this was the best option for her debt-ridden father.

Whether she had made up her mind or it was a choice for her father's sake.

She began to speak with determination.

"The biggest creditor for my father's debt problem is from that side, right? So, if I marry someone from that family, my father's debt problem can be naturally resolved."

Stella continued.

"Father, you may not have power now, but they are different."

"What are you talking about? Are you speaking in your right mind?"

The lord was at a loss for words in this unbelievable situation.

To form a connection with a commoner family, of all places.

And with a place that could become an enemy.

"They're a commoner family. They're fundamentally different from us, so how can you?"

"What does it matter? Is there a law that says commoners must remain commoners forever?"

Stella continued to speak.

"Father, even commoner families can become noble houses depending on their efforts."

"What nonsense is that! Commoners will be commoners for life!"

"It's not nonsense. You may not know this because you live in this remote area, but I know many people who were once commoners and have since risen to the ranks of nobility. Most of them have either made significant contributions in wars or have become wealthy and were promoted to noble houses."

"That must be rare!"

"Of course, it's not as common as you say, Father. But is there a rule that the Rothsmedici family here will remain a commoner family forever? Rather, if they seize your land as collateral, their chances of becoming wealthy and rising to a noble house seem even higher, don't you think?"

"Even so!"

The Lord was trembling with anger.

Of all places, the Rothsmedici family!

"No, it cannot be. Absolutely not."

"Then, is there another way? If there is, I'll follow your wishes and give up."

"Well... Let's look for one. There must be another way if we search for it."

"Search? You say you'll search, but all you do here is drink all day."

Unable to respond, the Lord closed his mouth and Stella began to persuade him again.

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