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Chapter 69 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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My Dear, Drowning in Debt #3(1) and (2) The mansion of the powerful Rothsmedici family, who had accumulated immense wealth through pawnshop businesses, had changed dramatically. The day Rockefeller first possessed the mansion, the corners of the mansion on that day resembled the squalid corner of a beggar's house - old and dilapidated. "The house has changed a lot. It's like... a small noble estate." It was dinner time. As Andrew found himself sitting with the family, he couldn't help but be amazed by the drastically altered scenery of the house. And across from him sat a young girl, so petite and adorable that one could mistake her for a little princess. This was another surprising aspect for Andrew. "Lucia, you've grown so much. The last time I saw you, you were just a little girl. This much, I mean." As Andrew recalled Lucia's height from before and gestured with his hand, there sat a little lady with poise, and that young girl was none other than Lucia Rothsmedici, the sole jewel of the Rothsmedici family. "Yes, Andrew. Although my memories of you are a bit hazy, I'm truly happy that you've come back to our homeland. It's a pleasure to meet you, Andrew." "Our Lucia speaks so well. I can hardly recognize her." Although she was his younger sister, to Andrew's eyes, Lucia was distinctly different from other commoner girls. First of all, the clothes she was wearing were elegant, and her manners exuded a grace that surpassed commoners. "I can speak well now. I am no longer the ugly girl who couldn't even hold herself properly in front of you."  

Andrew couldn't believe that the youngest child of the household, whom Leo had practically raised, was already growing into a lady.

"Lucia has really grown up. Is she about the same age as Leo when I left?"

"Leo is personally my favorite brother among all the brothers here."

As soon as Lucia finished speaking, the two men suddenly showed an awkward expression and started coughing.

Then Lucia quickly added.

"Although the difference is very subtle, I hope you two don't feel too upset."

Joshua grumbled.

"Hey, I practically raised her after Leo left."

"But I was already grown up by then, right?"

Rockefeller seemed to have something to say as well.

"Lucia, I don't think I treated you poorly either, did I?"

"Rockefeller, you are always about money. You can't think that just giving me clothes and dolls is enough, can you?"

"I was busy with work."

"I respectfully decline any excuses."

Andrew, who had been surprised and couldn't close his mouth easily, asked about the fourth person who was not present.

"By the way, how is Leo doing? Is he doing well?"

Joshua, who had taken the seat next to Lucia, answered the question.

"Leo is doing well. He recently moved to a parish in Lyon."

"To Lyon? Wasn't he originally here?"

Joshua chuckled.

"Don't you have to play in big waters if you want to be successful?"

Joshua pointed at Rockefeller, who was sitting at the head of the table, with a nod of his chin.

"And it was also Rockefeller's decision."

Andrew naturally turned his head toward Rockefeller.

"So, Rockefeller, did you send Leo to Lyon?"

Rockefeller calmly answered Andrew's question with a gentle smile.

"I have a special relationship with the Archbishop in Lyon. Our Carter Bank manages some of their diocese's assets, you know? So I asked the Archbishop for a favor. I thought it would be better for Leo to be in Lyon than here."

"So Leo went to Lyon?"

"Like Joshua said, whether it's a priest or whatever, it's right for a man to play in big waters to become great. And it was something Leo wanted as well. He had his own big dreams."

"Big dreams? What are they?"

Rockefeller simply responded with a faint smile.

"Ah... It seems Leo was more ambitious than I thought. I didn't see him that way."

Joshua, who had been sitting together, reacted to this.

"No, Leo doesn't have the same kind of ambition as us."

"Then why does he have such dreams? That's too much."

After a brief silence, Joshua spoke.

"It's all because of us."

Joshua showed an awkward smile, and only then did Andrew seem to understand.

Leo's dream was a sacrifice for the family, not personal ambition.

'Leo was definitely kind.'

"Anyway, it's great to be back in this place after a long time. It feels like just the other day since I left."

As Andrew held back his words while being sentimental, Lucia, who had been watching, suddenly interjected.

"I'm so happy to have Andrew here too. Since you're here, take a good rest. I have a lot of questions for you, Andrew."

"About me?"

"Yes, I want to hear about the military academy and, more than anything, what life is like in the imperial court."

"Are you also interested in life at the imperial court?"

"No, it's just something I'm curious about. I don't know where I'll end up later, do I? It could be the imperial court. So I want to hear stories from various places in advance."

Then Joshua raised his voice.

"Hey! What's with the talk of leaving already when you're still so young? Even when you reach that age, you know I won't just send you to anyone, right?"

"Oh my, Joshua. That's entirely up to me. I have the right to choose my partner as well."

After a light conversation before dinner, Rockefeller picked up his utensils to enjoy the meal.

"Let's stop talking for now. Let's eat. The food will get cold."

At that moment.

The sound of the mansion's bell announcing someone's arrival was heard.

Lucia, the youngest, was the first to react to the sound.

"Brothers, it seems someone has come outside?"

Joshua frowned.

"At this hour?"

It was as if someone was spoiling their happy dinner time.

Joshua, with a scowl on his face, was about to get up from his seat when Rockefeller, who suddenly felt an odd sensation, stopped him.

"Joshua, let me go out and see."

"Why? I can just go out."

"No, let me go. It could be the overseer."

Rockefeller, who stopped Joshua, got up from his seat and headed towards the entrance of the mansion. Lucia, who had been watching, expressed her curiosity.

"Who could it be?"

Joshua, who was sitting together, guessed since Andrew didn't know the situation here.

"Could it be... the overseer?"

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