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Chapter 73 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Lyon Guild (1)

The Great Change.

In the past, an ancient magic beast, Behemoth, which had existed but was not recorded in history, slept in an ancient ruins. The protagonist of the novel killed the awakened Behemoth and obtained its magic sword, causing a magical power to strike the border region of the empire and create a massive earthquake.

Due to this event, several terrains in the border region of the empire changed drastically. New landscapes appeared overnight, and existing ones disappeared, bringing significant changes.

Montefeltro territory suffered much more damage than other places due to the repeated strong earthquakes, resulting in the collapse of numerous houses and buildings.

The lord's castle was also included in the destruction, but the lord, who had already evacuated to another place due to the ongoing earthquakes, was fortunate to avoid the disaster.

"I don't understand why this is happening suddenly. Did someone use magic?"

In the empire's historical records, there were stories of great magicians who had powerful magic that could shatter and divide the earth.

It was the story of the first generation of the magical family, Sinclair.

"I don't have any enemies, do I?"

The lord sighed deeply as he looked at the collapsed castle, which had fallen more than halfway.

He felt terrible about losing his home in an instant.


"Nothing is going right in this world. My daughter was sold to a family with no roots, and now my castle has collapsed."

The intensity of the earthquakes was gradually weakening.

Even now, a weak earthquake was swirling at his feet, but it was nothing compared to what he had felt before.

"I don't even want to remember that terrible event."

The beginning of the Great Change was intense, and it continued to worsen, but it had been much quieter since the day before.

"My lord, are you alright?"

The overseer, who had been riding a horse, approached the lord and asked.

"Did you arrive?"

"Yes, it's chaotic now. I'm looking around just in case."

"When will this end?"

"Do we not know the cause, or is it just the wrath of the heavens?"

"They say so in the church, but who knows."

"It's not like a magician came here and played a prank."

"It's too severe for a prank. There's no reason for it."

The lord narrowed his eyes and stroked his beard.

'Surely someone didn't play a prank with magic?'

"Did you look around the area?"

The overseer immediately answered the lord's question.

"Yes, I looked around the newly formed paths, and the terrain of the territory has definitely changed significantly."

"I suppose so. It would be strange if the land didn't change after shaking so much for days."

"I saw new ridges and valleys, and the streams have changed a lot compared to before. If you take a look, you will be very surprised too, my lord."


Although his residence was destroyed and the territory had suffered extensive damage, the lord did not seem too worried.

"Well, anyway, we just need to rebuild what has been destroyed."

The reason for his change was one thing.

'Now that it's come to this, it's a good thing. I don't have to worry about money anymore.'

"The necessary money will be provided by that arrogant bank. Speaking of which, what is that guy doing now? He didn't suddenly die in all this chaos, did he?"

The overseer replied to his question.

"He is currently preparing to leave for Lyon."

"Lyon? Why suddenly Lyon? Wasn't he supposed to go to the Imperial City?"

"I don't know the reason, but it's probably because of the bank business."

The lord frowned.

"Although he is practically the owner of the bank now, what will happen here if he leaves?"

"Isn't he not the only one doing bank business? There shouldn't be any big problems with his younger brother also working at the bank."

Since when did it become a family business?

The lord's expression was not good.

'It's frustrating. Anyone would think it's not Carter Bank but the Rosmedici family's bank.'

"Since when did they think it was their bank? Has Carter completely given up on the business?"

The overseer shook his head.

It had been quite some time since Carter had stopped working in the bank business.

"As far as I know, he is not working at the moment."

"It's still his store, so it's a waste if he just lets it go."

"How can we know their situation? They will take care of it themselves."

"That's true. It's not our business. It will run smoothly even if we don't pay attention to it."

The collapsed lord's castle.

He thought that the situation in the village would be similar or worse, but the lord actually smiled.

"Anyway, the lord's castle will be restored. He said so himself, so he won't leave the territory like this."

The overseer left a message for the lord and left.

"Then I'll go to the bank."

The lord's expression was dark as he watched the overseer leave.

"It's nice not to worry about money, but I've become a complete outsider. In the past, he would have reported to me and finished it."

The overseer, who had accidentally met the lord while touring the territory, headed straight to Carter Bank.

As he entered the market, the people of the territory were even more agitated than the day before.

Their faces were full of concern.

'Most of them lost their homes.'

He was also worried about the people of the territory since he was human.

Over the centuries, losing their homes to a rare event must have weighed heavily on the hearts of the common people.

'I wish I could help with this too. But it's probably too much.'

That's what he thought.

However, when he actually went to see him, he realized that his thoughts were wrong.

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