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Chapter 76 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Lyon Guild (4)

At those words, Benjamin snorted.

He couldn't understand at all.

"How would you know that? What are you?"

Not a qualified banker, and distrust and contempt for a young assistant under such a banker.

And anger at having interfered with his business.

Such things combined into a strong aversion towards Rockefeller.

So no matter what Rockefeller said, it wouldn't reach his ears.

"Let me tell you one thing. You're really nothing."

It was an extremely unpleasant remark, but Rockefeller's face remained impassive.

"You're just a greenhorn who knows how to use his head in strange ways. You know nothing about this field."

"Do you really think so?"

"What else could it be?"

Rockefeller felt somewhat frustrated.

"Isn't it worth trying at least once? Maybe what I said is right. Giving people interest even at the cost of some loss may later become the foundation for making bigger money plays."

Benjamin still had a negative attitude.

"Didn't you hear what I just said? You're nothing. Really nothing. The thoughts you have now or the things you've done in the past were just coincidences."


Rockefeller narrowed his eyes slightly and thought.

The person in front of him would not listen to anything he said.

"Then... what do you want?"

Guildmaster Benjamin immediately reacted.

"What do I want? It's simple. The business you're currently running. Stop the absurd act of paying interest as a reward for depositing gold coins immediately."

Benjamin continued.

"I thought it was Carter's idea. So I sent a letter to Carter. And then I got this reply."

Benjamin roughly took out the correspondence he had exchanged with Carter from his desk drawer and placed it on the desk.

"As it turns out, it wasn't Carter's idea, but some fearless kid didn't know his place and interfered. How dare I hold this position! No matter how tempting the church's property is, it's too much. Using interest as bait to do such a thing? That was an utterly unreasonable action."

Benjamin openly shook his head.

It meant denying everything about Rockefeller and what he had done.

"I represent the thoughts of all the bankers in the Lyon Guild, as well as being the person who runs the largest loan business in Lyon. And I dare say."

Benjamin pointed his index finger at Rockefeller again.

"Your idea is completely wrong. It's too wrong. You'll never make money like that. Instead, it will only fuel market confusion. Paying interest instead of gold storage fees. I don't know how you came up with such a crazy idea."

From Rockefeller's point of view, it was outrageous.

How could such a narrow-minded person sit in such an important position?

'He's supposed to be one of the two leaders controlling the empire's gold coins as the Lyon Guildmaster. I can't believe someone so inflexible and narrow-minded held that position.'

Rockefeller thought.

The reason for the low level of finance in this place might be because such a low-level guildmaster was occupying an inappropriate position.

'Pathetic and even pitiful.'

How could such a person hold that position?

'It must be the power of his background. He's from the Lyon family, after all.'

"What happens if I refuse to withdraw from the business?"

Although he already knew the answer, he asked just in case.

As expected, the answer that came back was exactly what Rockefeller had anticipated.

"Refuse? Ho, you've got guts. In that case, it's very simple. Your Carter Bank can no longer be with us. In other words, expulsion."

Being expelled from the Lyon Guild meant that people's trust in Carter Bank might be shaken.

It was one of the things that should never happen.

'I have to join the Black Label Union if I don't like that...'

At this point, it was unknown what kind of attitude the Black Label Union representative would have.

Perhaps the other representative might have the same opinion as the narrow-minded Lyon Guildmaster.

Paying a certain amount of interest to customers who deposit gold coins was a somewhat unusual idea for the current bankers.

'I don't think it's right for me to go to that side, not knowing what kind of reaction will come out.'

In addition, Rockefeller needed a special permit from the royal family to show well to the Lyon Guildmaster.

To become a goldsmith.

'It's a headache.'

"Expulsion... I see."

Guildmaster Lyon spoke with conviction.

"I know you have no other choice. How can any banker continue their business without belonging to a guild? Of course, you can continue your business without belonging to a guild. Instead, you'll be forever left as a small, insignificant bank located in the remote areas. People won't trust a bank that has been expelled from the guild."

Rockefeller thought.

'Neither option is easy to choose.'

What was certain was:

There was no given answer sheet, so it was impossible to make a decision on the spot.

Bishop Verkis had been watching when he decided to follow the guildmaster's wishes.

"Guildmaster Benjamin, I'm extremely sorry, but it's very difficult for me to give you an answer right away. Can you give me more time to think?"

At those words, Benjamin snorted again.

"What did you say? You want more time to think?"

His expression soured.

"Are you in your right mind? There's nothing more to think about, and you're asking for time here."

It was outrageous, but from his point of view, he had to stop Rockefeller's current business somehow.

Although the church funds were being drained and the loss of gold storage fees was not insignificant, Rockefeller had tried to end things as best as he could.

'I tried my best to wrap things up nicely.'

"This person is hopeless. I didn't know someone could be this stubborn. I must have completely misjudged them."

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